The never ending story

A 1D member finds love and has children. The grandparents come over every night and look after the kids


7. Birthday Eliza

Today is Eliza's birthday so she will be turning six. Eliza was inviting her friends over because she was having a party. Her friends started to arrive Eliza was so excited and was having so much fun. Her grandparents started to arrive. Then her cousins and aunties and uncles. Then her next door neighbors. She had a big party. At the end of the party all her friends got a party bag to take home.


her cousins ages were from a 1years old up to 17 she had 4 aunties and 4 uncles and she had a baby cousin due in 8 months. She was so excited about that because she will be a BFFS cousin with her siblings. 


Eliza want so badly a Nintendo DSI a WII a IPod Touch 5 and some cool toys. Her parents were so shocked she wanted all those things but before her birthday her dad came and sat down next to her one day and had a little chat about it what she really wanted the most out of all of it she said the iPod touch 5 then the Nintendo DSI then the WII and then the cool toys her dad explained how she won't be getting all of it only a few she said okay but can I get it for christmas the rest he said I'll think about it. 

When she went to open her parents gift they gave her a Nintendo DSI a iPod touch 5 with $50 iTunes card, WII and some clothing. She said Thankyou these are the best presents ever to have for your birthday. Her parents said well you are a really lucky girl to get all of if for your birthday.  

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