The Secret of the Stone

In the sequel to "The Secret in the Woods", the four girls, Serena, Lily, Jay, and Amber, are back! But, will they have to courage to persevere when they're pushed to their limits physically, mentally, and emotionally? How will they get along when five mysterious boys arrive at the door of their safe haven? Traitors, heart break, deaths, and friendship.


5. The Stone

          Jay trampled down the stairs, and burst into the room. She yelled, "How could we have been so stupid?"

          "Uh-oh," Matt said, "I think the sugar has finally gotten to her head."

          "No! The letter!" Jay exclaimed.

          "What letter?" Serena asked.

          "The letter. From Sarin's son!" Jay explained.

          A light went off in Amber's head. "Of course! The letter!"

          The boys all looked at each other, clearly lost for what to do.

          "What letter?" Luke asked carefully.  

          "About two weeks before we asked for your help, we got a letter from Blaze. We had killed Sarin, Blaze's crazy daddy, exploding his building in New York city. After that, we had thought that our problems were over," Amber told him.

         "But they weren't," Lily picked up the story where Amber had left off. "Three months after the Sarin episode, we came back to the house after hunting to find a black winged monster waiting for us at the door. At first we thought it was one of my dummies, but we quickly eliminated that possibility."

         "It smelled like death and had a black tar-like substance flowing out of it's wings. Amber killed it with a burst of fire quite easily, and it burned to crisp, leaving this letter in a pile of ashes," Jay said as she passed the letter to Ash. He quickly glanced over the letter, then handed it off to Matt.

          A few seconds of silence passed between the group as Matt read the note. He finally folded it up and shoved it back into the red envelope. "So, you blew up this guy's dad. Now this crazy dude is after you and he wants to kill you," He summarized.

          "Well, he's not exactly after us. He's after the stone. If he gets his hands on it, we have no idea what he'll do. He could break it and throw all the elements out of balance. He could use its energy and make an army. We don't know," Lily explained.

          "What exactly does the stone do?" Max questioned, "I mean, besides keep the world in balance," he quickly added.

          "I'm pretty sure it's our life source," Amber answered, glancing at the ginger.

          "Let me get this straight," Luke said, making a hand gesture for everyone to stop talking. "Stone break equals girls die, and world is destroyed. Stone stolen equals army that's nearly impossible to defeat, and everyone on the earth could possibly die. You girls sure know how to get yourselves in a mess."

          "According to my calculations, if the stone were stolen, we would have about a 2% chance of surviving," Nick blurted out.

          "Well that's pleasant," Serena said dryly.

          "It sounds like we need to be on our toes and prepare for an attack," Ash reminded.

          At that moment, Lily glanced towards the window, gasped as she did a double-take, and shouted, "Stop it! Don't let it escape!"

         The group all turned in the direction she was pointing frantically at, and saw a big crow flapping unsteadily away. Where it had been resting was a familiar red envelope with a black ribbon on it.

          "No . . . It can't be!" Serena whispered.

          With a nervous glance at the others, Amber walked forward and retrieved the new letter.

         "Well, well. It appears that the little girls have found some little sidekicks." Blaze spat from the electronic letter. "All I can tell you, is that you had better be on your toes. You never know when I may . . . strike." And with those last sinister words, the scarlet letter burst into flames. 

         "We need to start taking training much more seriously," Serena said grimly.

         "Okay, so starting tomorrow morning, we should each work on special areas of training," Matt added.

         "I'll work on making bigger and hotter fires. Serena, you should focus on summoning more water form the earth, and probably build up your strength," Amber instructed.

          "Okay, we will just - " Max started, already heading toward the door.

         "I really need to work on flying with heavy loads. You never know when I'll need to fly someone away from the fray," Jay said matter-of-factly before he could escape.

         "Well that's really something, but we have to - " he tried again.

         "I can try to strengthen my snakes' venom and work on controlling the ground.  I almost have it down," Lily volunteered.

         "Great," Amber said, "Now let's get started. Guys, you should probably work on your powers too."

         "Okay," Matt agreed. "C'mon fellas, let's go to the arena."

         The five boys slowly sauntered out of the room, apparently in no big hurry. But as soon as they thought they were out of earshot of the girls in the kitchen, the girls could here a thundering down the stairs as the guys raced to be the first one to arrive at the arena. The girls shrugged at each other and followed the boys out of the kitchen to train.

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