The never ending story

A 1D member finds love and has children. The grandparents come over every night and look after the kids


3. Arrival

It was the day the baby should be born and Isabella is doing the usual day plan. She knows from what her mother told her that she should be getting contractions soon but she isn't so she going to the hospital for a check up. They take an ultra sound but no sign of any movement of the baby. Isabella is devastated she is warned to stay in hospital for hourly check ups. It's the next day and Isabella is woken up by the doctor saying where doing one last ultrasound to see if it is ok. So she's having it when she get really bad contractions so they finish where their up to and saw the baby move now she's happy that she knows the baby is alright.

the next day and the baby is born Eliza girl 23/04/2007 and 3lb a healthy girl


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