The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


23. The Plan

*Louis' POV*

We arrive in London and enter separate cabs. Zayn and I go in the first cab that pulls up and Brielle, Harry, and Niall enter the next one. I tell the Taxi driver to drop us off near 'Randi's Coffee, the nearest place to the woods where Eric's hidden torment room is held. 

A couple minutes later we reach our destination and I pay the driver. Zayn and I hop out the taxi and we wait on the sidewalk for the others to get here. Their taxi pulls up and they come out. 

"Alright Lou, now what?" Harry asks. 

"I tell you the plan." I reply, opening the shop doors with a grin. The boys and Brielle walk in and we take a seat in the booth near the window. 

I check my watch, 7:34 AM. "Brielle would you like a coffee?" I ask. She nods her head and I call the waitress over and order her one. 


"Alright, so now that we are all settled down, its time I tell you everything." 

Brielle sips her coffee with wide eyes waiting with anticipation. 

"First you all need to know what you're dealing with, their powers." 

Zayn sits back and cracks his knuckles "Whatever kind of sissy power they have, I'm sure I can overpower it with my flames." 

I sigh, "One of the men's name is Ron, he has red hair familiar to Eric, and he can turn invisible." 

"Shit." Zayn mumbles under his breath. ( OKAY I WROTE A SWORE.....  DO YOU MIND? xD )

"What about the other dude?" Harry asks, his brows pushed together. 

"Andy, hes the blonde one. He can take your sight away even if you don't make eye contact with him. Its really horrible when all you can see is black and you have no idea whats going on, you have to use your sense of hearing and touch against both of them." 

Zayn shakes his head "If my sight gets taken away I won't be able to control anyone, and I won't be able to know where I'm throwing my fire at. I could even hit one of you guys!" 

"Then you will fight Ron, the one that can only turn invisible. Just throw your fire around until it hits him, so you'll know where he is at all times because his body will light in flames." I tell him, a grin perched across my face. 

Zayn nods and smiles at my idea. 

"Harry you will have to fight Andy. With your power of being able to see hints of what will happen next, all of his moves won't be a surprise. And your electricity will definitely be a weakness of his. Just be careful with your moves, when you don't have sight your ears can play tricks on you. Don't let him have that advantage." 

Harry grins "I'll be five steps ahead of him."

I smile "That's what I wanna hear!"

I look over at Brielle and she’s still gulping down the coffee.

"I will be taking on the women. Her name is Rae, she can multiply herself times four. So there will be 5 of her roaming around. I know it sounds bad but the fake clones can't go too far away from her. I'll just have to kill each one till I eventually kill the real Rae. The fakes disappear in a smoke like form once you harm them, so it should be easy. They are really just meant for distraction."

"Louis, tats a bit tough. I should help yah wit Rae." Niall suggests.  

"No Niall, I need you to stay with Brielle, you both have the most important jobs." 

"Great." Brielle says sarcastically, putting down her coffee cup. 

"While Harry, Zayn, and I are distracting Andy, Ron, and Rae.. you both are going to sneak into the torture room and-" 

"Woah woah woah! I'm just a little teenage girl Louis, why do I have to sneak into the room filled with shit that can kill me in an instant?!" she whines.

I roll my eyes,

"Listen, yes I know the things in there can be scary to you.. geez they are even scary to me. But guess what? No one is in there to harm you with them. Liam will be chained up, its your job to unchain him since Niall can't go near the metal. Got it?" 

Brielle sighs and nods her head. 

"All right good. Niall, once Brielle unchains Liam you need to immediately heal him up. He’s going to be very very weak from the metal and from whatever they have been doing to him." 

Niall rubs his hands together "Got it." 

"After you two get Liam, you need to get as far away from the territory as possible." I tell him. 

"W-why?" he asks. 

"For Brielle's safety. They are going to smell a human around somewhere, you and Liam are going to be with her and run right away.”

"But what if you need our help?" Niall asks worried. 

"We can handle them, and if not, its better us to be the ones gone than her. If-if we don't make it, you and Liam are going to have to stay with her, live a life together protecting her and watching her grow up. You have to keep her safe." 

Brielle's mouth parts a little but no words come out. She looks at me with caring eyes, then at Niall, Zayn, and Harry.  

"You guys aren't going to lose, you aren't going to die. You don't have to die for me!" she squeals. 

Zayn softly grasps Brielle's hand with his,

"We're not planning on dying, don't worry Brie.. Louis is just telling you this incase it happens. Do you honestly think we would let some scum like them harm anyone? Its not going to happen." 

Brielle takes a deep breath and nods. "Okay, I believe you." 

Zayn smiles and looks back over at me "So is that the whole plan? I take on the invisible bitch, Harry takes on the blondie,  you take on the chick that can clone herself, all while Niall and Brielle get Liam?" 

"Yes, got it everyone?."

They all nod their heads. I grin and look out the shop windows at the forest,

"This is going to be fun." 


*Hey guys! So how do you like this chapter :) ? I'm on vacation and I've been buzzy a lot lately so please don't spam me with "Update!" in the comments lol. The comment section is meant for feed back and how you feel about the chapter, and what you think will happen next! I update when I can okay. I love you all so much :) you are the best. Lair is the next chapter (; I WILL POST IT TOMORROW MORNING WHEN I WAKE UP*

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