MIchael and the man in the mirror(english version)

Many people want to know who was the real Michael Jackson who overreached an entire world and what lies below the image King of Pop, below the image of an innocent with a bright soul. Maybe we are never going to find out all these, but getting deep inside his mystery I understood many things and the image of Michael Jackson became more and more clear. That is why I have decided to write this book in order to open the eyes of many people and make them believe again in dreams and hopes, to tell the entire world a story that surpasses any imagination or fiction production. My purpose was not to create a bestseller, but to try to make people change their lives and be kind to each other. Here, philosophy and imagination go hand in hand like two sisters because one without the other lead to the destruction of the value of the whole created by God. The story began long time ago when two twin souls appeared in the world. They supplemented each other and grew up together into their philosophy.


2. Chapter 1 The beginning of rebirth…

While the Paradise was still on the earth, there were two twin souls that used to live in harmony on it and their love was like a light that covered everyone who lived in Paradise. But that didn’t last too long because one day the Paradise was taken up into the sky but the people were left on the earth.  And those two twin souls passed into nothingness and lost each other. One of them came back on the earth having a new name, Michael Jackson. Day after day day he amazed the people around him with his ingenuity. And all his dreams began with his wish to sing together with his brothers and become a great and important personality. And that wish became true when his mother heard him by chance, singing one of the songs that his brothers used to sing. He learned the song without paying attention to his father’s screams at his brothers. But at that time he didn’t know what was going to happen to him.  Later his father began to act the same with Michael and that was more and more frequent. And as time went on Michael realized that he wasn’t anymore the child that he used to be, but he became the bread and butter of the family. And when he became more aware of that, the dreams that he had became then a burden that he actually didn’t want to carry. Then when he grew up, he understood that everything that happened was for his own good. Reaching the limit, he decided to live his life the way that he wanted and left the family’s famous  band. So, he followed his own way where he wanted to find that twin soul but also to fulfill the dream of becoming a great and important personality, after he became what he always dreamed for, he had another dreams for example to change the world in a better way, to bring happiness to thousand of people and to show them the world where he came from, a world that was forgotten by people. Many years was Michael looking all over the world for that twin soul.  All that time he knew many good people, including a friend whose name was Elisabeth Taylor. That happened one day when Michael was very tired after he had a concert and was getting ready for another one.

I’m so tired of these fake eyebrows. Do I really have to wear them? It hurts and I am extremely exhausted. I can’t take it anymore! Oh Michael, don’t say this, you will get on the stage and be like new. On the stage? Mhhmm, but look at my shoes!

He smiled to Deby innocently, with a sad look, showing her the cut out shoes.

Oh, God, what happened with them?

Then Michael just asked himself:

-Who takes care of my costumes? Where is the person that should be responsible of them?!

- I’m just right here! What has happened?

- Jay, take care of this problem as soon as possible, ok? I have to get on the stage in just a couple of minutes and make sure that the costumes for the next concert are ready too. Ok?

- Ok Michael.

     Walking on the corridors of the place where he had to give a concert, he rubbed his shoulders with Elisabeth. Both of them were in a hurry and they didn’t pay attention wherever they were walking:

-Sorry, I didn’t pay attention where I was walking. I am Michael.

- It is my fault too and my name is Elisabeth.

-Do you want to come to my concert tonight, at the Hotel Montreal?

-What kind of concert? Oh wait…I know you from somewhere, you are Michael from the band Jackson 5, right? How are your brothers doing? Are they also here?

-No, this is a solo concert, I am not part of the band anymore. This a debut concert as a soloist.

- Ok, I understand. I will be there for sure!

      As Michael got to know her better, he thought that she was the twin soul. But wasn’t she to be it, but anyway a strong friendship developed between them, a friendship that lasted forever. Michael had to learn a lot from this friendship especially to be an artist and a man at the same time. Later in Michael’s life many other persons appeared. They had either a very important positive or negative role. One of them was Frank Dileo who became Michael’s manager. The heyday of Michael’s carrier, called Bad Era was a period of nightmare for MJ, everyone wanted to put him away just because he was a man of color with influence on America. People used to gather together anywhere where he was present. For him this was like a shock, because he never thought that he could ever  be able to have such an influence on so many people. When Michael understood how much his fans loved him, he began to write a new set of songs,  totally different from the other ones. Those songs were only for the fans, whom he began to call his army.  And thas army became indeed an army with which Michael wanted to fight against the destruction of human souls and in general to change the world in a better and fair world. The songs that he wrote in that period were: “Black or White”, “Man in the mirror”, “Heal the World”, “We are the World”.

