The Secret of the Stone

In the sequel to "The Secret in the Woods", the four girls, Serena, Lily, Jay, and Amber, are back! But, will they have to courage to persevere when they're pushed to their limits physically, mentally, and emotionally? How will they get along when five mysterious boys arrive at the door of their safe haven? Traitors, heart break, deaths, and friendship.


12. The First Attack


Amber pulled another golden arrow from her never-ending supply. Pull. Aim. Fire. Pull. Aim. Fire. She had done this sequence for hours. But the wolves just kept on coming. Still, the only other alternative that she could see was getting ripped to pieces by Blaze's wolves' razor-sharp claws, and she felt like killing them was probably a better choice.

          During a short lull, she glanced around at her friends. Lily was sending her own lions to attack the wolves, but when they weren't doing so well, she decided to take the job upon herself by transforming into a fierce lioness. Serena was fighting with her aqua trident, stabbing the attacker's in the side, while Jay was performing arial attacks, calling bursts of lightning to electrocute packs of wolves. The boys were also pitching in, causing a huge decrease in wolves.

          "Luke," Amber called over her shoulder. She knew her boyfriend was around there, probably throwing knives with deadly accuracy and confusing them with complete darkness.

          "Ya?" he yelled back after hurling a long dagger at one of the brutes.

          "The stone! Some of them are going after the stone!"

          Sure enough, some of the wolves were scratching away at the cellar door that was the back entrance to the vault in which the stone was kept.

          "On it!" he called. Luke focused on surrounding the area around the door in a shroud of confusing black. As he did this, Amber watched out for both of them, summoning heat to raise her into the air, and shooting down the attackers with her golden bow.


          Jay circled once, angled her wings, and dove down on an unsuspecting wolf. Gripping her spear, she drove the deadly weapon through the wolf's side. Flapping hard, Jay gained altitude and prepared for another attack.

          How did they get this far inside? It's not even possible! Unless... No. No. There's no way someone would let the wolves inside our house. Let's see. They got in at about 3 A.M. It's now 6 A.M., which means we've been fighting for three hours. Jay's thoughts were interrupted when she heard Serena scream. The girl was surrounded by wolves now with no escape.

          "Serena!" Jay called above the noise, "Jet stream!" The girl listened, and Jay saw Serena close her eyes. Jay could hear a water pipe burst and thousands of gallons came crashing in. The water collected at Serena's feet, and lifted her above the battle. Unfortunately, the wolves kept snapping at Serena. Jay saw the raging water's height falter. She's losing it! If I'm not there soon, she'll fall to the wolves! Jay thought, panicked. The winger girl swooped down, and grabbed Serena's arms just in time. The two touched down in front of the vault. They were losing ground, and fast. Jay glanced around. Ash was summoning the dead in dozens, Matt was hurling stones at the wolves heads, and Aaron was picking them off one by one with a bow he had grabbed from the weapons room. Where's Nick? Oh, I'm gonna kill him when I find him!

         "I'm gonna go help Ash!" Jay muttered to Serena be fore taking off again.


          Serena's trident found it's mark, wolf after wolf. She drove her aqua weapon through another wolf's skull. Hearing a sickening thud of the wolf's body hitting the ground, she turned away and went after another. They never stop coming, Serena thought tiredly. We must've killed at least 200 by now! She backed into a corner, the wolves snarling viciously. A stocky, white wolf lunged forward, aiming for her leg. Serena threw her trident at him, but wasn't quick enough. The wolf clamped his jaws around her leg and bit down. She screamed and stabbed the wolf through the chest.

         Hearing Jay's voice tell her to fly, Serena burst a water pipe and rode on a stream of water above the ground. She clutched her bleeding leg and felt the energy drain out of her as she fought to keep the water holding her weight. The wolves jumped and snapped at her. Losing her concentration, she started to fall back down to the ground. Fortunately, Jay grabbed her just in time and flew them to the vault.  "I'm gonna go help Ash! You stay here and keep the wolves away from the vault, it looks like Luke could use some help. Wrap some cloth around your leg," She yelled above the noise. Flapping her wings, Jay flew above the wolves, calling Ash's name.

         Ripping off her jacket, Serena tied the sleeves above the cut like a tourniquet. Back in action. She jumped into a battle stance and waved her trident in front of the wolves, warning them to back off. One brave wolf ventured forward from the pack, challenging Serena. Throwing her weapon with all her strength, the trident went through the wolf's midsection and stuck out on the other side. It yelped, then plummeted to the ground. Serena pulled the weapon out, sticky with the blood of the pack.

            She set her mouth into a grim smile, "Anyone else?"


           Meanwhile Nick snuck around the back of the house, preparing his attack on the vault, and ultimately, the stone. He hid in the forest surrounding the entrance, examining his options.  Luke was blocking the door, but he shouldn't be a problem, Nick thought smirking. A little explosives would easily eliminate him.  

          Nick crouched, preparing to remove Luke from his position when Jay dropped Serena off at the entrance. Nick sat back, realizing the flaws in his plan. An explosion would bring all the attention to him, and he wasn't ready to expose himself yet. Maybe I can trick them, he thought ruthlessly.  

         Backtracking, Nick ran through the trees, making it appear as if he had just arrived. "You guys need any help?" He asked panting.

         "No, I think we got it. But Lily did need some help," Serena said, standing on a small spout of water.

         "Have you checked the stone? I'm gonna go check it. We can't let the wolves get it," Nick pushed past Luke and reached for the vault.

         "Nick! Wait up. We don't need to check the stone, and we don't have time! The wolves are coming!" Luke's eyes flashed with anger.  

         Just then, three wolves bounded into the clearing, taking Serena and Luke's attention away from Nick.

         "Look out!" Luke shouted at Serena. She snapped into action and killed one of the wolves with her deadly trident. Luke threw his knives to the remaining wolves, killing them in the blink of an eye. The warriors high-fived, and Luke looked around. "Man, where did Nick get to?"

         "I don't know," Serena said, a quizzical look on her scratched face. "He was acting strangely. Normally he's all sweet and cute. Today he looked - "

         "Crazy," Luke finished for her with a furrowed brow. "Like a cornered animal. Where did he go?!"

         "Uhhh," Serena said, and pointed to the door to the stone's vault. It was ajar. 

         "Darn it!" Luke said angrily. "You stay here. I'm going in. If Nick touches that thing - " he shook his head and ran in the tight hallway. Serena blinked. Suddenly, a small explosion shook the room and green smoke filled the teen's eyes. 

          "Smoke bomb?" Serena asked between coughs. Nick burst through the small door, pushing Serena and Luke aside. They stumbled after him, smoke clouding their eyes.

           "Get back here!" Luke growled. 

           "You traitor!" Serena shot a burst of water at the fleeing boy. He slipped and hit his head on the wet floor. Luke jumped on top and pinned him down.

           "This ends now!" Luke reached for the leather satchel slung over Nick's shoulder. Nick grinned evilly as he beat Luke to the small box that contained the stone. 

            "That's right, it does," Nick said, and flung open the box, revealing the precious stone to the powerful teens. They all felt as if the energy was being leeched out of them, and before they could fathom what was happening, Nick was getting up as they slumped to the ground. 

            Nick stumbled away, grabbing onto the thick skin of a nearby wolf. He swung onto the back of the wolf with agility and rode away, his menacing laugh ringing in their ears as the group lost consciousness. In groups of ten, all the wolves retreated, leaving only the remaining teenagers. Amber barely had enough time to send an arrow flying at Nick's fuzzy form before the world turned black.


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