The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


19. Surprise, Surprise

*Brielle's POV*
The words shock through me, "Turn you." "Destined mate." No, I can't fight them, I can't run away, I belong to them. No not them, I belong to one of them.I stare at Louis as he waits for me to react, oh the things he knows that I have no clue about. Harry, he already knows what I'm going to do next. Liam, he knows what we are all thinking about. I have no escape, no privacy, I'm hopeless. "Turn me? I-I don't want to be a monster." I stutter. They all take offence from my words, it shows on their expressions. Except Liam, his remains the same clueless look....  But somethings off about Liam, his posture, how quiet he has been ever since the ride home.. normally he is the one to take charge out of the group, the way he looks af if he has no idea whats going on when he knows every ones secrets inside their head. "We can't have you human, its too much of a risk. Soon enough our thirst will take over and you would be dead, or Eric will come for you and torture you until your dead. We need you to be like us, so we can fight against him without the risk of you dying, you have true potential Brielle. You would make a very powerful vampire, maybe even powerful than Eric...he has the highest power compared to us all. The way he can transform completely into someone, we will never know when he is here. But we need to be prepared." Louis says clearly.  He”s right, Eric's power is a great illusion. Way more complex than any of the boy's powers. I could of sworn that my dad was calling me out in the woods, but nope, it was all Eric. And he is hunting me down this very moment, and once he gets me I'm positive he would torture me till I'm dead as Louis said. If he doesn't, then one of the boys will lose control one day and tear me apart! I figure the one to do that would be Zayn, he has some serious anger for me. I rather be a vampire than scattered pieces of flesh in the dirt. So whats left to do? I have to give up, and let them do what they wan't to me, bite me, turn me, make me theirs.  "Fine." I gulped.   Louis' brows raise with surprise. "What? No fight? No screaming or yelling or trying to run away?"  "I have no other choice."  Louis nods with agreement. "We would have you choose who you want to turn you, but we needed to decide. Once a vampire bites you, some of their power mixes in with your blood, forming your definite power outcome. In other words, you become stronger, more powerful, you know their weakness and their strength. Sadly that doesn't count when the vampire is the same sex as you, thats why I'm not stronger than Eric and I don't know his weakness/strengths. When a vampire of the opposite sex bites you Brielle, they will be very fond of you and protective, they won't ever wan't to leave your side. You will have a bit of him in you and you will feel the same towards him." He paused “Basically what he's trying to say is we have already concluded how your body will react to each our venom. We know who's venom mixed with your blood will make you stronger than Eric and any of us. The truth is each of us craves you. There is something in your scent and soul that attracts each of us, even if we hide our thirst with anger like Zayn, its hard to resist you. Even Eric can't resist you, that's why he is hunting you down." Harry adds. “So I will have a bit of the vampires power? That's cool I guess." I say trying to distract myself from the down side of getting bitten. Liam shifts his posture and I glance over at him, I almost forgotten he was even here, hes being so strangely quiet. "Liam whats up with you?" I ask. His ears perk up and he stares at me. He clears his throat and shakes his head "Um nothing, I should go inside now to pick my room." he says clearing his throat again. "Liam your not usually this quiet, did something happen?" Harry questions. Liam rubs his neck without breaking his stare. "No nothing happened." I look over at Louis, his eyes squinted as he looks at Liam. "You're lying." he stated.  

Liam begins to shift uneasily "Look I'm just a little stiff from the plane ride, I'm gonna go stretch it out in my room." he growled zooming off into the house. 

Harry scoffs and crosses his arms. "Whats his problem?" he says shrugging his shoulders. 

"I don't know but it sure as hell isn't just an uncomfortable plane ride....Brielle keep your distance from Liam for a while okay?" Louis tells me. 

I don't argue and I nod my head. "Sure." 

Harry grabs the luggage and walks to the house with Louis. I follow behind them.

*Louis' POV* 

"Oooo the house is furnished." Harry chimes, dropping all of the luggage and plops down on the couch. 

I roll my eyes and scoot the luggage against the wall. Niall comes down the stairs with Zayn. 

"We picked r' rooms, there are three rooms upstairs an' two rooms down stairs. Me an' Zayn got ours upstairs, so there is one left."

"I call it!" Brielle shouts and runs up the stairs, her suitcase hitting against each step. 

"Alrighty den'. That means you, Liam, and Harry gotta decide who's sharing a room." Niall grins. 

"Your'e kidding me right?" Liam says coming from the hall. 

"Hah nope." Niall chuckles. 

"Forget that, you two can share a room together. I'm not sharing my room." Liam sneers. 

I cringe at his rudeness, hes not being himself at all. "I'll sleep on the couch" I say. 

"Good. I'll be in my room. Harry your room is across from mine." Liam says walking away. 

Zayn looks over at me with a surprised look. "Whats got into him?" he asks. 

"I don't know, but he’s been acting different lately." I reply. 

Zayn shrugs it off and picks up his suitcase and goes upstairs, Niall doing the same. A few minuets pass and I decide to go upstairs into Zayn's room, I have some questions. 

 I enter Zayn's room and he is sitting on his bed sketching on paper.

"Zayn I need to ask you something."

"Yeah?" he says putting down his pencil. 

"What happened on the plane with you and Liam?"

Zayn scoots to the edge of the bed and is feet dangle.

"He hasn't been himself since we got off the plane." he states. 

"Exactly. Something must of happened, tell me everything you know." 

Zayn strokes the side of his jaw and looks around. "Well for starters there was this very attractive flight attendant, her scent had me going insane. I got up and went into the bathroom to cool down, there...there was harsh knocking but I just figured it was a kid. I wen't back to my seat and Liam wasn't there anymore, Harry said he went to check up on me, so I looked for him and ended up in the supply room where the flight attendant was, I heard muffled sounds in the back but she insisted there was nothing there and I asked her about Liam and then she went to go...." Zayn trails off and his eyes begin to get wider. 

"My god..." he mumbles, looking over at me with wild eyes. 


"Liam is Eric! The flight attendant, she was Eric! He had Liam in the back room and he must of transformed into him and..."

"And what?!?!" I chock out.

"Louis he’s in the house!" Zayn tries to whisper. 

I feel my blood begin to boil with both fear and anger. How could I be so dumb to not have realized this sooner? The way Liam has been acting, I should've known it was Eric! Holy shit! 

"He’s here to kill us all and hunt Brielle." I whisper. 

"Brielle!" Zayn croaked. 

We both immediately dodge into her room almost knocking the door down. A very surprised Brielle turns around in her desk chair looking at us. I look around the room, he’s not in here, she’s fine. Me and Zayn look at each other with relief. I place my hand on his shoulder "Get Harry and Niall in here, make sure 'Liam' isn't around to be suspicious. I have a plan." 

Zayn nods and zooms out of the room. I look over at Brielle, she still has that shocked look. The boys are instantly in the room, I tell them the news about Liam and what the plan is. Harry tenses up as he hears it, I know he dosen't like it, but its the best chance we got at getting to Eric before he gets to Brielle.  

"Got it?" I question. 

The boys nod their head and Niall takes the now terrified Brielle out of the room and downstairs into the basement, Zayn following. 

I look outside the window, its now dark out and Harry knows exactly when Eric will come in to "Check up" on Brielle in her bedroom. 

Now all we have to do is wait, and hope the plan works. If not...

Lets just not think about "if not." its far too gruesome. 

*******   EVERYTHING WAS WEIRD.... BUT HERE IS 19!  ;))   enjoy! ****

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