The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


13. Tick Tock ..... Part 2


12. He looked at me attentively, his lips curved in a devilish grin. "Give me food, and I will live; give me water, and I will die. What am I?" 

Riddles? Are you serious? 

I look around the room for inspiration, there is none the room is empty. 

"Times running out Brielle." Zayn warns. 

Dies from water? What dies from water? Oh!

"Its fire! The answer is fire!" I say loudly. 

Zayn's grin fades. "Correct. I gave you an easy one. Now time for one more challenging." 

"I’m sometimes white, and always wrong. I can break a heart and hurt the strong. I can build love and tear it down. I can make a smile, but more often bring a frown. What am I?"

The hell? I can't possibly guess that one! Ughh come on you have to try. "Umm..hail?" I guess. Right when I said it I knew that was not the answer. 


I watch Zayn slowly walk over to Liam. Liam's eyes filled with anger and fear, his eyes look desperately at me though the screen. "P-please Za-" his words stop immediately as Zayn smacks him across the face making me jump at the sight. 

Liam's eyes glow dark red and he chomps his fangs at Zayn. Zayn just smirks and his lifts his hand in the air again,

"STOP!" I scream at the screen. Zayn darts his eyes over looking at me. He lets his arm drop down to his side and walks closer to the screen recorder.

"Times running out and in a few minutes he will be nothing but ashes. If you answer this question right, I'll let you go to save him. If not, you watch him die." 

My mouth drops, "You wouldn't kill Liam!" I shout. He lifts his eyebrow "Oh really?" 

He steps backwards, eyes never leaving the recorder, making it seem like hes staring straight at me. I watch Liam squirm in the chair as Zayn presses his palm on one of his pecks. "What are you doing!? Stop!" Liam shouts. All of a sudden Zayn's hand glows a bright orange color and Liam starts to scream in agony. 

"ZAYN!!! S-SS-TOP!" He says squinting his eyes shut, his arms flex with the ropes pressed against them. Hot smoke begins to raise up from Liam's upper chest where Zayn's hand is placed.

"OH MY GOD! ZAYN STOP IT!" I scream. He removes his hand and Liam exhales, his chest raising up and down rapidly. A dark red burn mark in the shape in Zayn's hand is placed his chest. 

"Liam I'm so sorry! Don't worry I'm going to save you!" I shout. What kind of horrid creatures are these boys? Torturing there own's sick! Liam is basically his own brother! 

Liam lets his head fall back, his mouth open breathing heavy. Zayn walks back up to the screen and leans in,

He slides the camera over so I can see the fire spreading across the rope, it's getting very close to Liam. 

"Tick tock, times running out Brielle." he says evilly. 

"Just give me the damn riddle!" I shout. 

He grins and stands straight "When one does not know what it is, then its something; but when one knows what it is, then its nothing."

Immediately I think the answer is 'a secret.' but then something clicks inside my mind, a flash back. 

Me and Daisy were hanging out after school, we were goofing around on our phones looking up trick questions to ask each other. She always loved that type of stuff, she asked me the same question Zayn just did, I answered 'secret.' but no, I was wrong. That was not the answer. The answer was simply,

"A Riddle." I say loudly looking up at the screen. 

His evil grin turned into a displeased scowl. "Correct." Zayn mumbles. I smile and look up at the ceiling, kind of my way of thanking Daisy. 

He presses a button and the door opens, I quickly run through it and to the side is a stair case leading back up to the stage room. I step up the steps frantically, I see the tall black platform where Liam is.

The fire is speeding quickly to him, the rope almost devoured. If I want him alive I have to do this very quickly.

"I'M COMING LIAM DON'T WORRY!" I shout, I hear him sigh with relief. I run to the ladder as fast as I could, I tap the steal steps to make sure they are not scorching hot like the last meet with. Nope, perfectly normal. I grip onto the sides of the ladder and put my foot on the first step. I begin to lift myself up higher and higher. Every step I take, the metal parts of the ladder get hotter. I bite down on my bottom lip to try to defocus my attention on the heat. I make it to the top of the ladder, I pull myself onto the dark black platform and get up on my feet.


