The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


14. Safe

Louis looks at me with wide eyes, then at the others. Niall walks back into the living room and stands next to the fireplace. 

Niall speaks up "Shes in my room, guys this is big."

Louis darts his eyes at me. "Liam hasn't challenged Brielle yet, we need more time." 

Oh, thats right. 

"Its your freaking fault Zayn! If you had just sat down and didn't turn the TV on!" Harry shouts. The lights flickering off and on as Harry gets more angry.

Zayn shows his fangs "Your the one that can see my next move! You should of stopped me!" 

They continue to blame each other and shout, both their eyes glowing bright red with frustration. Zayn's fists tighten and the fire from the fireplace raises,

"Ahh! My butt!" Niall shouts jumping back from the fire, his hands rubbing his bottom. 

Everyone looks over at Niall and we all start to laugh. Niall makes a pout face and continues to rub his bottom. I shake it off and hold in my laughter, this is a serious situation.

"Boys! A freaking search party is coming in the morning to find two lost girls, where do you think they are going to check? Hmm? The woods. And what do you think they are going to do when they see A FREAKING HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF IT?" My temper raises and I feel my face getting hotter.

Niall messes with his hair frustratedly. He glares over at me, eyes going up and down. I raise my eyebrow and look down at myself, oh. I'm still shirtless. 

I blush a bit as he tosses me a shirt. 

Niall straightens his posture and takes a few steps away from the fireplace. "Yes, that is a problem. But we have so many more to deal with. We need her to complete the challenges before we can do anything else and yah know why." 

I open my mouth to speak but Louis cuts in,

"Niall I know the challenges are very very Important, the result of them at least." 

"I think the results need to change." Harry says sternly.

"Brielle won't be very happy when she finds out the result of her challenges are-"

"Harry. She won't be happy with much. Shes a human, they have too many emotions. We just need to get out of here before the police come, burn all the evidence of two girls ever entering the woods." Zayn interrupters.

"Burn the evidence? You mean you want to burn the house down into ashes Zayn?" Niall asks, one eyebrow raised.

I know that's not what Zayn was thinking on burning into ashes.

 His thoughts change and he likes that idea better, Zayn nods at Niall's question.

"Alright, we burn down the house we've lived in for years. Sounds fun." Harry sneers.

"I know its a big thing Harry, but I think Zayn's idea is the best one we have. We need to evacuate before they come." I add.

He furrows his brow and nods. 

"Once we have everything sorted out, we will take the saved valuables and head out into the woods, to where I have a hidden house beneath the know, the one you guys trashed a while back." I  say staring at Zayn and Niall. They blush and nod.

"All right, well I'm going to get Brielle and start my challenge, don't worry it will be quick. Harry and Niall, collect the valuables, and Zayn..burn stuff down." I order. 

I can tell they're a bit shocked with my words, for once I'm taking charge. It feels great, I could get used to this.

Harry and Niall start grabbing things and filling tons of pillow cases with the items. Zayn waits patiently by the fireplace, satisfying his boredom by playing with the fire. 

Louis walks up to me "What do I do?" he asks. I place my arm around his shoulder and pull him in close "Well Louis, I have a important job for you." I smile. He raises his eyebrow,

"You're going to be helping me with Brielle!" I cheer, trying to get him in a happy mood. He sighs and rolls his eyes "Great."

I chuckle and start walking down the hall to Niall's room, Louis slowly tagging along behind me. 

"Man she’s going to freak out again." Louis babbled. I give him a shut-the-hell-up look and he rolls his eyes again. I open the door slowly and there Brielle is, with one foot out the window. 

"Darn it!" I hear Louis mutter.

She turns to see us and starts to try and get her other foot out, I speed off next to her, grabbing her arm, pulling her back into the room. Louis is instantly by my side holding onto her other arm. She doesn't fight us, she just sighs. 

"Where the hell do you think you're going missy?" Louis chuckled. We walk her out of the room and re enter the living room. 

Most of the important things are already packed inside the pillow cases, Zayn still remains beside the fireplace toying with the fire. Me and Louis take Brielle outside and let her go. 

"All right now its time for me to give you my challenge, its simple so don't worry." I tell Brielle.

She doesn't make eye contact and just shrugs. 

Louis looks over at me nodding his head towards her, he thinks shes depressed. It hurts to watch a girl break down in front of you, she lost everything. I have to get her to be happy here, with us, me. I look up at the dark sky filled with stars and get an idea to possibly raise her attention.

"Louis will demonstrate what you are going to be doing first." I declared. 

