The Plot


1. The Plot Short Story

The Plot
I was never this way, at first I was joking gay people, then I hung around with them, and one became my best friend and we hung out, and he always asked for a hug, I wasn't gonna be mean and say no, but I went to hug him and I accidentally kissed him and I backed up out of shock, and it felt right so I pulled him to me and made out with him, I never felt better, I felt a thousand pounds lighter like something was holding me down and I figured it out, I was meant to be it. I stayed with that boy for over 2 years and everyday my love for him got stronger and stronger I couldn't help but be with him, I was hopeless with out him, I lived in fear of my family finding out that I was bi sexual but I didn't want to hurt my family, I didn't want to disappoint them, I was scared for the first time in my life, I was frightened to the point wear I had every thought to kill my self to make sure I had no possible connections to my parent and family finding out that I'm bi sexual, I couldn't live with my self so I wrote a fake suicide note, to get my parents to think I'm a psycho and that I needed help. I needed to throw my self off the grid. Pretend to be who I wasn't so I could get through this. I was put into a psychiatric hospital to get help, I told them I was popping pills to kill my self, my boyfriend came to the hospital, he knew about my plan, he knew what was going on and he went with it. I knew what I had to do. I had to kill my family. I couldn't live with my self if they found out about my sexuality I would never live if that happened so when I left the hospital, I plotted. I knew I had to learn there every move, I had to figure out what I was going to do, I couldn't let my family find out about this, as far as my boyfriend he was going to help he was going to be my.. My helper in killing my family. The next two weaks I started to follow my family one by one I finally got what I needed I just need to figure out how I would pull the ultimate task off, I needed them dead. I couldn't hold all the pain in I was ready but my soul wasn't ready. I still needed one last person to help me pull this off. Someone who wouldn't punk out, someone who wouldn't give in. Someone who would do the job with out question. I needed a hitman. But how would I hire one I had no money or credit cards I'm just a 14 year old with psychotic thoughts on how he was going to kill his family! I stayed at my boyfriends house for 2 more weaks, yeah we had sex a couple of times. I slept in his bed every night waiting for him to get home from work so I can get the love I never had from anyone else, he was my everything. When he got home he talked to me he always took his shirt off as soon as he walk through the door. He walked over to me and asked me how my day was, I said its perfect now that your home, I was siting on his bed and kissing his abs, he said babe what do you want me to do tonight? I wanted to just cuddle with him that night I was going insane but he was stabilizing me, he made me normal again. The next morning I went to my parents house, I was ready but it wasn't the time. I had to wait. I was at the point were I was hearing voices, telling me to cut her neck and stab my father, I was ready but I wasn't at the same time. I had to learn some more. It's been 3 days since I wrote my last entry. I was ready. I was ready to kill my family. The next 5 days I was gonna kill them one by one and pretend to be sad about it. After all I still haven't been caught to this day I'm not a 33 year old man. But I killed them in the worst ways. Day 1 I killed my brother Josh. I never liked him I always had the urge to do something. I followed him into a club and I stabbed his stomach about 30 times in the bathroom then I slit his throat and crawled out the window and went back to my boyfriends house. He asked me if I did it. I said of course I did. He said good you get your part of the deal tonight and smiled and kissed me.. I said I love you and he said I know  you do, you can't help everything I give you. I said I know. He kissed my neck and I said why haven't you left me. He said he's been through everything with me and proposed. I said yes. And we did what any other couple does. Day 2 I killed my dad, Samuel. I never liked him with I always wanted him dead. I through him off the grid. Literally I through him off his office building that's over 50 floors high. I made sure he died. I made sure he felt the pain he's gave me. I wanted him dead the most. That night Jay never came home I worried all night I haven't seen him all day he wouldn't pick up his phone and I was crying he has never done this to me. He always picks up his phone. I called again, he answered and said he was at the store I said ok can you come home now. He said he already is I looked in the driveway and he pulled up. He walked in the door and I hugged him after he took his shirt off. My tears were running down his 8 PAC  abs and I was getting turned on. He picked me up and started kissing my neck telling me he wants me to have sex with him I couldn't deny him so I said ok he through me on his bed and started taking his pants off, I told him I killed my dad and he said he deserved it, I knew he was right though. We had sex and he said I I ever left him he would kill himself I said I promise I won't. Day 3 I killed my aunt and uncle Missi And Tom. I set there house on fire. And made sure they didn't escape. I made sure. Jay said I should burn there house down. So I did. Jay was waiting at home for me that night. He said every night he's gonna make sure I get my passion... My pain.... And my Pleasure.... And that he did he made me so turned on. I couldn't resist him. Day 4 I killed the last person in my family my mother, Anne. I know your confused on what's happening cause I said 5 days. And that i still havent been caught. You'll find out. Very soon. I slit my moms throat and torched her house. That night the police were at my house. They wanted to know how I was the only one left in my family. My excuse was that someone was out for my family and I staged it. The next day, day 5, I knew what me and jay had to do. We had to stage are death. We had to never be seen again. We hid for years and they thought we were dead. Just what we wanted. They still don't know who killed my family and its going to stay that way. 
19 years later Jay and I became Dean Johnson (Me) & Alex Johnson (Jay) we got married and never spoke of what happened in September of 94' we forgot it ever happened. 


Kevin Powers

Jay- Jay Standfield III
Anne- Made Up
Samuel- Made Up
Josh- Joshua Brewster
Missi- Melissa Collins
Tom- Thomas/Tom Collins
Me- Kevin Powers

This story is not real. It was made up. Some characters portrayed are real, and actually are family.

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