The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


7. One.. Two... Three

 -Brielle's POV-

I kick Niall's stomach and scream at him to put me down. He throws me on the floor and I look around. I spot Liam, breathing heavy, then I look around and see Louis and Harry, both looking beat up and worn out. Shirts riped, fangs out, they look wild. I get up and run over to Liam almost tripping over the chains. He grabs me in close and puts me behind him. 

"Who the hell let Liam out?" Niall asks clenching his fists. 

"He escaped. Get him." Louis says brushing the dirt off his shirt.

Harry glares over at Louis and then at Zayn and Niall. "If you dare touch Liam or Brielle, I will rip you to pieces." He snarls. 

My eyes widen at the words. Harry is protecting me from them.. this is freaking awesome. Three against three..well I'm no use compared to vampires so make that three against two. 

Zayn raises his eyebrows and nudges Niall. "Niall go heal Louis up, I got this." Niall nods and is instantly next to Louis, he touches over his bruises and cuts, and they disappear instantly. My eyes dart back over at Zayn. Shouldn't of done that.

I start to walk unable to stop myself, the chains around my legs drag on the floor. Zayn smirks at me and  motions his finger for me to come closer. 

Harry growls and dodges over to Zayn punching him square in the jaw. Zayn stumbles back a bit, rubs his jaw and looks back over at Harry. "Shouldn't of done that mate." he says and then pushes Harry onto the wall, causing it to crack. I can now move myself as I choose and I look over at Liam. He runs toward me and rips the ropes and chains off, I rub my wrists and smile a bit. 

Zayn has Harry up against the wall, Harry snarls at Zayn chopping his fangs at him. 

"Brielle run! Don't look back! Just run!" Liam says and then turns over to Niall and Louis. I don't hesitate and begin to run toward the door, my breath hitching and my feet soar from the chains. Niall slams the door in a flash and I scream and turn back around. I don't stop running, I look around the house for somewhere to go...the staircase.

Niall must be fighting Liam because I don't hear him chasing me anymore. I run up the stairs and there is a long hallway, about 4 or 5 doors. I run to the last one and grab the handle and push the door open. Its the master bed room. I look around the spacious room, an old bookshelf is up against the wall, a big king sized bed with silk sheets in the middle, a closet and a bathroom, and a window with a view of the forest. I can hear the growls of the vampires fighting, the shouts echo in around the whole house. The thumps make the house shake. I run over to the closet to have my foot ram into a chair. I grunt and hop over into the closet, closing the door. Tons of clothes hang on the hangers, I sit down and rip the clothes off the hangers and pile them over me.

I close my eyes and my heart is beating so loud, I try to calm myself down and picture something relaxing like the beach. I press my back against the wall and my heart slows back down. I can still hear the sounds of them fighting. Then some of the growls disappear. I place my hand around my mouth, lets just hope Liam and Harry beat the others. My ears perk up as I hear Liam shouting,

"Louis stop! Plea-" a loud thump shakes the house and everything gets quiet. My heart beats louder and my breath hitches. Its okay Brie, everything is okay, calm down. My eyes start to water and I pull more clothes on top of me, I press my ear up the the closet wall and try to focus. I hear talking that I cant make out, then foot steps coming up the stairs. I shut my eyes tight and the foot steps become louder. The talking turns into whispers. My heart is basically beating so loud it could pop out of my chest any moment. Then the foot steps stop. I hold my mouth shut and try to stop gasping. I hear a door from down the hall open and then the foot steps turn into pounding as they search a room. The door slams shut with a loud bang and then the steps go back to soft. 

"Oh Brielle, where are you?" a voice echos around the halls. More doors being opened and steps getting more frantic. Thank god I chose the last door. 

"You can't hide forever Brielle. Come out come out wherever yah are." the voice whispers.

