The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


1. Who Are You?

Dedicated to my best friend VV (:


  As I walk to my friends house I put in my ear plugs and listen to my music. Finally, it's Saturday, and I can go over to my best friend Daisy's house. The cold air blows, causing me to shiver and pull my grey hoodie over my head. I walk up the steps to her door and knock on it a couple of times. The door swings open and there Daisy is with a wide, mischievous smile on her face.

"Hey, Brie! Come on in, it's freezing out there," she says as she pulls me into the house.

I put my iPod away and sit on her couch. "What do you wanna do today?" I ask.

"Umm.. I was thinking on going camping in the woods? Besides it being freezing cold, it's nice out today," Daisy suggests.

"Like an all nighter?" I ask.

"Yeah, we can roast marshmallows and everything! I think it would be fun."

I raise my eyebrow and think about it for a bit. The woods doesn't seem that bad.. "Alright, let's do it. I'll need to ask my mom first though," I say.

 "Hah, you still have to ask your mo-"  

"Daisy, I'm sixteen," I cut in.

She rolls her eyes and I call my mom. No way would she ever let me camp out in the woods, so I ask her if I can sleep over at Daisy's house. A few minutes later I hang up and look over at Daisy. "She said yes! I told her I'm sleeping over at your house," I say.

"Smart move." Daisy grins. "Let's start packing."

We go into her room and she lets me borrow a backpack. We pack blankets, flashlights, some snacks, and some matches to make the fire.

"Don't forget to pack your pocket knife, just incase," she insists.

"Good idea, we don't wanna bump into any danger unprotected," I reply. We finish up packing and head outside.

Daisy is one year older than me and she has her driver's license; sadly, I don't, so she will be driving us to the woods. I hop into the passenger's seat and buckle my seat belt. Daisy starts the car and turns up the music.

"Tonight's guna be a gooood night, yeah tonight's guna be a good good niiightttt," she sings. She pulls up to the beginning of the woods and we get out of the car. It's much colder out and it's already dark.

"Hey, check it out, it's a full moon tonight," Daisy says, pointing at the rounded moon in the sky. She takes out a camera and takes a picture of it. "Woah, wait..why did you bring a camera?" I ask.

"For memories," she answers, smiling.

I shrug and throw my backpack over one shoulder. "Lets start walking." We enter the dark woods and start to look for a good spot to settle down. The leaves crunch under each step. It's so quiet out, I can hear the cold air blowing past me.

"My god, it's like these woods never end!" Daisy says, annoyed. I giggle and look around at all the trees.

"I think I see an empty spot over there," I mumble.

We walk past more trees and find a wide space without any trees, just a lot of leaves and dirt.

"This is good," Daisy says and places a big sheet on the floor for us to sit on. I take out some blankets and sit down on the sheet. "Well, what now, Brie?" she asks, her breath visible.

"Scary story time." I grin.

"I'll start; I have a really good one," she says and grabs her flashlight and shines it under her chin. "One night, a young girl about sixteen years old decides to go into the cemetery on a full moon. She has blonde hair and blue eyes," Daisy says in a low creepy voice. She is describing my features to try and scare me. "She hearD foot steps behind her and started to run, but cold pale hands began to drag her onto the dirty floor and claw at her. Poor innocent girl, she should have known not to go out into the cemetery on a full moon. Because everyone knows that's when the crazies come out, thirsty for blood."

The words send chills down my spine. "Dammit, Daisy! Why you gotta bring up the full moon when its a full moon right now?" I squeal.

She chuckles. "I knew you were easy to scare."

I roll my eyes and open a bag of marshmallow's.

"I'm bored. Lets get this party started!" Daisy shouts as she grabs my ipod and starts turning music up as loud as possible. She gets up and starts to dance and grabs my arm and lifts me up. I decide to have fun and dance with her. We probably look like complete idiots dancing but at least we are alone, right? Daisy pulls out her camera and snaps a picture of me dancing.

"Daisy! Nooo, delete it now! I probably look stupid!" I yell.

"Hold on, it's loading. Here, you look at it," Daisy says, handing me the camera. I wait for it to finish loading and the picture pops up on the screen. As predicted, I look absolutely ridiculous...but something else catches my eye in the photo. In the background behind a tree I see something. I zoom in on it and squint my eyes. My eyes widen as I stare at dirty hands wrapped around the side of the tree and a head popping out staring at the camera, eyes glowing.

"What, Brielle? How bad is the picture?"

Daisy grabs the camera out of my hand and looks at it. I stare at her, eyes wide, body shivering. Her face soon forms the same expression as mine. "Brielle..." she whispers, eyes slowly moving to look back at me. My heart beat races, and the wind blows harder. I dig in my pocket for the pocket knife and grip it tight. I slowly turn around to see four boys. Two of them have their eyes locked on Daisy, the other two locked on me. Their faces pale and clothes dirty, eyes glowing red, mouth's parted.

"Brielle! Run!" I hear Daisy shout, but before I can even take one step, the curly haired boy is instantly behind me holding my arms tight. I try to kick him but he doesn't even move. The pocket knife gets snatched out of my hand and I scream horridly.

  I can feel his hot breath on my neck, whispering things I can't hear. I look over at Daisy to see the blonde one pinning her to a tree and a tan one with black hair and a blonde streak helping him. I turn my face to look at the last boy standing a few feet away from me, he wears a striped dirty shirt and has brown hair. He grins and takes slow steps toward me. I hear Daisy's screams echo in my ear and I dart my eyes over at her once more but she is no longer there. My heart is pounding so loudly and my breath is uncontrollable. As the boy walks closer and closer, the other boy's grip gets more rough. The curly haired one's whispers become more clear.

"Don't try to fight him," he whispers, sending chills down my spine. I try to get out of his grip, but he is too strong.

"What are you talking about!? Who are you!? Let me go!" I scream.

The boy in the striped shirt strokes my face; his hands are freezing. He grins and his eyes glare at my neck. The other boy lets go of one of my arms and moves my head to one side, my neck stretched and visible. I clench my free fist and punch the boy in front of me. Bad idea. Pain springs through my hand, and I yelp. His face is rock hard. He grabs my arm, eyes angry. The curly haired one pulls my head back onto his shoulder. I stare at the sky, barely able to breath.

"Let me go," I get out. He slides his hand up my neck onto my mouth, forcing my lips open. All of a sudden liquid is being poured into my mouth and I'm forced to swallow it. He lets go of my  mouth and neck, and I stare at the boy in front of me. Everything begins to become blurry and distorted. My eyes roll back and everything becomes dark. 

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