The Secret of the Stone

In the sequel to "The Secret in the Woods", the four girls, Serena, Lily, Jay, and Amber, are back! But, will they have to courage to persevere when they're pushed to their limits physically, mentally, and emotionally? How will they get along when five mysterious boys arrive at the door of their safe haven? Traitors, heart break, deaths, and friendship.


10. The Unexpected Twin

          "Blaze!" Luke snarled, taking out his throwing knives. At his que, the others unsheathed their various weapons. Well, everyone but Jay who had befriended an ant. 

          "Wait! I'm not Blaze. I'm his brother, Aaron!" The mysterious figure called.

          "You expect us to believe that crap?!" Ash called, backing up his little brother.

          "Well, no. But I can prove it to you. Just let me come closer." 

          The man approached slowly, making no sudden moves. As he got closer, the group could see some minor differences between him and Blaze. Instead of having high arched eyebrows, Aaron just had normal eyebrows. Aaron also had a small cleft in his right ear, and he was slightly shorter.

          "You see? I'm not my brother."

          "Then why are you here?" Amber asked, nocking an arrow into her bow.

          "I'm here to help you kill him." Aaron said devilishly.

          "How brave!" Serena crooned dreamily.

          Matt shot Blaze's twin a glare, "Well, we don't need your help. Thanks anyway. Goodbye." He slung his arm around Serena's shoulders who shrugged them off without a second glance.

          "No! Don't be so rude Matt!" She slapped Matt's arm.

         "Why do I even bother?" He grumbled towards the flirtatious girl. Matt stormed off, angry that the stranger had already stolen his girlfriend's heart.

          "Well hello there," Aaron held his hand out for Serena to shake. "I'm Aaron."

           "Serena," She breathed.

           "Beautiful name," He murmured.

            Before anyone knew what was happening, Jay burst through the front of the group, and delivered a near-lethal jumping kick to Aaron's head, thinking he was Blaze. Still confused and under the influence of the drug, Jay pulled off her ear cuff, and would have stabbed her javelin into the unconscious form if Ash hadn't body-slammed her into the dirt.

          "What the heck, Ash GET OFF OF ME!" Jay screamed in a frenzy.

          "No! It's not what you think! It's his brother Aaron!" Ash tried unsuccessfully to explain.

          "I almost killed him! MOVE OR I WILL KILL YOU TOO! No! Ash!" Jay struggled and struggled, then started screaming profanity at her boyfriend. 

          "NICK! What did you do to her! Get an antidote or I'll let her at you!" Ash yelled at the scientist.

          Nick winced. "It would seem that my potion has an," he paused, "unfortunate side effect."

          "Imagine what would've happened if we were underground! She already hates closed spaces as it is, we could all be dead!" 

           Ash ended up just head butting the crazed girl, knocking her unconscious. The rest of the group struggled to get Aaron inside while Ash carried Jay.        


          "We're SO sorry that happened, you see we were going underground and Jay had to be sedated and–" Lily started to babble.

          Aaron held up his hand, "Really, it's okay. I know she didn't mean to."

          Jay, who now had a huge bruised lump on her head, looked over from the bed next to him. "Well... you sir, need to..." Jay said weakly, then stopped talking, clearly exhausted.

          Ash entered the infirmary and approached Jay's bed.

          "Hey," He said, pecking her forehead with a kiss.

          "Hey," Jay replied softly, calm for once.

           Amber stood watching the exchange in shock. She threw her hands in the air in exasperation. A glance around the room revealed that the others all had the same exposition as the fiery girl. Aaron sat watching the scene unfold before him in questioning bewilderment.  

          "Anyways…" Serena continued after an awkward pause.  

          "…Yeah," Aaron picked up. "So once I'm back on my feet, I would like a tour of the place. I can show you what you need to change to prepare for the attack."

          "What attack?" Lily asked, panic rising in her voice.

          "My brother was going to attack your house as soon as you left to search for him." Aaron said simply. "You guys obviously have no idea what you're –"

          "I want food," Jay complained, cutting Aaron off.

          "Shut up!" Serena scolded, "Aaron is speaking. Don't be rude," She smiled at him and waved her hand. "Continue."

          "Uh, okay, so anyway, Blaze had planned to wait until you had gone to search for him, then he would come to your treehouse and basically ruin it all."

          "All of it?" Jay asked in bewilderment.

          "All of it," Aaron confirmed. "The treehouse, the training arena, the target practice range, everything."

          Serena gasped and fainted on the spot. Matt reached out to catch her, but Aaron beat him to it. He gently revived her and she woke to him leaning over her. Serena giggled and swooned over Aaron.

          Amber rolled her eyes as Serena flirted with Aaron as he brought her upright. Everyone else looked uncomfortable, while Matt stood, dejected, in the corner.

          Jay stood up, revealing her Pokémon pajamas. "Well, since none of you seem to want to get me food, I'll have to get it myself." Jay and Ash left to go to the kitchen.

          "So, Lily," Aaron said, winking at the girl. "Would you mind showing me around the place?"

          "Uh, sure!" She said, walking towards the wooden door.