Both Louis and Brielle's heads shoot up looking at me, Louis curses me out in his mind. I smile as he drags his feet and positions himself across from me. 

Brielle smirks a little at Louis' grumpiness. Her red shirt pops out in the darkness of the woods, making her an easy target to find. 



I grin showing my fangs, I lower my head and stare at the gravely dirt ground, I can feel the power pulsing through my veins, wanting desperately to escape. I growl and lift my head up quickly, my arms flex out towards Louis.

The ground starts to shake where Louis stands, the small rocks around him raising into the air. His body tenses but he keeps his red eyes locked on me. 

I pound my foot on the ground and the cold dirt floor raises next to him, lifting from the ground high in the sky. Big bolder like rocks collide together piling high up like a skinny mountain. A few snow patches fall down from the high mountain like pile. Brielle and Louis look up in awe at the high piece of ground. I grin and sway my arm down the the ground, and back up. The gravely rocks in the dirt lift up floating around the pile. I push my hands out and the rocks dig into the form. 

"Louis is going to be climbing all the way up, having to pass through a few minor obstacles." I inform. 

Brielle nods and looks up at the high rock. Louis frowns at me, only if she heard the thoughts in that boys head. 

Louis growls and takes a step towards the high rock. 

"Go!" I shout and he gives me a menacing glare. 

"Ayee! .... no super speed, wouldn't be fair to Brielle." I grin at him. He rolls his eyes and grips onto one of the small rocks.

His feet dig into a lower one and he pushes himself up a foot. His hands grip onto more rocks, lifting himself up higher. 

I levitate more rocks from the dirt floor and they speed towards Louis, hitting his hands. He grunts as one hits his knuckle, almost losing his grip. He holds in his pain and continues to lift himself up higher. I grin and throw another rock at his hand. Full on red in his eyes, his fangs dropping low. I know he'll get me back for this. I raise my hands up high and the hard ice stuck on the bark of the trees lift up. 

His eyes widen as he looks around him, he reaches for another rock and I chuck the ice at him back. He shouts and jumps for the rock, his feet dangle, kicking around for a sturdy support. His fingers dig in the outward rock holding him up. "Fuck Liam cut it out!" he shouts. 

I look over at Brielle, a wide smile spread across her face as she watches Louis squirm. 

I chuckle a bit, shes so caught up in watching him she must of forgotten shes next. 

Louis' places his foot in a crack and lifts himself up higher. Hes almost at the very top. I look around the field for something to use against him, nothing but trees, dirt , and small remains of snow. I reach my arm out at the trees, make a grabbing form with my hands and move my arm backwards. A slim branch from one of the trees snaps off. I sway my arm, motioning the branch towards Louis. It flys to him and he tightens his grip, more branches fling off the tree and sprawl towards his body. Brielle covers her eyes and the branches hit all over his body. Some form small splinters in his shirt and arms. "Crap!" was all that could come out of Louis' mouth. 

His arm reaches for a thick splinter in the back of his hand, he winces and pulls it out quick. He reaches for another rock to pull himself up, this time moving more slowly. I notice the sky is getting lighter, I need to quicken this up before its time to leave. 

I don't throw anything else at Louis and let him reach the top of the high rocks. He stands up high, panting for air. He looks at his dirty shirt and pants and pats at them. A little squeal escapes his lips as more splinters dig into his legs. Ouch. 

"Get me down." he growls at me. I smile "Sure thang."

His feet begin to dangle in the air and he waves his arms around "Dammit Liam!" he hisses. I laugh as I float him away from the rock, making him dangle about 50 ft in the air. 

"Sure you want me to put you down?" I tease. His eyes glow red, I guess I should try not to get him more angry. 

I slowly lower him down to the ground and his feet hit the floor with a small thud.

He races towards me and I levitate his foot into the air, he dangles upside down. "Ah... Louis. Wouldn't want to touch anything till' those splinters are removed." I remind him. He sighs and I drop him on his ass. He growls and gets up walking next to me. 

Niall and Harry appear carrying pillow cases filled with the valuables. "We've got everything important, can Zayn start burning?" Harry asks. I nod and he looks over at Louis. 

"Woah what happened to him?" 

Louis furrows his eyebrows giving me a scowl. "I used him as a dummy." I reply. Harry and Niall start laughing and Louis shows his fangs. 

Niall sets down his supplies and walks closer to Louis. "I'll heal him up, continue to give Brie her challenge. Its almost morning." 

Harry goes back into the house to tell Zayn he can start burning. I walk over to Brielle and smile sweetly "Ready for your challenge love?" I ask.

