The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


15. Monsters

I'm running, running as fast as I possibly can, from something. Trees everywhere, strange sounds filling the cold air. My feet ache, but I don't stop, because if I do I know they will get me, whatever it is. My vision is blurry but I can make out the dark brown tree bark, and the gravely floor with small snow patches. 

"Brielle." it whispers. I quickly turn around but no ones there. 

I start running past more and more trees, it feels like I've been running in complete circles. 

A blurry shape darts beside me, pounding into me causing me to hit the ground with a hard thump. I sit up from the ground, looking up at the dark figure blending in with the night sky. As my vision sharpens, its form begins to get more clear. 

 Pale white skin, piercing red eyes. It wears a darkish coat, reaching down to his knees. Shoes are brown, very fancy like with antique designs. I look back up to its face, his face,

Harry's face. 

I gasp escapes my lips and my body begins to tremble.

"H-harry what are you d-doing?" I ask slowly. 

A darkish grin spreads across his face causing shivers run down my spine. 

"Where do you think you're going? Trying to escape?" 

He lowers down to me, one of his knees in the patchy ground, his arm rests of the other one. He raises his hand and slaps me across the face. I scream out in pain, clenching my cheek.

"Poor poor Brielle, poor poor Brielle." 

the words hit me like knifes jabbing into my stomach, the same exact words. The scene fluds in my mind, my mouth opens to scream again but nothing comes out, nothing at all.

Harry grabs me, lifting me up and pushing me against a tree, hand clenched around my neck. 

"Poor poor Brielle, her best friend got eaten by vampires, and shes next."  

Tears fill my eyes, running down my cheeks. Harry shows no mercy, he just grins. Foot steps echo on the gravely ground, I look to the side and there she is, her black hair flowing down to her waist, her golden brown eyes no longer full of life, but dull and dead. Blood dripped down from her neck, some splatterd on her shirt. 

"D-daisy." I weep, Harry's hand gripping my neck tighter. She takes slow steps, stopping besides Harry. 

She shows no emotion, dark circles under her eyes, mouth parted a little taking in slow breaths.

I try to remove Harry's hand from my neck, loosening it up a little. 

Seeing her like this is too horrible, it makes me feel like throwing up. I try to imagine her as she used to look, plush pink lips, eyes bright, a smile on her face. And she instantly looks like how I imagined her, just as I remember. Harry lets go of my throat and I drop down to the ground. 

"Brielle, you need to get up." Daisy speaks, her voice sweet and happy. Tears run down my face harder as I listen to her voice. 

She bends down, placing her hands on my shoulders. 

"Brielle, get up, Brielle." she repeats again, shaking me lightly. Her hands are warm, just how I remember. 

I look down and sniffle "Daisy I miss you, I love you." I cry. I wait for her to say the words back to me but not one sound. I look back up and her face has a worried look, a frightened look. 

"Brielle!" she shouts, I could of sworn it came from Harry's mouth, it wasn't her voice at all. 

She begins shaking me more roughly, repeating my name over and over again. She shakes me one last time, one last rough shake. 


My body jolts and my eyes shoot open, Harry is over me shouting my name, shaking me. My body is sticky with sweat.

"Don't touch me!" I shout pushing his hands off of me, jumping up onto my feet. I kick at his legs and punch repeatedly at his chest.

"Brielle you were having a nightmare! It was just a nightmare Brielle! Look around!" he shouts. 

My punches slow down as I look around, no longer seeing trees, but cement walls, bookshelves, and a couch across from me. It was a dream? I look around for Daisy, my breath slowing down. 

"Daisy?" I breathe. 

"Shes not here Brielle, it wasn't real, please calm down." Harry begs. 

I stop hitting him and drop to my knees, I want to cry but no tears come, I must of been crying in my sleep because my cheeks are moist. 

Harry slowly bends down near me, I quiver when his hand moves on mine. I can't get the image out of my head, he was so angry, so evil. Daisy, she- she was so real, it all felt so real. 

*A/N It's not over till it's over. *

"I don't know what you saw Brie, but you're okay now, nothing is going to hurt you." Harry whispers, rubbing my arm trying to get me to relax. 

"You hurt me, you found me and grabbed me. You told me things so evil." 

I look into Harry's eyes, there not angry like before, they are sincerer and worried, just like Daisy's. 

"Come, you need something to drink, and eat." he says lifting me up gently. He walks me into a small kitchen, a bowl of oatmeal is placed on a small wooden table, small fruits on the side. 

I rush to the table and grab the fruits, stuffing them in my mouth. Its been so long since I've had anything to eat. I swallow down the glass of water placed next to the bowl of oatmeal. I gulp so quickly I start to choke.

