The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


11. That's Shocking

I walk into the house and there are new clothes placed on a table, a plain white shirt, a red hoodie, jeans, sneakers, and silver bracelets. I hold up the bracelets, they are really pretty and shiny. I go to the bathroom and change into the new warm clothes and walk out to the living room. I put each bracelet on each wrist, they dangle a bit but I don't think they will fall off. I go into the kitchen for a quick snack and open up the cabinets..of course no food. I open the fridge and there is a small paper plate with berries on it. Eh, good enough. I grab the plate and eat the berries while walking over to the main door. There is a note on it,


Come out the back door, meet me on the open field. 


I finish up the berries and walk to the back door. I pass many rooms and finally reach the door labled "Back Door." I twist the knob and walk out side. The door closes behind me and I look around for Harry, he is in the middle of the field with his arms crossed. The ground is moist and has leaves everywhere, the snow must of melted. I walk over to where he stands and smile at him. He smiles back "So how did you like Niall's challenge?"

"It had its good and bad." I say as I stand in front of him. He smirked and came closer to me gently grabbing my hand and lifting it up to his lips, placing a soft kiss. "Do you like the bracelets?" he asks  eyes glowing redder. I nod and move my hand from him and show off the bracelets. He grins showing his fangs "They seem a bit loose don't you think?" 

"Ermm, yea I guess, but they fit well." I say swirling the bracelet around my wrist. I look back up at him and his eyes are focused on my bracelets, all of a sudden I feel a quick squeeze and I look back at my wrist, his hand squeezing the bracelets tightly around each wrist. I dart my eyes back at him and he backs up  licking his lips. "That's a little bit to tight." I say and try to take off the bracelets, they are so tightly wrapped around my wrist and I cant get a grip. "Umm.." 

I look back at him and he has a sinister look on his face. He raises his hands and the clouds turn a grayish color blocking out the sunshine. I look up at the sky and take slow steps backwards "Harry..." 

A loud clap of thunder echos around the sky and I gasp. His eyes never leave mine and more and more  loud claps of thunder fill the sky. I look back up and I can see the branch like light flash. The lighting comes down near Harry and I scream. He stays still and absorbs the thunder. My eyes widen as he smirks at me and makes fists with his hands trapping the volts. The sky remains grey but the thunder stops, my breathing begins to go faster and I stare at him. He puts his arms down and is infront of me in a flash. I watch his hands slowly open and he points his finger at my left bracelet and a bright electric volt springs out electrocuting me. I clench my jaw and fists as my body gets shocked all over. It stops and I gasp looking back into his eyes.

"Shocking?" he smirks raising his eyebrow.

I grip the bracelet and try to pry it off me, no use. Another shock springs threw my body, this time more intense.

My mouth opens as the pain increases forcing me on my knees full of agony. I scream loudly and the shock ends. "Stop it!" I shout breathing heavy. He bends down infront of me and pokes my arm sending another quick shock. I gasp and rub my arm, he pokes me again and another shock sends threw my arm. "Stop!" I yell louder. "Stop me then." he says in a deep tone shocking me once more. I spring toward him placing my hands on his chest trying to push him back, volts surround my arms and shock my whole body worse than all of the shocks combined, I let my head fall back as the pain increases not even able to take a breath.

My fingers clench his shirt tight and I continue to gasp as the volts shock my body. The electricity running threw my veins make my eyes shut tight and I fall on my back. My body shakes with agony and then the pain stops. My chest falls down and my body relaxes. I open my eyes slowly and he is ontop of me his arms on each side of mine.

He licks his lips and leans in pressing them lightly on mine, the small shocks surround my mouth and jaw and I freeze still. He breaks the kiss and smiles down at me. I gasp and stay in place not wanting to get shocked again. "Talk about feeling sparks on the first kiss." he chuckles getting up on his feet. I stay on the ground looking up at him while my body spasms from the left over volts of electricity. He raises his hands in the air and the bright volts leave his hands and go back up to the sky. He looks at me and lowers his hand for me to grab. My body still shakes from the pain and I turn over on my stomach and groan. I hear him laugh and he pulls me up by my waist as if I weigh nothing.

I stand on my feet and almost fall back down but he catches me. No more electric shock? Good. I slap him across the face as hard as possible. I'm defiantly going to feel that in the morning. He rubs his cheek "A bit feisty aren't we?" I can feel the anger building up inside of me "What is wrong with you! Do you know how bad that hurt!" I shout and start pounding on his chest, he just stands not even flinching. He sighs and grabs my arms, "Calm down Brielle. That was nothing compared to what I could of done." 

I pull my arms away from him. "So that's your second power? Electricity?" 

He grins "Pretty cool right?" he says straightening his posture. Why did I not know Niall could control water and Harry can control fucking thunder!? I'm not looking forward to what the other boys can do. 

"And that's your challenge? Electrocuting me?" 

He leans in close to me "That was just some fun." he starts to back up. I shake my head, oh hell to the no! I'm getting out of here. I turn around and start to run as fast as possible, my breath getting heavy, I don't stop running. I pass the house and run for the woods, oh god please don't be following me. I pass by many trees and the cold air surrounds me as my feet stomp in the small patches of snow. I can see my breath leaving my mouth and being sucked back in as I run. I turn my head to see if hes behind me, and he is, but hes not running..just standing where the first tree is. I turn my head back and try to run faster, if i'm lucky enough I can get out of here and go back home! The freezing air blows against my face as I run more. I grip on the bracelets and try to rip them off, they are too tight.

