The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


17. Pretty Little Snack

Louis POV* 

"Put me down!" Brielle begs Liam, her voice hoarse. 

"I'm sorry, we are taking you back home." he tells her. 

I lift the hidden wooden door up from the ground and Liam and Niall hop down into the house.

"This isn't my home!" she shouts as Liam sets her down. 

"Well it tis' now." Niall scoffs. 

As Harry bends down to enter the house, I put my hand on his shoulder.

"Lets go check on Zayn, you know, Incase he got a bit out of control with the whole Daddy issue." I say. He nods and we run off to where Zayn is. 

My eyes narrow as I see another man ontop of Zayn, punching him repeatedly. 

"Woah woah.." I shout, nudging Harry. His eyes widen at the scean. 

Harry is instantly at Zayn's side and I throw the man off him. 

"F- B-!" Zayn grunts, spitting out black liquid.  (A/N Get the clue im swearing? But don’t wanna swear?)

Harry helps Zayn up and brushes the dirt off his back. I focus my attention back to the man on the ground and walk over to him, shadowing him. He looks up at me, a devilish smirk spread across his face. My eyes flare red at it hits me, the fire like red orange hair, the freckles. Its him.

"E-Eric?" I manage to choke out. 

His smirk widens exposing his fangs. 

"For a moment I thought you'd forgotten me, Louis." he says, getting up on his feet. 

I take a few steps back, anger boils inside me as I look into his eyes. The same piercing red eyes that gave me nightmares, the same piercing red eyes that I can't ever forget. 

"Get out of my woods Eric." I growl through my clenched jaw. 

"My my, I thought you'd be happy to see me, after all I have given you." 

Harry and Zayn watch us with confused expressions. 

"You know that prick?" Zayn asks with wild eyes. 

I nod at him, his eyebrows raise. 

"Hes the scum that-"

"I'm the one that changed Louis from a weak scrawny pathetic excuse of a human into a strong, powerful vampire." Eric interrupts me. 

"How dare you! You stole my life! Stole it without warning! I was happy, and you had to take that away from me. are a monster." I curse. 

Eric chuckles, his chest raising and lowering quickly. " I did you a favor, lad."

My hand clenches tightly, I feel like killing him right here and now. 

"Why were you calling out for Brielle?" Harry questioned, breaking the intense energy that almost caused me to lose control in my actions. 

Eric licks his lips and his eyes darken at the mention of her name. 

"That pretty little snack? I saw a few people wandering around here earlier, holding fliers out for this girl names Brielle. She looked delicious, her scent even more so." 

Harry's eyes narrowed at him. 

"You stay away from her, shes not a snack." he warns. 

"Oh really? And what are you going to do if I don't? " he questions, advancing towards Harry. 

Harry snarls at him, his dagger like fangs visible. 

"Eric leave her alone, and get the heack out of my woods!" I shout. 

Eric relaxes his muscles and glares at me with his piercing red eyes. 

"You better watch yourself, and that pretty lil' snack your hiding away, cause' I'll do whatever the hell I want." he hisses. 

My anger boils inside me. I pounce on him sending him right back on the ground. My fists attack his face viciously over and over again. I say each word after every punch, 


He snarls and chomps down on my hand, clenching his jaw shut. I shout in agony as his sharp fangs penetrate my skin. Harry and Zayn join in and Harry tries to pry his mouth off my hand while Zayn kicks him in the gut. 

The enemy grunts with pain and releases my hand, I fall backwards and hold my hand tightly, small drops of black dripping down my arm. 

Eric shoves Zayn and Harry off him and gets on his feet. 

"This won't be the last time you see me Louis, and i promise that." Eric growls, giving me a menacing glare. 

Before I can say anything a cold wind blows past me and he’s gone. 

Harry holds out his hand for me to grab, I stare out blankly at it, my mind swarming with what just happened. He coughs and I come back to reality and grab his hand lifting me up to my feet. 


"Louis your hand.." Harry says almost in a whisper. 

I look down and see the two sharp cuts in my hand, dripping black liquid. 

