The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


22. There's More......

*Brielle's POV* 

The ear piercing sounds form upstairs finally stopped, I looked at Niall and realized how tight I was gripping onto his arm. I take a deep breath and release my grip. 

"Is it over?" I whisper 

Zayn tenses up from across the room "Someones coming downstairs" 

Immediately the metal door across him starts do bang and he and Niall jump to their feet. 

"Its Harry and Louis, open up!" Harry's voice says through the metal door. 

Zayn gives Niall a questionable look, "How do we know its really you?" 

"Eric's dead mate! We killed him, its us! Ill tell you something only I would know if you don't believe me." 

Zayn crosses his arms "Go on." 

"Remember that time when you were a newborn and you decided that your power was definitely going to be flying and you jumped off the house roof and-"

"Okay okay! I believe you!" Zayn says quickly, face getting red. He unlocks the basement door and in come Harry and Louis. 

I get up onto my feet and look up at them, they barley look hurt. Eric must of had no chance at winning. 

Harry smiles at me and lifts me off my feet giving me a big bear hug. "I'm glad you're safe." 

He sets me back down and I smile back "I'm glad I'm alive" 

"So Eric's...... dead?" Niall asks. 

"Yes, he’s gone and forever will be." Louis answers proudly. 

I look over at Zayn and he stares me down "So we don't need to change Brielle anymore." 

"No Zayn, we don't." Louis replies. 

I sigh with relief, thank god. Since Eric is dead I don't need to become a blood thirsty vampire to help kill him. I think about it for a little bit and a question pops into my mind, 

"If I did need to become a vampire, who would've been the one to transform me?" 

Harry's eyes go dark red along with the others, "Well, we planned on all of us taking a turn in biting you so your power would be the most powerful, or having Liam do it since you both are the most compatible from the challenges." 

"You would of gotten the option to choose." he adds. 

Oh. So either five vampires puncturing my skin or just one. 

"Liam won the challenges?" 

"Yes, we all needed to give you all we had and after that we had to show compassion towards you, testing how you would react to each of us. After being tackled by the obstacles Liam had thrown down at you as you climbed the giant rock you weren't angry with him, and you let him make moves on you, you trust him more than any of us. We all had struggles with kissing you besides him." Harry explains. 

"But Zayn didn't even try to make a move on me." I say.

"That's because I would've probably sucked you dry if I tried anything. Your scent is fucking powerful. That's why I keep my distance most of the time." Zayn tells me. 


"Okay enough chit-chat, we need to find Liam now." 

"He has been at the airport.." Niall speaks up. 

"Yeah that's what I originally thought as well but don't you think he would've just walked right out of the airport and came back here? Why hasn't he done that?" Zayn points out. 

Niall furrows his brows and thinks, “Well den where the hell is he? What place could Eric put him that he can't escape?" 

"Harry, Louis, any ideas?" Zayn asks. 

 "Hmmm, If I was a psychotic vampire that wanted to hide away another vampire where would I put him.." Harry says. 

 Louis shifts uneasily "I might know a place." 

"What place?" Harry questions.

Louis looks down at the floor and takes a deep breath,

"When I was newly bitten back when I was little, Eric would take me down to this dungeon like place whenever I would act out, and he would chain me up and torture me as punishment. It wasn't pleasant."

I instantly feel sorry for Louis, and even more worried about Liam. "Do you think he’s been torturing him in there?"

"Most likely yes, its the only place Liam wouldn't be able to escape. The chains are made from a certain type of silver that makes vampires weak, so he wouldn't be able to break them and run free. Its the best place to lock away a vampire if you had to." 

"Where is it located?" I ask. 

"Back in London, on the opposite side of the woods from where we lived." 


"So Eric would've had to drag Liam all the way back to London, chain him up in the dungeon, and then come all the way back here disguised as Liam? All in that short amount of time?" Zayn questions raising his eyebrows. 

"Don't underestimate Eric, hes a trickster. It was probably easy for him, Liam is very gullible. He could've transformed into one of us, told him were going back to London and the rest are going to meet up back there. And once he got Liam in the right spot he locked him up. Its simple really." 

Zayn slides his fingers through his hair in frustration. "Fuck." 

"Are you sure Liam is there?" 

"Its the only place Eric would have complete control over Liam. The only place he can't escape. I'm the only person that knows about it, If Eric had killed me back upstairs, there would be no way you would've found him." Louis replies. 

"Alright, lets get out of here, Louis you're leading the way." 

"Okay but I also have to warn you, back then Eric wasn't alone when he would torture me, there were others, he had a pack just like all of us."  

"God damn how many others?!' 

"Three, two men and one women." 

"Christ! Louis why didn't you tell me about all of this before?" Harry asks with wide eyes. 

"I'm sorry, everything was so dark and horrid back then, I didn't want to bring back the memories. I figured if I ignored it and buried it in the back of my mind I would never have to remember all of the pain. They're so evil Harry, I was just a little boy! Just a innocent little boy!" Louis squeals, his voice cracking and eyes watering a bit. 

Harry pulls in Louis for a hug and the others join in,

"Its okay, we are going to be strong and face them all together. They won't hurt anyone anymore. I promise,"

"We are getting Liam back."



*Some dark stuff in this chapter, poor Louis am I right. Imagine what Liam must be going through :(. Comment on if you liked this chapter and what you think will happen next! And If you are not a fan already, click that button! And always Vote/like! Thank you all for reading, love you! also.. i finished writing up the chapters and.... there's 24......  maybe a guise decided.  mKaY bYe.... 2 today   xx  ** 

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