The Secret of the Stone

In the sequel to "The Secret in the Woods", the four girls, Serena, Lily, Jay, and Amber, are back! But, will they have to courage to persevere when they're pushed to their limits physically, mentally, and emotionally? How will they get along when five mysterious boys arrive at the door of their safe haven? Traitors, heart break, deaths, and friendship.


16. Insanity

          The significantly smaller group of teenagers faced the steel-bolted metal door that loomed before them. 

          "Yay!" Amber said sarcastically, "Another door!"

          "Uh, can you melt it? We kinda need to get Jay back." Luke said.

          "Fine. I'll do it with Serena, since she made me get on those slimy creatures."

          Serena looked taken aback. "Do what with me?"

          "We have to melt the door. And you're gonna help me." Amber said stubbornly.

          "How?!" Serena asked incredulously. "In case you haven't noticed, I have power over water."

          "Oh, good point. Fine, I'll get you back some other way." Amber said. Turning to the group, she directed, "You guys might want to back up."

          The fire girl faced the tall thick door, studied it for a while, and then held both her hands out in front of her. Her arms started to glow, starting white, then yellow, then red, then finally, a blast of fire burst from her outstretched hands. At first, the door didn't budge. Then slowly, the teens noticed a slight caving in the middle of the door. Then metal started running down to the ground like water. Soon, the huge door was a pile of runny, smoking metal on the ground.

          "Serena - this is where you come in. Cool it down before it gets to us! Quick!" Amber instructed. The water girl obeyed and the quickly moving metal hissed and stopped moving when she blasted it with a stream of water.

          "Okay. Nice job, you two. Let's move." Ash said. The room on the other side was pitch black. Luke gasped beside them.

         "What is it?" Lily asked calmly, gripping a knife.

         "You don't want to know."

         "I sense death. More death than we've encountered so far." Ash stated, squinting in the dark.

          "Here, let me help." Amber said, illuminating herself, casting strange shadows on the wall of the room. All around there were various skeletons. Some were desperately clawing at the stone brick walls, while others had been impaled with weapons. 

          As with the last room, blood was smeared across the doorway, this time, more than ever. 

          "Look," Lily said gently, pointing it out to the others.

          "Hey, for all we know, that could be the blood of Jay's captors." Matt said, patting Ash's back.

          "Maybe, but Jay never yells in fear, an she rarely screams in pain. What horrible thing could they have done to her to make her scream like that?" Ash said doubtfully. "When I get my hands on them..." The skeletons had sensed the deadly boys, anger, and their bones started to rattle and shake in response. While they had been talking, the teens didn't notice the dense fog that had been collecting at their feet.

          "What is this?!" Serena shouted in disgust, looking down. It was only a matter of minutes before the group was stumbling around, gagging, and clutching their necks due to the strange gas.

          That's when everyone lost it. Their sanity, that is. Serena started clawing at her stomach, murmuring something about finding "the diamond." Ash was curled on the ground with his hands over his ears, screaming as loud as he could; his brother was in the corner rocking back and forth. Amber was trying to figure out how to shoot herself with her bow and an arrow, while Lily had turned herself into a vine. But not Matt. Before the nerve gas could effect him, Matt had turned his whole body into a stone statue. He desperately looked around for a way to fix his friends. The answer lay on a pedestal at the end of a long, ominous hallway. Matt could've sworn it hadn't been there before.

          Seeing as it was the only clue he had, Matt started the walk down the long hallway. He glanced behind him. His friends were still in their terrible state. It was only a matter of time before the gas became permanent. Suddenly, the floor started vibrating. The pebbles hopped up and down. It got worse and worse, throwing Matt to the ground. Finally, it stopped. Matt slowly got up. The pedestal at the end of the hallway had disappeared. In its place stood an old wooden chair. Matt hurried over to it, trying to avoid the places where the cobblestones were missing.    

          Finally, he reached the chair. He had to hurry. Seeing no other option, he sat in the chair. For a while, nothing happened, except it started to get very hot. It got hotter and hotter, and sand started filtering from the ceiling. when it reached the floor, it hardened into glass around his feet. He tried to walk away, but he was stuck. He quickly took his shoes off.

          "Guys! You need to move around!" Matt yelled, while getting up himself. 

          "Whyyyy?" Serena whined, the first one who seemed to be recovering. 

          "If you don't move you're going to get stuck. But it appears like the glass is trapping the gas when it comes down as sand." Matt explained. "Come on, let's get the others moving. Don't want them stuck!" Matt joked, trying to lighten the mood. 


          Fifteen minutes later, the gas was cleared and the air was safe to breathe. Fortunately only one person got stuck. Unfortunately, that person was Aaron who refused help although he desperately needed it. 

          Aaron's hands and feet were stuck in the glass which was consequentially attached to the floor making him pinned in a bear-like position. He was wiggling frantically, making no progress what so ever.  

          "Come on man, let me help you," Luke said, trying to contain his laughter. 

          "I'm fine. Just give me a sec," Aaron growled.  

          "Aaron, let Luke help you. We are wasting time and who knows what's happening to Jay while you sit here being a stubborn bum," Lily said adamantly.

          "Fine." Aaron said, and stayed still as Amber heated the glass and Luke yanked him out of the trap. "Thanks."

          "No problem! Let's get going." Luke said.

          The teens start along the tunnel, which was getting tighter and tighter. Amber's breath came in short bursts, and her claustrophobia threatened to make her stop moving altogether. Luke murmured quiet words of encouragement to his girlfriend, and she somehow kept moving.

          "Stop!" Lily whispered suddenly. "Paws." She put her head to the dirt floor and listened intently. "Wolves, coming this way."

          "More of those freaks?" Serena asked, and her shoulders slumped.

          The group reflected Serena's question. They had been fighting for so long. Their strength was almost gone. Suddenly, Amber straightened as much as she could in the tight corridor.

          "Hey! Stop. We're never gonna defeat Blaze with that attitude! Come on! Let's go! For the stone! For the clearing! For humanity! For the elements! For Narnia! For - "

          "Ya, I think we get it." Jay said, her wings pressed against her back.

          As they were talking, Luke became aware of a scrabbling that could be heard throughout the halls. A paw punched through the soft earth and clawed Lily's back. She cried out in pain, and Aaron rushed to her side. Suddenly, the small tunnel erupted with wolves.

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