MIchael and the man in the mirror(english version)

Many people want to know who was the real Michael Jackson who overreached an entire world and what lies below the image King of Pop, below the image of an innocent with a bright soul. Maybe we are never going to find out all these, but getting deep inside his mystery I understood many things and the image of Michael Jackson became more and more clear. That is why I have decided to write this book in order to open the eyes of many people and make them believe again in dreams and hopes, to tell the entire world a story that surpasses any imagination or fiction production. My purpose was not to create a bestseller, but to try to make people change their lives and be kind to each other. Here, philosophy and imagination go hand in hand like two sisters because one without the other lead to the destruction of the value of the whole created by God. The story began long time ago when two twin souls appeared in the world. They supplemented each other and grew up together into their philosophy.


3. The magic phrase “Everything will be alright”

The magic phrase “Everything will be alright”

These words were heard thousands of times in the lives of both souls. Nobody knew how important was this phrase and what it hided  thorough its innocence. Namely that phrase saved their lives thousands of times. Because of it, those two souls did something that nobody thought it would be possible. To prove you that, I will tell you some moments from their lives:

Michael get ready, we have to go in the town for a new recording! But dad, I’m very tired, I want to get some rest, at least some. Can I do that? What?! How do you dare to say something like that? You are always unsatisfied! Do you want to become a star? The hell you will be, look at you, look at your nose, God! Are you blind or what? How many times do I have to tell you that now is the moment to work, after that you will take rest. That man is waiting for us at the studio, what should I tell him? Dad! Am I not right? Look at your face, you are hideous! ( Everything will be alright. We will see who and what is going to be. If I am not going to make  my albums the best sold and the girls to faint at my concerts, we see who of us is hideous.) Those thoughts were the first to bring slowly Michael to the destruction of his soul, but at the same time they made him stronger. As the saying goes “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”. In Michael’s case that is how it was, he created a wall of protection against harsh criticism. Perhaps Michael wouldn’t have got where he got, if there hadn’t been  the severity of his parents, similar to a cold shower of the paparazzi. That is why for Michael and his twin soul, those words were magic, they created all the craziness where he got, and he wanted to move on. In the life of the other character those words were said in another context but with the same effect on her personality. That is how she learned to treasure herself and to enormously want to become a great person. The same wish as Michael Jackson and that was where the two souls began to be alike even if there were a lot of years difference between them. For Michael’s twin soul the magic words were said in moments of hope but at the same time of sorrow. The way of saying them differs as day and night, as black and white. Because Michael always used to say the words with contempt and that differed a lot to the other soul. For her that moment was something like the following: -      Hey, who put this trash on my desk? Was it you, Olea? -      What do you want from me? -      I just want you to take the trash from my desk! -      That’s the last thing I would do! -      Take it right now! -      Look at me! If you say one more word, I will put this trash in your head. -      What did you say?! -      Exactly what you heard! -      You are crazy…(Everything, everything will be alright. We will see who and what is going to be.) The character had a lot of moments like that especially in adolescence because she was vulnerable in front of everybody but as the time passed by, she changed herself and time also became changeable…  
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