"Its fine, Niall will heal it." I tell him. He nods but his eyes still look worried. 

Zayn looks pretty beat up as well, his lip is cut and he has a small scratch on the side of his cheekbone. He looks pretty freaked out, his eyes are still wide open, vivid red. 

"Did you take care of the father?" I ask him. 

"There was no father. The ginger, Eric, it was him! He somehow changed to look exactly like the dad. Even his voice!" Zayn replies. 

Oh yes, I almost forgot about Eric's powers. Very unique in fact. 

"Hes a shape shifter, very dangerous. We have to be more aware of who we talk to from now on." 

We start walking back to the hidden underground house. 

"Louis I don't want anyone to get hurt." Harry says breaking the silence. 

I look over to him, he truly is worried. "I'm not going to let him hurt anyone. I promise." I tell him, rubbing his back. His tense body relaxes a bit, and he smiles.

"Pinky promise?"

I chuckle and wrap my pinky around his "Pinky promise."

Zayn groans loudly tilting his head back. "Pinky promise?" he mimics in a squeaky baby voice. 

"Shut up Zayn. C'mon we need to hurry, before Eric shows up again." 


 *Brielles POV*

"Liam, please, let me leave." I beg. 

He sighs and plops down on the couch. 

"Brielle its over. They think you're gone, no one is going to look for you, why can't you realize that?"

 My eyes start to water but I hold back the tears. Niall rubs my back soothingly. 

"Don't be sad. Your family has closure, they will move on. Zayn did his mind control thing and they are all fine." Niall tells me. 

"Why don't you let me go? Make Zayn tell me I never met you, that there are no vampires, erase my memory!?" I shout. 

Niall freezes,


"Because what Niall?!" I yell.

Liam gets up on his feet. 

"Because I . . we . . need you." he answers. 

Immediately the door hangs open and in come Harry, Zayn, and Louis. 

"Woah Zayn what happened to your face? And Louis, your hand!" Niall worries. 

"Louis care to explain?" Zayn sneers, grabbing Niall's hand and placing it on his cut lip. 

"We are leaving, now." Louis says, grabbing the packed bags and pushing them near the wall under the ceiling door. 

"Hold on Tomlinson, why are we leaving? Everything is solved, the families left." Liam questions. 

"Eric, the one that bite me when I was a young boy, hes here, and he wants to kill me and hunt Brielle." Louis replies quickly. 

My mouth drops and I stare at Louis in shock. 

"We have to leave now, out of London." he says, opening a droor and pulling out a laptop.

They have electronics!!

"Where are we going?" Zayn mumbles through Niall's hand. 

"America. Somewhere with a few people, so we can live unnoticed, hidden," he states. 

"Just bought six plane tickets to Winchester, Ohio. Population 1,051. 

I start to panic, I've lived  all my life here in London. Liam tries to calm me down,

"This is for your own safety Brie." he whispers. 

"Everyone grab your bags, were goin' to Ohio!" Louis cheers poorly. 

Zayn groans and I stand there in complete shock. 

This isn't happening, no no no. My families gone, a bunch of vampires won't let me leave, another one is hunting me down, and now we're leaving to Ohio. I start to breath heavy and hyperventilate. This couldn't possibly get any worse!

Zayn removes Niall's hand from his mouth and looks over at Louis, who is looking at Liam. 

Liam makes a whining sound

"C'mon Lou. Don't make me." he pouts. 

Louis raises his eyebrow and Liam huffs. I watch Liam look over at me and grab my arm tightly, his thumb pushing against the middle of my arm. 

"Oww! What are you doing!? Stop it hurts!" I scream. 

He doesn't stop, just continues to press hard on my arm, he mouths the words 'sorry.' and then everything turns black. 

**OooooOOOooooh! (Where’d that “H” come from... )   Interesting huh? Just so yall know that wasn't Liam’s power or anything he was just cutting off her circulation of blood off, so she would faint. Hope you loved this chapter! Remember to Comment, I love it when yah comment ;), VOTE! and Become a Fan! Next chapter coming soon guys, love yah! xx***

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