I look down at my hands, burnt and red. I lift my head up and look at Liam, the fire almost at his feet. I quicken my pace and start to run towards him.

"Brielle!" he says cheerfully. His face lights up with a smile and I bend down and try to untie the knots. 

Wow Zayn must be a very good knot maker because these are tough to loosen! Not much time left, I need to hurry up. I dig at the knots and pull hard, it doesn't budge. The only way to get this rope off is to cut it. I dig in my pocket and get my key out, the key has sharp rigged edges, good enough for cutting. 

"C'mon Brie, the fire is coming faster!" Liam tells me as he squirms. "Ok ok!" I say and start to move the key rapidly on the rope, the rope begins to break and then his feet are free. Now for his hands that are tied behind him. I quickly cut the rope and it falls to the ground. 

Liam quickly gets up off the chair and goes near the remains of the rope that is on fire, lifts it off the floor, and throws it into the air. I watch as the rope disintegrate into ash, the fire turning into dark grey smoke. I look over at Liam and smile, he smiles back and a sound of relief escapes his lips. He lifts me up and gives me a tight hug. 

"You did it!" he cheers. His body is warm, but still slightly cold. His bare chest presses against me and I remember his burn mark "Liam, your chest!" I say.

"Oh right." he sets me down and looks at his chest, "It doesn't hurt that bad." 

I put my hands behind my back, not wanting Liam to see my burn marks. "Where is Zayn?" I ask looking around.

"ZAYN! I DID IT, THE CHALLENGE IS OVER!" I shout. I feel a quick brush of wind and Zayn is standing besides Liam. 

I flinch a little at the speed, I still don't think I will ever be able to get used to that. "You did a good job Brielle. Your challenge is complete." Zayn announces. I take a deep breath and move my hair behind my ear, right when my hand touches the strands of hair I hiss a little at the pain. I forgot about the new burns. 

I put my hand back down and look back at Liam. His expression is curious, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. "Brielle whats on your hand?" he asks in a deep voice.


My hand is instantly in his, he flips it over exposing my red burnt palm. I squint my eyes a little at the pain.  His eyebrows relax and his eyes glow dark red. His lips tighten and he lets go of my hand, he quickly turns over to Zayn.

Liam scowls at Zayn and shows off his fangs "You took this too far."

"Oh big whoop. She has a few burn marks Liam, its nothing." Zayn says sternly.

"For a vampire, its nothing. For a human its fucking something! I told you not to go too far darn it!" Liam shouts. 

"Its fine Liam, I saved you and that's what really matters." I say quietly. 

His eyes dart over at me "Brielle I was perfectly capable of removing the ropes, and putting out the fire. The only reason I didn't was because Zayn had his power locked on me and I couldn't move. You shouldn't have had to go through all of that, even though it was a challenge." Liam tells me.

My eyes widen, I could of freaking died for nothing! "WHATS YOUR PROBLEM ZAYN?" I shout in anger.

"Relax relax!! Both of you! This was your challenge and I knew perfectly how to set it up. If I thought a couple of burn marks was too much then I wouldn't have made the ladder hot. I needed to push you Brielle, I needed to see what you can do when your time is ticking and your only friend is your instinct. So don't fucking make me seem like the bad guy! Niall will heal your burns in a fucking second!" Zayn shouts, his eyes red and his breath raising.

I nod, not wanting to fight with him. I agree the challenge defiantly showed alot of what I can do. I'm proud of myself really, I freaking saved a damn vampire. Even if he was safe all along, I did it.

"Lets get you out of here." Liam says in a calm tone. He lifts me up carefully and jumps down the platform, his feet hitting the ground with a thump. He sets me down and I smile a bit.