"Woah woah there Brie, the foods not going anywhere you don't need to attack it." Harry chuckles patting my back. 

I let out a sigh and grab the metal spoon, plunging it into the oatmeal. It smells so good I'm practically drooling. I place the spoon in my mouth and cherish the warm cinnamon flavor, I continue to eat the food and in a couple of minuets theres none left. The spoon makes a loud clink sound and I look into the bowl, the now empty bowl. My god that was so good. 

I look up at Harry "Is there any more? Who made this?" I ask quickly.

Harry smiles "I made it, I used to work at a bakery when I was a human. I have no use for my cooking skills now that all I eat is animal blood, but I'm glad you enjoy it. Guess I still got my skills huh?" 

I smile and nod. "More please?" I ask lifting the bowl up. I feel so full of energy, my eyes are no longer baggy now that I've gotten my sleep, and I'm no longer slow or starving. 

"I'll chop some more fruit for you dear." he says walking over to the wooden basket filled with bright red apples and citrus green ones. He grabs a small knife and chops up two apples quickly, placing them on a white plate. 

"Where are the other boys?" I question. Harry coughs and furrows his brow "Um I'm not sure, probably hunting, you know, the usual." 

"Oh okay."

 Harry hands me the plate of freshly cut apples and smiles sweetly. I thank him and begin chomping down on the fruit. 

My mind wonders and thinks about the strange dream, not the horrible nightmare I had about Harry and Daisy, but a different nightmare that just remembered. A house burning down. I continue to devour the apple slices one by one staring off into space. 



"Where are we?" 

I hear no answer so I look over to him, his lips tucked in and eye brows raised.

"The house, why?" he answers slowly.

I look around the room, its hot in here, unlike the cold weather from outside. I've never seen this part of the house, the cabinets carved from light brown wood, the floor looks the same, dark chocolate brown glossy wood. 

I get up slowly and look around, turning my face at every wall. 

"Where are the windows?" I question.

"Theres never been windows i-in here." he hesitates. 

I dart my eyes at him, his body stiff. I watch his throat gulp up and down. 

I quickly run past Harry and he tries to reach for me to stop but I dodge him. I look around the room, everything feels so familiar, then it hits me. 

"This is Liam's hideout, the one he took me to when we were running from, from you." I state. 

I look up the ceiling at the wooden door, the one Zayn and Niall bashed down when they were hunting me. Someone must of fixed it.

"Why are we here? Where are the boys?" I shout demanding an answer, Harry dosen't speak, he just looks at me with a nervous expression, fingers playing with the bottom of his dark blue shirt.

*Zayn's POV*  

"There coming. I can sense it." I whisper to Louis. He nods, eyes concentrated on the many trees in front of us. 

Liam walks next to me, his ears perk up. "I can hear them, boys get in your places." he orders.

Niall climbs up a tall tree, hiding in the many branches, Louis and Liam creep behind a tree across from Niall's, and I stay put, in the middle of the wide forest. 

I hear the voices of people ranging from teens to elders. All shouting out for Brielle and Daisy.

"Brielle are you out here?" a stressed voice echos.  

I can see the group of humans, wondering around in the forest, my forest. 

One middle age woman makes eye contact with me from the distance, I hear her heart race quicker. 

"Over there!" she shouts, causing the group to all babble and look around in different directions. 

She starts speeding towards where I stand, the others quickly following behind her. 

They all finally catch up and stand about 10 feet away from me. 

I scan the crowd of people, they all hold pictures of the two girls, every single one of their heart beats racing. One older man, I'd say in his 40's, with dark brown hair steps forward. 

"Young man, have you seen this girl? Are you a camper? How well do you know these woods?" he asks all of the questions quickly, his eyes wide and swollen, looks like he hasn't been sleeping for a couple of days. 

I clear my throat "Let me see that photo please." 

He hands me the photo quickly, I pretend to examine it for a while. Its one of Brielle's high school picture day photos. Her hair straightened down perfectly, a coat of lip gloss on her lips, smiling awkwardly. I raise my eyes back up at the crowd,

"Nope, never seen her here." I reply. 

The mans face sinks, I slowly hand him back the picture. A tan woman, with long black hair steps up handing me another photo.

"Her name is Daisy, she’s my oldest daughter. She was with the other girl when they both disappeared." she says trying to hold in tears.

I examine the photo, I remember her. Shes the one I killed. I'm so ashamed of myself, these poor parents! Brielles right, I am a monster. 

"I've never seen her either." I lie directly to her. I watch the woman's eyes go blank, as if all hope has been lost. A younger girl about 6 years old, same tan skin and black hair, starts to cry and whine gripping onto the woman's leg. She must be Daisy's younger sister. 

