Without a clue

Isabelle Sharpe just got her dream job: Wardrobe Stylist. She just turned 18 and she finally feels like her life and be going just the way she wants it to go. She soon finds out she has to work for One Direction and tour with them on their Take Me Home World Tour. Working backstage for a long couple of months with 1D, things are bound to get interesting.


5. Chapter 5




Yesterday we got here in London and found out we are staying The Ritz hotel. Jeez, Mac and I are going to be like Queens. This is something I wouldn't mind getting used to.

"Hey Belle, help!" I hear MacKenzie shout for my help

"What is it?" I follow the sound of her little voice, only been here one day and I can already hear her South African accent fading.

I find her in her wing of the huge hotel room looking for something.

"What are you looking for?" I ask already bent down searching in her drawers 

"The iron, I need to iron my top."

I stand up looking at my 'very clever best friend'

"Mac, the hotel doesn't keep an iron in the hotel room. it's 5 star, call room service and say you clothes to be pressed girl."

"Ohhhh." She says and looks dumbfounded. "I knew that Belle."

"Uh huh, sure you did." I wasn't surprised. She was a total beach blond gorgeous girl and there are many times I was jealous of how perfect she was sometimes.


Tonight is the night of One Direction's headlining show of their tour in London. Mac and I are in the boys' dressing rooms and they are at sound check right now, so we will get to meet them when they're done.

"Who are you going to dress?" Mac asked me.

"Lou, the boys' hair and make  up artists suggested that I take 3 and you take 2, since you're supposed to be my assistant." I said thinking of who I should style. 

"I call Liam and Niall!!!." MacKenzie shouts

"What? I have to chose first!."

"Sorry, you lose and why? Because they're the sexiest." She laughs loudly and I soon join too


Harry POV

I stop in front of our dressing room hearing our names been talked about from inside. "Why are you stopping Harry? Open the door." Niall grabs for the door knob but I immediately smack his hand away from it. "Ouch!" He says gripping his hand away. "Because they're the sexiest" I hear from a girl's voice. Then laughs. "Harry, if you are so into what's happening inside the room. Why don't you just open it and see." Louis opens the door and I see two girls who look our way. One of them being the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. 

"Hi girls, I'm Louis. This is Harry" He says pointing in my direction "That is Liam, Niall and Zayn." Louis speaks 

"Well, my name is Isabelle and this is my best friend MacKenzie. And we are your new stylists for your tour." The beautiful girl answers, her name being Isabelle. How perfect.


Isabelle POV

I introduce myself and Mac and I couldn't help but notice Harry literally staring at me the entire time. I don't mind, but it just seemed... weird. After the boys' settled in their giant dressing room, Mac came up to me "Hey Belle. Did you notice Harry was staring at you the whole time?" "Of course I did." "Well I think somebody has a crush on my little Izzy belle poo." Mac teases "Oh shut it, did you happen to see Niall looking at you with love in his eye?" "shush B, let's just get them dressed." "Sounds like a plan" I say and we get to dressing them.

"Hey Isabelle." I turn around from facing the rack of clothing and see Harry standing next to me. I think my heart just started going a mile a minute.

"Hey Harry." I say calmly even though I know whats happening with me.

"Would you um..." I look at Harry and he is looking down at the floor rubbing the back of his  neck.

"Would you like to maybe go for a walk after the concert or something?" I said looking at me in my eyes for an answer. I just happen to notice how green his eyes really are.

"Of course, I couldn't say no to that face." I giggle and Harry laughs slightly and we finally start getting him dressed.


MacKenzie POV

"Hey Niall, I need to get you dressed." I say calling him over to me

He walks over to my side and decides what he likes best for the concert and starts taking off his clothes.

"How do you feel about me getting stripping on our first date?" He laughs in such a cute way

"So you calling this our first date Nialler hmm?" I teasingly say to him and caught him grinning at my face

"Of course, first dates are awkward. So when I ask you out later, that would be our second date."

I couldn't help but laugh at how at ease he is.

"So, MacKenzie, Will you go out with me?" Niall asked and I just noticed Isabelle and Harry laughing.

I give him a smile. "Yes I will." and he passes a smile to me as well


This could be the beginning of something amazing.

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