She gulps and nods. 

"Don't worry, I wont go to hard on you, I was just having some fun with Louis." 

I reach for her hand and give her a smile. I wish I could read her mind. I walk her towards the tall rock and place her hand on a small rock that is a good starting point.

"Just hold on tight and lift yourself, its not even that hard." I say and take a few steps back.

She places her foot in one of the cracks and the other in a higher one, lifting herself up. 

*Brielle's POV*

"That's it, keep going." I heard him say. I continued to grab onto the small rocks, lifting myself up higher and higher. 

The air started to get colder the higher I got, my heart began to race. I looked down and I was pretty high up but I had even higher to climb. I watched Liam move his arms up and I knew what was coming, I griped tightly on one of the rocks and held in a deep breath. 

Hard rocks hit against my back and legs, not as hard as I thought but there was definitely pain. I cringed and exhaled. More rocks hit against me, I forced myself to ignore it and I reached for more rocks to grip. One rock hit my hand and I screamed with pain, the rock was sharp and it cut me. A small dot of blood formed on the back of my hand. I looked down, Harry was back next to Liam watching me. I wiped the small drop and continued up the rocks. 

As I climbed higher, cold ice started to fling at my legs. I yelped with every pinch of the ice hitting me. I placed my foot into a crack and held onto the rock, my body has shaking with fear. I was so high up. I looked down slowly and Liam grinned at me. 

"Can I please get down now? I think this is high enough." I plead. 

"No. All the way up!." Liam demands. 

I huff and grab onto another rock, as I try to lift my foot up a sharp pain tingles in my foot. I look down and my foot is stuck in th crack of the rock. I try to tug my foot out but its not budging. I feel more cold ice being thrown at my back and I shout with frustration. 

"I'm stuck!" 

Liam just shrugs and crosses his arms. 

I slowly reach down for my foot, I loose my balance and I begin to fall backwards. My back hits the hard rock and I yelp. An intense pain springs through my leg, my foots still caught in the crack and its the only thing holding me up from falling. 

"My leg! Liam help!" I shout, moving my head back so I can see him. 

He steps forward but Harry grabs his shoulder bringing him back.



"She has to do the challenge by herself, no help." I hear Harry tell him.

Liam glances over at me, "Sorry Brielle."

I guess I'm on my own. C'mon Brie, you can do this. Prove to those bloodsuckers your'e not just some weak human. I take a deep breath, trying to think of something other than the pain.

I swing myself forward, I feel my stomach tighten as I pull myself up. My hands needfully grip onto rock, I reach down at my foot and start to untie my shoelace with one of my hands. I start to wiggle my toes and my foot slowly begins to free itself. I pull with more force and my foot comes out of my shoe, I smile with relief. I take one more glance at the shoe still stuck in the rock and start to pull myself up higher. 

"Almost, there." I grunt as I push myself up. I'm so high up, even higher than some of the trees. Just don't look down. I feel the wind pick up and it pushes on my back making me slam into the rock even more. I hold on for dear life, hoping not to slip. More twigs and small pebble like rocks hit my body, stinging me all over. I will definitely have some bruises after this. 

I can see my icy breath in the air, I'm so close. I pull myself up one more time and feel the flat surface of the top with one of my hands, I grip at the dirt and pull myself all the way up rolling onto my back. I pant and stare up at the sky. My hands sting and my legs ache. I close my eyes and try and calm my breathing down. 

I hear a thump and I open my eyes quickly, Liam is standing over me with a cheeky grin spread across his face. He lowers himself down and hovers his chest over mine. 

"I'm so tired." I say weakly, closing my eyes again. I hear him chuckle and he moves the hair away form my face.I try and move my leg and it stings with pain.  "I think I sprained my ankle." I groan. 

"Just don't move, try to stay still. Niall will heal it later." he soothes.

"The boys are taking things into the hideout, its just you and me for a while." he whispers sweetly, pulling some of the splinters out of my shirt. "Its a nice view up here." 

I open my eyes and his darkish red eyes lock into mine. My chest raises and lowers slowly, his matching mine. His hand moves up from the sides of my shirt back to my face, stroking my cheek carefully. I move my hand up on top of his, stroking it with my thumb. I watch him as his eyes gaze on my lips. He licks his lips slowly looking back into my eyes. My other hand moves up his arm to the side of his neck, my head struggles to find something to say, so I let my heart talk instead. 

"Kiss me." 