Another man in the back of the crowd steps up, he wears a green uniform with a bright golden badge attacked to his chest, a sheriff. 

"What are you doing in these woods boy?" he asks, taking off his dark shades. 

"I was just observing the nature." I reply. 

He narrowed his eyes and looked me up and down, paying special attention to my eyes.

"Are you high son?" he questioned.

My ears perk up at his question, am I high? Why in the world would he ask- oh. The red eyes. I try to think of something to say but my ears keep trying to focus on Niall's distant laughter, luckily a blonde woman speaks up.

"Please, if you have seen Brielle, tell us. Shes my only daughter!" 

My heart breaks instantly at the words, she also looks like she hasn't slept for days. 

"I-I'm sorry, I have no idea who she is." I say trying to sound truthful.

The sheriff crosses his arms, "Well since you've been observin' the forest, show us around. We might be able to find them with your guidance."

But they won't find them, even if I showed them around the whole entire forest they wouldn't ever be able to find them. Daisy, she;s dead. Brielle, she might aswell be dead. Because if we hand over Brielle, and she spills all the information, all our secrets, were the ones that will suffer. Rot in jail for eternity, police will probably try to jab stakes in our hearts. Its just not worth it. 

"Okay, I'll show you around," I answer. "But there are no girls here." 

I turn around and start walking, the shuffle of the crowd behind me follows. I look up into the trees, spotting Niall. I sneeze, giving him and the other boys the signal. 

Louis and Liam are instantly behind the crowd of people without being seen, Niall keeping a close watch in the trees. 

I turn back around and the crowd stops in their tracks quickly, watching me. 

"Do you guys hear that?" I ask, raising my eyebrow. 

They all quiet down, and look around. 

"I ain't here, crap." the sheriff sneers. "What kinda games you be tryinna' play boy?" 

"Oh nothing sir. Just thought I heard a cracking sound." 

I watch Liam in the back sway his arms, and a tall tree begins to fall towards the ground. The crowd of people watch in horror as it falls, most of them brace themselves throwing there hands in the air. Liam makes sure it dosn't hit them, but crashes directly behind them. Everyone begins to panic and the sheriff tries to calm them down. 


Liam knocks down another tree right behind me, causing it to crash down with a loud echo. The people fall to the floor from the impact, holding onto everyone for safety. I remain in my spot, watching them all. The two trees form a barrier blocking them from running either forward or backward, and Louis and Liam block them from going right or left. None of them are hurt, so we don't need Niall. They all squeal and look around at the two giant trees, getting up on there feet slowly. I begin to scream loudly, placing my hands over one eye. 

"My eye!! I think one of the branches cut it!" I shout, making grunting sounds. I watch with one eye as the group of unharmed people come to my aid.

"Let us take a look." one says. 

I lower my hand, making eye contact with every single one of them. 

Their body relaxes, dropping their gear and photographs onto the dirt floor. 

"Repeat after me," I demand. "The two girls Brielle and Daisy are not in these woods."

"The two girls Brielle and Daisy are not in these woods." they repeat. 

I struggle to say the next few words, but I know it has to be done. 

"They are both dead. You all found their remains in a lake far from here, it was an animal attack. You now have closer and will move on with your lives, not talking to the media at all." I say slowly. 

The crowd repeats my words, making me feel even more like a monster. 

"Sheriff, you will close the case and continue doing your job." 

"I will close the case an' continue doin' my job." he repeats. 

"Now stop repeating me." I order, looking into all of their eyes, even the little girl's, with her cheeks soaked with tears. 

They all nod.

"You will now leave this forest, and never come back, have no helicopters fly over, nothing. You have accepted what has happened. Leave, now." I say, my voice cracking at the last few words. I feel my eyes begin to water and I look up into the sky, wiping away the drops.

"I'm so sorry." I whisper. 

The crowd begins to leave, taking their things with them. They walk around the tree, past Liam and Louis. I watch them until they disappear with the tall trees of the forest. The sound of their foot steps slowly disappearing, leaving nothing but the sound of the cold wind. I look at the boys, Niall's, Liam's, and Louis' eyes lowered to the ground, trying hard to force the tears to go away. We shouldn't be crying at all, because we're the ones that have caused all of this, caused the pain and suffering of the families, the restlessness, the death. It was all of us. We are the ones to blame, we are the monsters. 


 **** Hope you enjoyed this chapter, I almost cried writing it x_x , Next chapter coming soon! Remember to Comment on what you think, Vote, and Become A Fan!!***** ~ So.... sorry i been busy. haven’t updated so  here you go... love you chaps! <3 ~



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