The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


12. Tick Tock.... Part One

 I expected new clothes to be on the table when I walked into the house, but there was just another envelope. I removed the red wax seal and opened up the paper,


My challenge is the most intense out of the ones you've had or will be faced with. To find where your challenge will be held, you must follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the bookcase in the living room.

2. Choose a book (Red, Blue, or Green.) On the side of the book, there will be a key. 

3. Walk down the hall to the left of the bookcase.

4. Find out which door unlocks.

5. Walk in and prepare for what awaits you.

6. Do as your told. 

P.s- Once your inside, theres no turning back.


The note sends chills down my spine just reading it. Harry told me Zayn's challenge has something to do with it getting hot....that could mean two different things. 1) Hot as in sexual. 2) Hot as in heat. Either one I'm not looking forward to it. 

I keep the note in my hand and start to walk into the main living room. I look around for the bookshelf and I spot it against the wall. I walk over to it and look at the books, there are many books but a Red, Blue, and Green one are in the middle of the shelf. I look at the spine of the Green book and try and read the title.


Hmm that seems quite strange..a book about an endless hole in the ground? Maybe the titles of the books give small clues on what awaits behind the doors...

I look over at the Blue book and read the title. 

The Magician's Plot

Once again an odd title for a book..I sigh and look over at the last book, the red book.


Hah, yea I'm totally not choosing that one. Sound like a book that can possibly relate to Zayn's power so I'm not going near that thing. Okay, so the titles must mean something...Lets see, we have Abyss...that is a dark hole that can lead to..well anywhere. So if I choose that one, behind the door may be some kind of never ending hell hole.

We have The Magician's Plot..seems harmless really. What do magicians do? They do magic tricks. Magic tricks that are all apart of an illusion. So he would probably have me play a card game? Something that would confuse my mind. Sounds like the best choice to me. 

A book with the title Boil is probably never a good sign, so that one is out. Abyss is out totally. So I guess Ill go with The Magician's Plot. 

I slowly grip the blue book and remove it from the shelf. On the side of the book there is a silver key, the top of the key shaped to look like a magicians hat. "Great." I mumble sarcastically. 

I look at the note once more and read the next step, hall on the left. I tilt back and see the hall with the doors. I walk down the hall and there are three doors. I guess this is it.

I grip the key and walk to the first door, and stick the key in. I squeeze my eyes tight and twist the key, nope didn't work. As I walk down to the next door I feel the temperature rise and it gets alot hotter. I take off my jacket and leave it on the floor. This time before I stick the key in the lock I press my ear against the door. I hear small footsteps and things being dragged about on the floor, my gut gets that twisting feeling and I slowly stick the key in and twist it. The door makes a click sound and the door creeks open. I gasp as something rough pushes against my back forcing me into the room, I stumble and turn quickly to see Harry with a devilish grin on his face and the door shuts. 

My eyes widen as I slowly turn around, the room is huge! Much bigger than the room I was locked up in yesterday. The lighting is very dim and its difficult to see, there are some candles up high on the walls. I take a step and a very bright light flashes in my eyes and moves into the far end of the room landing on a platform, wait...not a platform....

A Stage. 

My eyes widen as I see Zayn with a black magicians hat, black dress pants, a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a black vest over it. To be completely honest he looks very attractive in the outfit. Behind him large red curtains that shimmer with the light.

"I knew you would pick the blue book." his words eco through out the room making my ears perk. 

"Welcome to the show Brielle." he grins. 

I look around in awe, how in the world did they build a stage, this house must be bigger than I thought. He clears his throat and begins to speak again,

"Take a seat, get comfy while you can." he says motioning for me to step back. 

I look behind me and there is a wooden chair, that was'nt there before...I take a seat and focas on Zayn..what the hell am I in for?

"For the first act, I will do a simple trick." he says and turns around. I watch him carefully as his hands lift from his sides and go infront of his chest, I can only see his back but I watch his arms move as what seems to be him rubbing his hands together.

I cross my legs and lean back into the chair. He turns around quickly and opens one of his fists and blows against it, fire blows out into my direction but dosn't touch me. I feel the heat surround the room as the fire blows. He clenches his hand back into a fist and the fire disapears. He swings both his arms out in opposite directions and the fire darts quickly and fades away. He rubs his hands together faster and blows, a fire ball comes sprawling towards me and I stiffen in shock as the fire fades before getting too close. 

Music starts to play loudly, the beat matches the fire going in and out of his hands, he does some sort of fist pump move and the fire goes up and down from both hands. I sit in amazement as he does more tricks with the fire. He swirls his finger and a hoop of fire springs out, he punches the air in front of him and a fire ball goes threw the hoop and disappears. He takes his hat off and shows me inside of it, its an empty hat of course. He sticks his hand in the hat and a bright orange fire ball floats out and expands sending heat across the room and then vanishes. 