Without hesitation he immediately leans in, his moist lips graze on mine. A low pleasurable sound vibrates from the back of his throat, making my body flutter with excitement. His lips feel so soft, placed perfectly on mine. The kiss becomes more passionate and my fingers tug at his hair. I feel his lips curve into a grin, his thumb rubs against my cheek, the other griped on my waist. He sucks lightly on my bottom lip giving me chills. I feel his tongue rub against it, my lips part a bit as I moan quietly, granting his access. His tongue brushes against mine driving me insane. Our tongues battle for dominance, he wins. I let him take control and the feeling is unexplainable, so breathtaking. Liam lifts his head up and I open my eyes desperately wanting his lips back on mine. 

I hear the sound of a heavy breathing I look over to see a pale white hand trying to grip onto the dirt surface. Blonde hair comes in sight and I watch as Niall rolls over onto the flat surface. 

"Wooo what a climb!" he says exhaling. 

Liam curses under his breath and moves to the side of me. I sit up and watch as Niall brushes himself off, then looking up to meet our eyes. 

"What? Did I interrupt something?" his face lightens up. 

None of us answer and he sighs. "Lemme see your leg so I can heal yah up." he says pulling my leg onto his lap. 

I watch his hands rub against my leg, the pain quickly vanishes. 

"All better?" 

"Yea, thanks Niall" I reply. He nods getting back on his feet giving me a smile. 

He puts his hands in his pocket and rocks back and forth "Well...Liam the boys are all ready, Zayn is going t' start now." 

I look over to Liam and his eyebrows raise "Oh, right. Wow times gone by quickly." he says looking up at the lighter sky. 


*Liam's POV* 

Niall knew me and Brielle were having some alone time, he interrupted us on purpose. It was all in his thoughts. I could hear him as he climbed the rock earlier. 

I reached down for Brielle's hand and he held onto mine, giving me a sweet smile. 

"Okay Niall you can go down first." I declare. 

He sneers at me and I quickly move my hands up, his body starts to levitate. "Down down you go!" I cheer sending him down safely, I watch him lower and I drop him a bit farther away from the ground than I did with Louis, making him land on his bum. 

I turn around to Brielle "Hes such a dick." I mumble. Brielle giggles, shes so beautiful when she laughs. 

I wrap my arms around her and hug her gently, I can't resist having my hands on her. Slowly our feet begin to dangle in the air, she gasps holding onto me tighter. 

"Hah don't look down, I've got you." I whisper. Our feet slowly hit the patchy dirt floor and she loosens her grip on me. 

"That was amazing by the way." I add, hoping she knows what I was talking about. 

I watch her blush and smile "I don't know what came over me."  I looked around at the house, I heard Zayn's thoughts begin to focus on what he was going to burn first. 

I should get Brielle out of here, before her thoughts go back to the search party. 

I lift her up and she wraps her arms around my neck. "Woah what are you doing?" she asks quickly. 

"We have to go somewhere now, a safe place." 

*Brielle's POV*

Safe. That's what I felt with him. The way he would hold onto me, protect me. I nod and he gives me a quick kiss on the cheek. He begins to speed up and I hold onto him tightly, watching the house get farther and farther away. A small red spark of light appears in one of the windows, making me squint my eyes. I start to hear the familiar burning sound and I watch the house light up with red and orange flames. I dig my fingernails into Liam with shock. 

"Brielle close your eyes." I hear him say loudly, almost a shout. 

I did as I was told, I trusted him. 

My ears perked up as a loud boom sound fills the now hotter air, the sounds of wood crashing in the dirt. 

All of a sudden I was being put down on something soft and cushiony. I opened my eyes and I was on a familiar couch, Niall, Harry, Louis, watching me from across the room on another couch. My breath was hitching as the burning house re entered my thoughts, Liam held me in close. 

A ceiling door opened and Zayn plopped down, his clothes covered in black ash and the bottom of his jeans singed. He looked at the boys and nodded. Then he saw me and I started panicking. 

Zayn's eyes glowed red and he was instantly in front of me. 

"You're tired and you're imagining things, you're hungry aswell." his eyes glowed brightly and I nodded. "You are going to sleep now and when you awake you can eat, everything is fine, just sleep." he told me.

"Yes, I am tired, an' hungry. I must sleep." I repeated. 

My body began to relax against Liam, my eyes closed and I began to drift off to sleep. The last thing I heard was Liam's voice, but It was nothing but a low murmur I couldn't make out. 



***Finally! Busy Busy, Ya Know. Sorry about how long it took for me to update! Remember to Comment on what you think, Vote, and Become A Fan! :) Next Chapter Coming Soon.****


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