I can feel myself going slower as it gets harder to swallow, my throat is dry from panting. I look up at the sky and it turns into that grayish color again, loud echos of thunder surround the sky. Oh no, oh please god no. In a quick second I feel my body being shocked all over and I fall to the ground in pain. My body twitching and filling with sparks, I lay on my back looking up at the sky, my eyes wide open. I see Harry walk above me with his hand out releasing more volts to my body. "S-s-s-t-t-oop!" I say threw my chattering teeth. He puts his hand down and the electricity disappears from my body. I gasp and lay on my side putting my knees up to my stomach. "Don't you dare try and run away from me." he growls and lifts me up throwing me over his shoulder. I lay limply over him, my hands sway back and forth as I dangle from his shoulder. 

A few moments later he puts me down and I just fall limply to the floor, I don't even bother to get up. My body feels lifeless. He sits down next to me and sighs. "Don't worry, your challenge wont hurt you, but someone will be hurt." he says and then chuckles. He lifts me up and I can now stand without falling back down. "W-what do you mean?" I say. He grins "Oh Niall!" he shouts and Niall is by his side in a flash.

"Niall has volunteered, considering he can heal himself it wont hurt him that much." 

I raise an eyebrow "What are you going to do?" 

Harry smirks "Not what I'm going to do, what your going to do." 

I don't want to hurt Niall, even tho he can heal himself... Niall shrugs and Harry raises his hands bringing down more volts. Oh god. His hands glow as the bright light fills them. He puts his hands down and tells me to come.


"Come here!" he says loudly. I walk to him and he tells me to show him my hands. I take a deep breath and put my hands out. He quickly places his palm on mine and I feel the energy taking over my body, it doesn't hurt..but it feels very strange. I stare in awe as the bright blue sparks surround my hands and disappear. I look back up at him "What did you do?"

"Transferred the volts, you can now have some fun till they vanish. You have ten minuets to show me what you can do with my power." he says and walks to the side. Niall stands across from me and spreads out his arms "Give me your all." 

I look at my hands and back at Harry. I smirk and put my hand out towards him, his eyes widen and his body shakes as the electricity moves around his body, he falls on his knees and pants. "I should've, seen, that coming." he says threw breaths. Niall laughs and I dart my eyes over at him. I feel like I'm the one in control now, and it feels good. I raise my hand at Niall and the volts leave my palm and dart towards his chest. He immediately stops laughing and his eyes widen. The branch like light surrounds him and he clenches his jaw. Harry gets up and watches my movements. "Give him one with more power." he orders. I nod and flex my hand releasing more volts at Niall. He grunts and gets down on his knees as the electricity surrounds him making his body glow. I can see the veins on his arms and neck as he clenches his body with agony. I make a fist with my hand and the volts stop. This is really amazing, I can freaking electrocute anyone I want..

Before I can even turn to Harry and open my fist he grips my arms and shows his fangs "Don't even think about it." he snarls and pushes my hands back down. Darn it. 

Niall places his hand on his chest and his breathing calms down, he gets back up on his feet and cracks his neck. "That's all yah got?" he teases. I raise my eyebrow and grin. I lift both my hands and the volts go blazing towards him, this time he shouts as the volts surround his body, bigger and stronger. His jaw clenches and he places his hand on his chest, he slowly stands up straight and his eyes flash back open. "Weak." 

Weak? The only reason your still on your feet is because your healing power! You want pain? Ill show you pain. 

-Harry's POV-

Damn she looks hot when shes angry. She can defiantly be powerful when she wants, I like that. I watch her run towards Niall and push her hands on his chest, oh that's gotta hurt. He falls back and she climbs on top of him, his body glows as the shocking starts. I can hear him screaming as she presses harder on him. I walk over to them and he is shaking all over, wow shes ruff. "Okay Brielle that's enough." I say. Niall tries to put his hand on his chest but she grabs his hands pinning them down and giving him more shock. He continues to shout in pain as the sparks surround him. "Brielle, that's enough." I say again getting more tense. She lets go of his hands and remains over him. He pants and takes deep breaths. "This is  little thank you for letting me shock you." she whispers.

I get a quick vision of what she will do next, um no that's not happening. As she leans into him I lift her off him and pin her to the floor. "Ah ah ah." I say and wave my finger. She narrows her eyes and pounces on me. I lay on my back as she hovers over me, If I didn't know what was going to happen next she would be the one pinned down. She grins and leans in shocking me with her soft lips. I grunt and let her continue to shock me. I find this more pleasurable than painful. She bites my lip and more sparks of electricity run threw me. 

"Alright that's enough." Niall says in the background. I can tell he knew that kiss would of been his if I hadn't interfered. The sparks start to slowly disappear as her power drains out. She breaks the kiss and then gives me one more shock and her power is gone. I exhale and she gets off me and walks over to Niall, she says sorry about shocking him. "Its all good, you were supposed tah giv' me all yah got." he says and smiles showing his fangs. I get up and walk over to them.

"You defiantly know how to take control, but Iv got to warn you, Zayn's challenge is next and I think we all know Zayn wont let you have any of that. Just watch out, his challenge is the most brutal." I warn her.

She nods "Can you give me a hint on what his freaky power is?" she asks.

-Brielle's POV-

"I really don't like surprises..." I continue.

Niall looks over at Harry and nods signaling for him to give me a hint. Harry looks back over to me and licks his lips. 

He grabs me and speeds off to the house, he sets me down and leans in to my ear,

"Lets just say things might get a little hot." he whispers sending chills down my spine. I feel a brush of wind and hes gone. 

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