Without a clue

Isabelle Sharpe just got her dream job: Wardrobe Stylist. She just turned 18 and she finally feels like her life and be going just the way she wants it to go. She soon finds out she has to work for One Direction and tour with them on their Take Me Home World Tour. Working backstage for a long couple of months with 1D, things are bound to get interesting.


3. Chapter 3


It is 16:40 and Mac & I are on our way to Cape Town International Airport. "This is going to be the best year ever!" MacKenzie squealed jumping in her seat. When we called Simon he said it was okay that I brought my assistant with to help with the styling of the boys. If he only knew... "Okay, we're here." I say parking my car into the available spaces.

We make our way inside the huge airport and get out tickets then find the gate to our aeroplane [South African for airplane] since we have 10 minutes to make it to the plane in time for take-off. We get to the front of the line and the tall, rather thin blond lady takes our ticket and tearing a piece off and stamping it, and she does the same with Mac's ticket. Surprised she isn't a Victoria's Secret model yet, I thank her and we get to the aeroplane just in time. "I call the window seat!!" MacKenzie shouts running ahead of me to the economy seat area. "Stupid, we are sitting in first class." She stops and turns facing me. "Pfft, I knew that.." She says walking confidently past me into our little luxury area. "Sure you did Einstein." I teasingly say to her and caught her giving me a sly smile for I don't even know what for. 

During the flight Mac just watched movies or listening to music on her iPod. Not surprised since she loves music so much, if you touch her iPod or her MacBook with all her music she makes on it, she would kill you. I know that from experience. 

This flight is getting boring, and just 4 hours and 45 minutes to go...

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