          "Great, let's get going!"


         "No, no no. This is all wrong. You need to have the spears lined up loosely on a rack, so they can be easily accessed." Aaron critiqued.

​         Lily looked disappointed. "Okay." She said, looking at her shoes.

          "Well, let's see the kitchen. I want to know what you're feeding that crew of yours."

          "Sounds good, but I can already tell you won't like what you see."


         "Yeah, you were right. I definitely don't like what I see." Aaron said, minutes later once they had appeared in the kitchen doorway. It had become apparent that Jay and Ash were doing a little more than getting food.

          "Hey, Jay!" Lily said, overly accentuating her words.

          Jay stopped kissing Ash. "What?"

          "Yeah, what?" She said, her patience running out.

          Ash put his finger on Jay's chin and tilted her head back towards him again.

          "Would you two stop that?!" Lily said, really mad now.

          "Why is he here?" Jay asked, pointing at Aaron.

          "Where were you the past 20 minutes?!" Lily said.

          "I know that, but why is he in the kitchen? Is he here to take my donuts or something?" Jay asked sarcastically.

          "Actually, yes." Lily replied, triumphant.

          "No." Jay was serious, her eyes solid black.

          "Wait, what?" Ash asked, putting his hand on Jay's waist.

          "If you want to win, you need to be in shape, meaning no junk food." Aaron said, trying to keep a straight face.

          "I mean, I'm fine with that," Surrendered Ash, putting his hands up, then pointed at his girlfriend, "But she's the one you need to reckon with." 

          Jay was standing there, her arms crossed, a stubborn expression on her face. Aaron matched her position.

          As if on cue, Serena walked in, Matt following her, arguing about something. "Oh no," Serena said, glancing at Jay.

          "What?" Matt asked.

          "She's doing it." Serena said.

          "Like I said, what?"

          "Whenever she assumes this position, someone loses, big time." Lily said.

          "We better get out of here. Aaron, you don't want to see her when she's angry," Serena grabbed his wrist and led him away from Jay.

          Matt stomped his foot, and stormed out of the kitchen. Ash was watching the exchange, looking from the stubborn girl to the equally stubborn guy. Neither of them had blinked.

~20 Minutes Later~

          The onlookers had long since given up on waiting for a victor of the silent stand off. Amber had joined the girls and they were now watching Animal Planet in the family room. The boys had left and were now arguing about something in Luke's room. Only Jay and Aaron remained in the kitchen.

          Out of the blue, Jay stomped her foot down, startling the three that sat on the couch. "Dang it! Fine, take my donuts, but I'll get more even if I have to steal them!" Jay promptly jumped out a window, presumably to blow off steam. Sure enough, a fierce snowstorm plagued the treehouse soon after.

          "What was that?" Amber asked, shivering in the cold as she came into the living room where all of the teens, not including Jay, were standing.

          "Jay must have lost the stand off. Looks like our pantry is about to be raided." Lily answered.

          "Nice job, no one has ever taken Jay's donuts," Serena said with a serious expression on her face, nodding earnestly towards Aaron.

          "Uh, yeah," Aaron said uncertainly.

          To the newcomer, Amber asked, "So what do we need to work on to make our treehouse Blaze-proof?"

         Aaron thought for a second, then said slowly, "Well, there are a lot of things that need some help, but I think the most important ones are the security system, the escape plans, the weaponry, and probably the kitchen." He ticked the items off on his fingers.

         "I'll work with Ash on the escape plans!" Jay volunteered cheerfully as she flew in the window, apparently recovered from her loss. Everyone stared. "What?" she asked angrily, "Don't you think that we make a great team? I mean, planning stuff and writing is our spe-cial-ty!" The teens looked at each other uncertainly. Finally, they came to the unspoken agreement to let them go.

         "Fine," Lily said reluctantly. But before Jay could happily run off with Ash, she added, "Just make sure you are working, okay?"


         "Alrighty then," Aaron said after the couple had left. "So who wants the weaponry?"

         "I'll work on it with Amber," Luke offered suddenly.

         Amber blushed, and for once, the hot-tempered girl had nothing to say. Finally, she agreed. "Sure, I guess."

         "Okay, just make sure that you have them all in neat piles or hanging loosely from the walls," Aaron instructed them.

         "Got it," Luke said, as he steered the shaken-up Amber out the door.

         Lily subtly caught Serena's eye and waggled her eyebrows, her eyes sending a clear message.

         "Okay, anyone wanna take the kitchen?"

         Lily opened her mouth, but Aaron cut her off. "Oh, Lily, do you want to work on that with me? I think that we would make a great team." Serena's jaw dropped.

         "S-sure," Lily said, not sure she really wanted to pair up with the new boy.

         Matt spoke up before Serena could. He needed to work things out with her. "Me and Serena will do the security system." He said with an air of finality that no one questioned.

         Soon the living room had cleared out and it was only Nick standing next to the TV.

         Darn it, he thought angrily. So close, I was so close! Next time I am so being Lily's partner. There is no way I am loosing her to some new freak! He bitterly walked off to his room to think.

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