The never ending story

A 1D member finds love and has children. The grandparents come over every night and look after the kids


8. Christmas

It is Christmas Eve and christmas is 5 months after her birthday. She knew Father Christmas won't give her much this year because she got a lot for her birthday and need to give presents to the rest of the country and her siblings. They were celebrating christmas at auntie ad uncle krancy they only celebrate on Christmas Eve but our family celebrates both we have it at our house for christmas and some other place for Christmas Eve. When we arrived auntie and uncle krancy 's place they were so happy that we came. They gave me a dolls house and a few dolls. They game my brothers cars and clothes. My sister got some clothes and a benie kid. 


yay it was christmas and Father Christmas had already been I had around 6 presents and my sister and brother had 9 each. I opened one of my presents and I got a really cool you that u have now that I wanted. I also got 5 bratz dolls and a car. Another present I got was a voucher from a petstore to spend on any animal I want. Smuggle items around 10, clothes that are really good and I got $200 to spend on anything else I want. But mum and dad said go let get in the car. So I got in the car and we arrived at grandma and grandpa's house. They told me to go inside when I walked in they were standing their saying merry christmas they showed me that I got a suitcase for when I go to their house and I got my very own room their to spend when I want to go their to be away from the boys. I said Thank you. They told me I can put anything In the room. We got home and it was time for me to get changed before people come over for lunch and dinner. People started to arrive. I got less presents but they were all what I wanted. I got another Barbie doll, a car for the Barbie dolls, ITunes card $30, WII games (3) Nintendo DSI games (3)  

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