  For him the process of creation for those songs was very special. He understood very well the importance of the song that he was about to create. In the meantime a lot of events took place in Michael’s life and those events influenced the creation of the new songs. One of them was the change of the color of his skin. Michael has been transformed from a black man in a man with white skin because of a skin disease that destroyed the pigmentation of his skin. This transformation gave rise to discussions and questions. The spitfires were saying that he operated himself to change his skin, that fact was again like a shock for Michael, like a new blow. Only his devoted fans supported him and they were the ones to give him the power to move on. Regretfully that was just the begging of Michael Jackson’s nightmare. Many people pretending to help him and to become his friends came to him, and because Michael trusted in people too much, he used to give chances to everybody to get close to him, and as a result he suffered a lot. The critics that he received from his father weren’t so rough for him in comparison with those that he used to hear from the press and TV.  Knowing who is he indeed, he began to promote a new album with which he intended to stop the critics regarding his physical appearance. His song “Black or White” changed the attitude of thousands of people what concerns black people and vice versus.   That was a huge success for him, a step to change the world. That success, not mentioning the songs “Billie Jean” and “Thriller” was one of the most beautiful moments. When he created that song he knew it would be special, and each note that he sang filled him with energy and joy. He used to call Elisabeth every day telling her:

Liz listen to this piece…

How does it seam?

Michael it is very fine, genial…

What happened with you?, your voice sounds so happy!

-Liz, I just love so much what comes out and I can’t wait to finish this song.

It is like an expected child that has to be born, for me this is a huge happiness. And I feel that this song is totally different from the previous songs, it is going to be a special one and I hope it to change many lives and the world that surrounds us.

I am glad that you have such a state of mind right now, keep it like this and you are definitely going to accomplish what you want. I will always be here for you. Thank you Liz. You are a very good friend and you always have a good word to tell me, I appreciate this very much.

After a while in Michael’s life his first child Prince Jackson appeared. Together with Prince,  Michael’s life changed completely. He wasn’t the one that used to be before, childish, for whom the world was a fairytale where he was the main character. Then he understood that he was a father, that he was the one to protect that small treasure. He began to dream how he would grow up and every day spent together with his child was the happiest day in his life. After Prince, his next two children Paris and Blanket came. Life for Michael began to gain a new meaning. Still being spiritually fulfilled and happy, he didn’t forget about his twin soul. Looking in his children’s’ eyes and also of those that used to come at his house, he always remembered that twin soul he was looking for, his entire life. Because the smile of every child was similar to the light that that soul gave and when he used to see sadness in children’s eyes he remembered of the loneliness that the soul and he himself used to bear.

His children represented the new muse and then he continued the new set of songs for his new album that he soon after that launched. In the meantime he changed his manager and signed a new contract with a company that had to produce his CDs and to organize his concerts and tours. For him that seemed to be a new beginning after a period of rough criticism and personal attacks. But it wasn’t like that, because all the children that used to come often to Neverland to have fun, spent the night there and that fact became strange for many people. For this reason, there were many accusations that began to destroy Michael’s world. He passed through many trials because of the stars hunters how he used to call them, but the verdict was UNGUILTY all the time. Later after all those, he launched his new album “History” and he had the success that he hoped from the beginning to have. The album included also songs from his previous albums. But later a new fiasco was waiting for Michael, it was created by a reporter who insisted to do it. The reporter was famous for an interview that he had with Princess Diana. Michael being confident in people, accepted to give that interview to his later regret. This interview put him in a light that was totally different from reality. The commentaries given by that reporter were an attack on Michael’s personality characterizing him as being a strange and childish person and that the children could be in danger around him. In the day when the interview was broadcasted on TV, Michael saw it together with his children and saw that he was betrayed again, but that time it was too much for him to bear. He withdrew in his small studio and began to sing more like screaming with rage and dancing to the exhaustion, then he stopped for a moment and said: “I can’t take it anymore, this is too much. Why is there so much evil and contempt in people? Why?”


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