The Not So Normal Youtuber Girl

Hey I'm Kailtyn! I'm 19 and I'm a YouTuber and I'm Dan Howell's (danisnotonfire) girlfriend! But I have a secret that my viewers don't know.... I'm Louis Tomlinson's sister! Enjoy the story! (>^_^)>


2. aurthor's note

(A/N sorry i didnt tell enough about Kaitlyn :/ so she is an American girl and she lived in Pennsylvania and her parents got devorced when she was 9 and her brother went with her mom to England  and she moved to Texas with her dad and her dad's girlfriend and she moved right next to Jc Caylen and they were best friends. her dad's girlfriend was really mean to her and Kaitlyn hated her from day one so she saved up money to fly out to England to live with her mom and brother. by the age of 15 she had enough money to fly out, so she packed everything she needed and she left early in the morning when everyone was asleep. and a few day after she got there she met Dan Howell and they instantally became BFF'S. but they secretly liked eachother.. and a few months later was her birthday and Dan asked her out and she said yes and they have been dating ever since. when Dan started making YouTube videos she wanted to try, so she did and now both Dan and Kaitlyn have over 2,000,000 subscribers! (just so you know i dont actually do youtube videos but i want to) hopefully i explained it better.. im really tired its 6:45 am and i should be sleeping.. (i will be able to update VERY often because im homeschooled :D) anyway byeee people!

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