The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


10. Swim.

A short moment after Louis sped off I see Niall standing across from me. His challenge shouldn't be that hard. His only power is to heal, right? 

He walks closer to me and is now only a few inches away from my face. He grins "Hope you don't mind getting wet." he says and lifts me up throwing me over his shoulder and zooms off in super speed. I hold onto him tight as the cold air blows around me. The next thing I know we are near a lake..why the hell would Niall want to see if I can swim? And its freezing out! No way am I going in that water. 

"Im not swimming. Its too cold." I say as he sets me down back on the ground. 

"Who said you would be swimming? This is your first challenge." He says sternly.

"Whats with these challenges huh? Whats it all about?" I ask.

"You ask to many questions. Get in the water." he says darting his eyes over at the lake and back at me. "Nope. I'm not going in untill you answer me." I say getting more pissed. He smirks "Ok then." he lifts me up and starts to walk to the water, I shout for him to put me down but he just ignores me.

With a big splash I hit the freezing water and sink deep under. That.... uGH!! I start to stroke my arms and lift myself back up to the surface and look around for Niall, hes not here anymore. I roll my eyes and start to paddle to shore, as I get closer something even colder than the water grabs on my leg pulling me back down. My screams fading away and turning to gargling noises as I sink more. I get pulled deeper and my body is fully underwater. I open my eyes and even tho everything is blurry I can make out Nialls figure pulling me down, I start to kick his hand off of me and push myself up to the surface. I stick my head up and take a breath of air before I get pulled back down again, this time he lets go of my leg himself and I float back up to the surface. 

I take deep breaths of the cold air, my face freezing as the air hits me. I look around and I see him a couple of yards away from me in the water. "Whats your problem!" I shout. He disappears in the water and my eyes widen as the water rises up higher making big waves. What the heck..

The wave gets bigger and bigger and then comes down hitting me, I sink below and paddle back up. Niall is now out of the water and back on land, his hands are up high in the air matching the high waves. I click all of the things together, Niall can control water. He smirks and the water comes pushing towards me again, this time I go under before the water hits me. I swim far out away from the shore Niall stands on and then raise my head up for air. I look behind me, Niall is still standing on shore. Maybe if I swim farther he wont be able to control the water as well? I start to paddle fast and my arms get more tired so I stop and look around.

I'm now in the middle of the lake and Niall isn't standing on land anymore. Oh come on! Give me a break here! I turn my head back forward to meet Niall's eyes. I gasp and he grins. "Hold your breath." he says and then grabs me closer to him. I take a deep breath and he pulls me under by my waist. As we sink farther down he never lets go of me, keeps me close to him. I try to keep my breath held as his cold hands grip my waist tighter bringing me down deeper. His back hits the bottom of the lake and I float above him, if his hands would let go I would be floating away from him. His eyes glow red in the water and he pulls me in close making my body lay on his chest. The water is much warmer down below but his body is still freezing. 

I can feel the pressure going up to my head, getting harder for me to hold my breath. I give him a signal to bring me up but he just shakes his head and intertwines his legs with mine trapping me closer to him. 

My chest starts to burn and I kick my feet un tangling them. His eyes glow even redder and he shows his fangs. I start to squirm out of his grip and push him off me, my stomach feeling like its on fire. I swim back up to the surface and take a deep breath of air. He comes back up to the surface as well and looks at me with angry eyes. "You weren't supposed to do that." he says. I regain my breath "Do you want me to die? I cant fucking breathe underwater Niall!" I barley let out. He narrows his eyes "Never said you could. If you passed out I would of just transferred air back into you." 

"You can do that with your healing power?" I ask. he nods and moves closer to me. "Want to see what else I can do with it?" I swim backwards a bit and he grabs my arm. My arm begins to feel a ton of pressure and I start to scream, it hurts so bad, it feels like my arm is breaking. I look over at my arm, its turning black and purple like a big bruise where his hand is..then he lets go, and the pain stops. I gasp and look at my arm, it looks perfectly fine. "I can heal, and harm with one touch." he says rubbing my arm.  

"And what about that water shit? Huh? What was all that about?" I ask my eyes still locked on my arm. "Oh, and I can control water." he says like its nothing. Liam never told me Niall could do that, he just said he has the power to heal. I wonder what else Liam is hiding from me. 

Niall snaps his fingers and I focus back on him. "Hold your breath, your guna have to do it again." he mummers and starts getting closer to me. Are you kidding me!? "No! Niall I don-" He pulls me under water and lifts me back up quickly. "Shut up an' hold yah breath!" he growls and I breath in the air and close my eyes. His hands grip onto my waist pulling me back under the water. Just relax, don't make your body tense. He continues to bring me down deeper in the water and the temperature changes from freezing to alittle bit warmer. He hits the bottom of the lake and I open my eyes, the water doesn't bother me that much. I stare into his red glowing eyes, his blonde hair waving around with the water. He grins and pulls me in closer to him, keeps one hand on my waist and moves the other to push my chest onto his. His lips curve seductively and he leans in to the side of my jaw letting his lips rub against me.

Hes trying to make me loose focus and I know it. ughhh. He lets his lips rub against the front my my throat sucking on it lightly. My god that feels good..ignore it. The pressure starts to build up and I squirm a bit making him grip my wrists. He leans in close to me, placing his lips on mine. I close my eyes and try to relax my body. His lips are surprisingly warm and soft. He sucks and pulls my bottom lip lightly and I lean in closer to his body. He tangles his legs with mine making me stay put, then begins to suck on my lips more. I can feel the pressure building up in my chest and throat but I don't want to move, I want to stay down here with him...

He grips my waist and pushes me harder on his lap. At this point my chest feels like its on fire, I push back breaking the kiss and his eyes open glowing red. My lungs crave air but I crave him. He notices me struggling with out the air and grins. I cant take it anymore and I try to pry his legs off mine, he just locks his tighter and watches me squirm. The pressure is so intense and I just stop trying to free myself from his grasp, my hands go over my neck as the urge to take a breath increases. I look at him one more time before I take the breath and everything goes black. 


I wake up to Niall ontop of me on the shore with his hand pressed to my chest. My eyes widen as I cough up the water and start to gasp for air. He pats my back gently and I take deep breaths and try to sit up, to just fall on my back again. 

"Well that was fun." he winks smiling over me. I clear my throat and he helps me sit back up. I did enjoy kissing him, but the burning chest feeling..not so much. "So what was the point of that?" I asked as I started to feel my wet shirt sticking to me. "Do you like the water Brielle?" he asks totally ignoring my question. I raise an eyebrow "What do you mean?" 

"Like in general, do you enjoy swimmin' an stuff?" he asks lifting me up to my feet. Hmm..I do enjoy swimming, its kind of like floating so its cool. "Yea I guess." I reply. He grins "Good, glad you like it."

"So what now?" I ask trying to walk in the wet saggy clothes. 

"Change into another outfit. Then you have to do the next challenge, Harry's challenge." he says lifting me up zooming back to the house in a flash. He sets me down in front of the door, gives me a kiss on the cheek and disappears. 


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