Without a clue

Isabelle Sharpe just got her dream job: Wardrobe Stylist. She just turned 18 and she finally feels like her life and be going just the way she wants it to go. She soon finds out she has to work for One Direction and tour with them on their Take Me Home World Tour. Working backstage for a long couple of months with 1D, things are bound to get interesting.


2. Chapter 2


The phone call ends and I just dropped my iPhone screaming around my apartment.

"MAC!!" I screamed

"WHAT?! DID ZAC EFRON DIE??" My best friend and room mate MacKenzie screamed back at me

"What? Why? -" I gave a some what, puzzled look

"No. you know that application letter I filled out a couple of months ago for that stylist job for One Direction?" I said finally starting to calm down a little

"Yes..." She dragged looking seriously at me

"Well, Simon Cowell just called me and said I got the job!!!" I started lifting my excitement up even more by just saying that sentence.

"OH MY GOD BELLE!!" Mac shouted grabbing my by my arms jumping up and down.

"I KNOW RIGHT!" I, not soon after join in on our little happy dance right in our living room.

"So how is this all gonna work out?" She says standing, still holding my wrists 

"I'm going to London this afternoon at 5."

"But what about me? Are you leaving me here in Cape Town all alone?" I hear the sorrow in her voice as she says that to me

"I don't know, but I could just call back and see if I can bring my 'assistant' with." I say giggling a bit at how our little plan is going to go

Mac laughs along too. "Good idea."

We both then walk over to my room and call asking if MacKenzie can come alone with me while she starts help packing all my belongings, since it is 7 hours until my flight takes off.

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