"Might wanna put a shirt on mate." Zayn says as he jumps down. 


Liam blushes and we walk out of the stage room, go down the hall, and enter the living room. 

Harry, Louis, and Niall sit on the couch. 

Zayn gestures for Niall to get up and he walks over to me. "Got a lil burnt now did we?" he teases and places his hand on my hand, it stings a bit at the touch but then all the pain stops. I let out a sigh and look at my hand, perfectly healed.


"No problem."

Harry pats his lap and I raise my eyebrow. "C'mon love, get comfy." he grins. 

I roll my eyes and walk over to him and sit on his lap. 

"How was Zayn's challenge?" 

"Horrible. Much worse than I thought. I'm glad its over." I reply.

Louis looks over at me "That's a lie."

I raise my eyebrow "Excuse me?" 

"You're lying. You enjoyed the thrill of the challenge, and you miss the feeling of it right now." Louis continued. 

I huff and look around at the still shirtless Liam. 

"He knows if your lying or not Hun, its gotta be true." Liam assures me. 

I guess, I do kind of like the feeling of suspense. But the whole burning and hurt was horrible. The feeling of loosing someone again, was just the worst feeling ever. I gave it my all to get Liam untied and safe. I guess I like the satisfying result.

"I just like the thrill." I say blankly.

Zayn grins at me. I quickly look away from him, I'm still very pissed off about it. 

"Alright, well its getting dark. I guess its time for dinner." Louis says as he gets up.

My stomach immediately growls at the word dinner. I have been so busy with all of these challenges I totally forgot all I've eaten are some berries. 

"Yummmm! I'm starving! What are we having?" I ask and get up, only to be pulled back down by Harry.

"You" Harry says in a dark voice.

My body stiffens and I feel my heart drop, I look up at everyone..and then look over at Niall.

His serious face immediately changes and he begins to laugh hysterically. The other boys start to laugh and Harry squeezes my waist

"I'm only kidding love!" he chuckles. My lips start to curve into a smile I try to hide, "You almost gave me a heart attack!" I say and start to laugh with them.

Harry lifts me up and grins "We are going out to hunt, don't worry it will only be animals. Liam convinced Louis to back off on the human blood." 

Louis rolls his eyes "I guess its for the best." he says and grins at Liam. 

The mood is all really good, for once in this house I feel...kinda relaxed. Zayn grabs the TV remote and Harry's hand hesitates to stop him, the TV turns on and its on the local news.

A woman news reporter outside of someones a familiar home, "Small town 16 year old girl Brielle Parker has been missing for a few days with her 17 year old friend Daisy Estrada. Brielle's mother last heard she was sleeping over at Daisy's home, they haven't been seen since. Police are going to have a giant search party to find them tomorrow morning. If you have any information please call the number on the bottom of your-"

The TV turns into black, I turn around to see Harry's finger placed on the off button, his eyes wide. My body starts to shake and I remember my mother, Daisy, Daisy's mother. Everyone I was taken away from. 

"Niall take her to your room. Change of plans." Louis demands. 

*Liams P.O.V*

I watch Brielle fight Niall off screaming and shouting for Zayn to turn back on the Television. Poor girl lost everything, her mother is probably worried sick. I can't even imagine what Daisy's mother is going to go through when they find out Daisy's dead. 

"LET ME GO! DAISY! MOM! SOMEONE HELP ME!" Brielle shouts, cheeks soaked with tears. 

My heart breaks a little as I watch Zayn stare into her eyes and tell her to fall asleep, she collapses in Niall's arms and is carried away. 

All of us stiff with shock, I knew Harry saw that coming. Louis begins to clear his throat, his mind scattered with thoughts.

This is going to be interesting. 


***Yesss finally got this chapter done, I'm so happy with it!! This is getting pretty intense! Vote, Become A Fan! And Remember To Comment On What You Think!!!! Next Chapter Coming Soon.********

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