He puts his hands to his side and grins at me. I clap and the sound echos in the room. He bows down and makes air kisses. I laugh a little, this is really enjoyable. I'm glad I picked the blue book. 

He straightens his posture and puts his hat back on. "Pretty impressive I know." he says tugging on his vest. 

"Now for the main act. I will need a volunteer for this one, oh! How about you?" he says lowering his hand. I get up and walk towards the stage, he grips my hand and lifts me up. 

"Whats your name babe?" he winks pretending to hold up a microphone to my mouth.

I roll my eyes and lean in to the imaginary microphone "Brielle." 

He grins sinisterly and backs up leaving me in the middle of the stage. "Well Brielle, are you ready?"

"Yea sure why not." I say with a smile. He nods and waves his arm to the curtains. I look over at the big red curtains slowly move. I wait in suspense as they move more and more. I look around to see a second floor, two black ladders leading to each side of the high platform. As everything gets more clear my eyes widen and I gasp.

The bright light shines on the high platform, where Liam is, roped to a chair. 

"Zayn! Get me off of this thing!" Liam shouts showing off his fangs. He has no shirt on and he is sweaty. His abs glimmer in with the light . "ZAYNNN!" He shouts getting more frustrated.

I look over and Zayn is no longer there, I hear chuckling eco around the room. "That is for Brielle to do." his voice says. I watch Liam's eyes get redder and he looks down at me "Brielle what are you doing here! Oh god. This is your challenge!?" Liam shouts trying to untangle the ropes. 

"Brielle to free Liam before the fire gets to hi-"

"FIRE! WHAT FREAKING FIRE, ZAYN? HOLLY UH... NO!" Liam shouts cutting Zayn off.

Zayn clears his throat "As I was saying, you must get to Liam before the fire does. You will be faced with many obstacles. Try not to get burned that much. Your challenge starts now." Zayn voice is dark and evil, I dart my eyes at a spark of fire on a long end of rope. My eyes follow the rope and it leads up to the one that is tied around Liam. My breath starts to get heavy and I look around the stage. 

"BRIELLE LOOK OUT!" Liam shouts. I look to my left and a hoop of fire comes flying towards me. I gasp and jump threw the hoop and land on my palms. I groan and lift my head up to see another one coming, I get up quickly and jump threw the hoop. I can hear Liam struggling to free himself from the restraints. 


The floor infront of me begins to move, a glass rectangle lifts up from the floor. I feel cuffs being quickly locked around my feet. I turn my head to see Zayn. "Get in the box." he orders. I drag my feet and open up the glass door and walk in. He closes it and I press my hands on the glass. Water starts to fill up to my knees. "ZAYN WHAT DO I DO?" I shout threw the glass. 

"Only 30 more minutes till the fire reaches Liam. Good Luck." he says and watches me. I start to scream and pound on the glass, elbow the glass repeatedly. The water raises up to my neck and I float up. The key! Wheres the key? I dig in my pocket for the key and pull it out. I hold my breath and go under the water and grab my feet, I stick the key in the hole of the cuffs. It clicks and the cuffs fall down off my legs. I swim back up and take a breath of air. 

"I DID IT, I UNLOCKED IT! NOW LET ME OUT." I shout. He waves his finger side to side. 

I scream with anger and the water raises over my head. You can do this, Niall taught you. Just relax. I close my eyes and begin to relax in the glass tank. I feel myself sinking down in the tank, I open my eyes and look down to see a blurry black hole. The water is being sucked down and me with it. I watch Zayn as my body gets sucked down and everything turns dark. I slid down the tube like a water slide and then tumble out falling on the ground of a empty room. I cough and get up on my feet. I look up at the hole in the ceiling where I came from.

"Liam!" I shout. Nothing. I grunt and start walking in my soaking clothes. Where the hell am I? Ughh I need to get to Liam! I look around the room and see a door, yes! I run to the door and try to open it, I get my key out and twist it, it wont budge. "No no no come on!"

All of a sudden I notice a screen on the wall. I watch it as it turns to static, then Zayn appears on it. 

I look around the room and there are cameras placed on the corners of the walls.

Hes watching me.

"Wanna play a game?" he says.

"Oh hell mother ducking no! This isn’tS AW! I ain't playing no game!" I shout at the screen. 

The screen shows Liam strapped with ropes, he’s screaming for me to help him. "Then he gets the consequence." 

I look at Liam, poor Liam. He’s breathing heavy and he looks so scared.

"Tick tock Brielle." Zayn persisted.

I clench my jaw and take a deep breath. "Fine Ill play your damn game." 


**Finally got this finished up! Remember to comment on what you think! Vote, and beocme a fan :)! Part 2 will be coming soon ( Did i not metion this? hehe... now you knoww..... part 1 (; * 

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