Then I hear the 4th door creek open. Then a few seconds later slam shut. I wipe the tears away and pull the clothes on me more. The last door, my door, creeks open slowly causing my body to shake with fear. The foot steps are slow, walking around the room. I hear the books being thrown onto the floor. 


"She’s gotta be in here'" the Irish one says not even trying to whisper anymore.

"Go check the bathroom." a voice sounding like Zayn orders. Niall's steps become louder as they walk past the closet door, I see his shadow, then the steps are harder to hear as he walks to the bathroom creaking the door open more. Cabinets being pulled open and slammed shut, I hear things being thrown around. 

"Shes not in the bathroom." Niall says walking past the closet once more. 

Maybe they wont look in the closet? Just gota stay quiet.

"Niall, go back downstairs and keep an eye on Harry and Liam. Just in case." I hear Louis' demand. Oh no, Louis is with them too. What did they do to Liam and Harry? 

"Zayn, go check the rest of the house for her. Ill continue to look here. Shout for me if you find her." he says. Zayn's steps walk out the room and patter down the stairs. Louis starts to walk slowly around the room.

"Brielle? Don't hide from me love. I wont hurt you." he tries to say in a sweet voice. Yea right. I bet the first thing you will do is try and bite me. 

"I know your here Brielle. I can smell you from all the way downstairs. Don't make me search for you because if I find you, your going to regret it." he hissed.

I don't dare make a sound and stay placed. He would do the same to me if I came out, so there is no use. 

"Brielle. Ill give you one last chance. Come out now, and you wont get hurt." he growls voice getting more loud. I bet he has that fucking smirk on his face. There's a couple seconds of silence until he speaks again.

"Alright. Ill count to three. Then I'm going after you."

My heart begins to beat faster and faster and I grip onto the messy pile of clothes. Dont make a sound.


His steps become louder, as he walks closer to my destination. I hold back the urge to scream and move and remain still.


His steps become more hastily, more things being thrown around and his breath getting louder. Then He stops, his shadow appears threw the bottom opening of the door. My heart thumping so loud I could faint. 


The door swings open. The room light shines around filling the dark closet. I try not to move under the pile of clothes. Hopefully the scent of the clothes overpower mine.

"I can hear your heart beating Brielle." he whispers as clothes get thrown around the closet. Hangers thrown onto the walls with clothes attached. I remain still under the pile and try to get my heart beat low.

"Brielle, I see you." he says in a dark tone. My eyes widen, there is no possible way he can see me! Maybe I put too many clothes on me and it looks suspicious, god Brie you are such an idiot! All the movement in the room stops. Its so quiet I can hear the wind blowing through the windows. My heart starts to race and I shut my eyes tight. I hear a click and the trunk next to me pulls open quickly, Louis curses with frustration. I let out a breath of relief that might of been too loud. Louis' eyes dart over to the pile of clothes I'm under. He grins and walks slowly over to it. He bends down and rips the pile of clothes off me and I scream punching him in the face, fuck that hurt. He grunts and holds me down. 

"Shut up! I gave you a chance to come out, now you will have to be punished for disobeying." he grunts as I kick him in the stomach, which hurt my foot probably more than it hurt him. I continue to scream for Liam as he lifts me up on my feet and throws me out of the closet. I squint in pain and grip my wrists. His eyes are glowing red, his fangs out. He dodges toward me and lifts me back up and slams me against the wall. I gasp and my back stings from the impact. "Liam! Help!" I scream echoing threw the house. 

"Liam can't help you!" he shouts throwing me on the bed. He climbs on top of me holding me down, his eyes are so red it almost hurts to look at them. He smirks at me as I am unable to move because of his strength. "I like it when you challenge me." he teases as he leans in to my neck letting his lips graze over it, he circles his tongue around my neck and groans, giving me goosebumps. He lifts his head up and looks into my eyes with that seductive look.

"Your mine."

[ Hehe..... New and weird. Love is now in the, ... air? ahaha. Confused? Comment (: Fan? ] 


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