The one that got away

Anna Marie bieber was Justin bieber wife one day while he was making a song she decided to prank him he got mad and said some things she said some things that made him pack and leave find out more when you READ


2. 1

Anna Marie Cole P.O.V I'm in This Mansion by myself i Drink Myself to death I cry at night and all day you see why i say Mansion is because I used to,share it with my husband 3 years me and my husband Justin Bieber we got married young at 17 now I'm a divorced 19 year old girl with a two year old daughter shes sleeping right now ,i might need to wake her up her name is Kelly Bieber she,Knows her dad and her dad knows her he just don't come see her I went to her room i never drink around Kelly thats one thing i wont do i tapped her shoulder she opened her eyes she rubbed them u seen pink in her eye "honey you have the pink eye" i said she smiled "Mommy i'm sleepy" she said i smiled "ok honey" i said getting up going into the kitchen of this big house then my phone ranged it was chaz "hello" i said "hey is kelly birthday on march 1st or 2nd" chaz asked "march 1st same as her dads why" i asked "because juatin was going to suprise her" he said i rolled my eyes after 2 years he wanna see her "i guess" i said picking at my nails then i seen kelly go to her little mickey couch and watch mickey mouse "well she has the pink eye so im letting her stay home he can see her early than her birthday" i said "ok we will be there shortly" he said we hinged up i went and turned the tv off "mommy i was watching that" she squched "guess what" i asked "daddy comming" she said loud shes always was a belieber i nodded she jumped up and down "go get dressed before he gets here" i sakd she ran to her room to get dressed she came out in her pink dressed that said diva with leggies under her tutu of the dress the put her shoes on "mommy can you do this" she asked holding up her pink bow right when i put it on her the door bell runged she squealed "thats daddy" she said she always wanted to meet her dad she went and opened the door "hey little one" chaz said about to pick her up "remeber she has the pink eye" i sakd he put her down "yea i forgot" he said then ryan came with jsutin and selena i looked at chaz with the "why is she in my house" look he mouth sorry i rolled my eyes well this is awkward more "I'm going to the car" she said then kissed justin on the lips and left out "thank god shes gone im Kelly Michele Bieber" kelly said going up to her dad he smiled" its nice to meet you for a two year old your pretty smart and speech is really well he said well if you didn't divorce me you would've known that i said to my self i sopke up "im going to get everyone drinks" i said "mommy can i help" Kelly asked i nodded i bemt down to her" how about you ask everyone what kind of drink they want" she smiled and skipped into the livingroom she came back "noone wants non but daddy he said a sprite" she said i grabbed one sprite and a beer for me im stressed again i went out side i seen Selena sitting on top of the car i went to her "exuse me Selena do you want a soda" i asked "do you have sparkling water" she asked i nodded i turned to see the curtains being closed i knew it was justin i shook my head and went to get her a soda after that me and her talk "so you Justin baby mama" sje asked "i used to married to him " i said she nodded "not to be in your business but what happened" she asked "well i pulled a prank on him he called me a bitch i slapped him and said thats why i cheated on you cause you never hange out anymore then he walked out of my life two week's before Kelly was born" i said "thats sad did you really cheat on him" she asked i nodded " it was just a kiss ryan kissed me" i said she nodded i cried "i miss him so much" i said she huged me "i know i migjt ve a bitch sometime but he loves you too and were nlt really dating its for the tabloids hes all yours if he takes you back" she said i nodded i wiped my tears and i went in to see justin tickling Kelly" daddy stop" she yelled i smiled i went into the kitchen and fixed kellys favorite spaghetti "kelly" i said she looked up from justin necklace "yes mommy" she said "your food ready" i said she came in juatin followed her "thanks for lettimg me see her" he said "shes your daughter why wouldn't i" i said and smiled he sat by her then Selena came in "y'all my mom comming to get me i have a Photoshoot" she said and waved and left out the rest of the day was fun ryan and juatin was staring at me well ryan stared at my ass while justin kept his eyes at my breast i smirked and ealked and sat down" mommy can daddy stay the night" that's up to him honey" i said i know she gave hime them puppy dog eyes "fine I'll stay but i have to be at the studio at 3:30" he said she smiled and hugged him "love you dad" she said "love you too doll" he said then chaz hugged them makimg it funmy i shook my head after some mote minutes chaz and ryan left i eent to my room and put on my booty shorts and and tank top "good night mommy" Kelly came and said after she left i popped in my wedding video i missed this day i had a box of tissue and was crying then it came to the part were we kiss them the door opened i turned the video off and wiped my eyes then justin was at my door "hey" he said in a low voice "hey" i said wiping more tears that came "you ok" he asked i nodded "just perfect" i said he came to my bed and looked at my computer screen i didn't try to turn it off i closed my eyes i felt him looking at me "Anna look at me" he siad i looked" i admit that arugment was stupid i miss you baby" he said coming to kiss me then i heard my name i woke up and fell out the bed i seen i was naked" baby you ok" i heard i looked juston eas by me them i woke up again and it was morning got up amd went kelly room to see her sleep so all that was a dream i went into the kichen and cooked then kelly came in we did our morning routine i took kelly to day care while i went to the school i teach at then i seen a flyer 'have Bieber fever well hes coming to the school march 1' what that's kelly and his birthday" Miss.Cole i looked and Jazmine yes jazmine Bieber yes" i asked "me and the other students made my brother a birthday banner" she said i nodded "well we will show him will we" iasked she nodded ok "why did you and my brother break up" she asked while the other played with blocks "well its was a bad word he said and i hit him and he kicked me out" i said she looked like she wanted to cry i picked her wiping her tears "selena hits jaxon" she said (no hate on Selena) then the door opened then justin and Jeremy came in "you have to speak up ok" i asked she nodded giving me hi five then she got her back pack from her cubby and left i smiled then i went back to teaching because it was still school after school i picked kelly up i turned on the radio boyfriend came on kelly started singing when i was about to turn it off i signed and i pulling into our house we did our night routine ate then went to sleep
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