The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


25. Lair!! (Part Two)

"Its Louis' orders, once we got you healed, we need to escape."

"No." Liam lets out.

"What?" Niall questions.

"We fight." Liam replies.

"Excuse me!? No! I'm not letting you go out there and get killed! Liam I need you!"

"And they need us! Me and Niall can take them on, I can hear Zayn's thoughts Brie, things aren't going there way out there. They are losing."

I'm speechless at his words, they are losing. I have to let him and Niall go, its for the best of everyone. I'm not having anyone else I care about die on my watch.

"Okay go! Hurry!"

"Fuckin hell. Can't ever get a break can I." Niall mumbles as he makes his way near the door.

Liam grabs a gun off of the torture wall.

"Woah there!" Niall says stepping back. "just a joke!"

"Oh shut up Niall, this is for the others."

Liam looks over at me, he steps towards me and pulls me in close, his lips collide with mine and I gasp with surprise. Our kiss breaks and he looks into my eyes "Stay here, only open the door when my voice tells you to." I stare at him still shocked at his actions. "Got it?" He asks me. I nod my head yes.

Niall steps out the door and Liam stands in the door way and turns to me one last time,

"Oh and Brielle," he says.


"I love you."

and with that he steps out the door, closing it shut.


*Harry's POV*

"Harry I can't see!" Zayn's voice echoes in my ears once again.

"I've got him Zayn! Go and help Louis!" I shout out.

I pounce on Andy and give him a few volts to the neck. Zayn gets his sight back and quickly runs off to help Louis. Andy viciously pushes me off of him and my back hits the floor. The air gets blown out of me as he pounds me in the chest. "Ah!" I yelp.

Andy grabs my wrists and keeps me pushed against the dirt floor. "Get off" I shout out.

"No ones here to save you" Andy growls in my ear, one of his hands dig in his right pocket.

"What are you doing!?" I shout, squirming underneath him.

He laughs maniacally and pulls out a very sharp knife, my eyes widen as I look at it.

"No! Please!" I cry out.

"Look at you, begging for your life." Andy grins.

"You’re sick!" I shout and spit in his face.

He wipes the spit off his face and looks at me with red angry eyes.

"You're going to pay for that!" He hisses and a sharp pain hits my stomach. The excruciating pain worsens as he pushes the knife deeper inside my stomach. "F-Fuck!" I shout out, black blood pouring form my mouth.

He laughs in my face and smiles widely as he adds more pressure to my gut. The air gets thinner around me and I gasp for air, I start to choke on the blood. My eyes water from the choking and I look up at Andy's face.

"This is it, this is my last moment alive." replays in my head.

Andy's laughter echos in my ears over and over again, I can still see him clearly, but the world around me begins to get darker.

A giant pop sound rings in my ears, suddenly Andy's weight lightens off of me, his body rolling beside me.

I continue to choke on the blood and I see a figure running towards me, I hear his Irish accent and glimpses of his blonde hair.

He’s instantly beside me calling out my name, telling me to hold on for a few more minutes.

A piercing pain runs through my gut as he pulls out the knife. I feel the blood drain my body more, and then quickly stop as his hand presses against my wound.

His other hand presses against my neck, the air begins to get easier to breathe, and my choking decreases. My vision begins to clear.

I look up at Niall and smile "Thank you so much." I breathe out, feeling better than ever.

He quickly helps me up to my feet and I look around. I squint my eyes as I look down on the floor near my feet, Andy lays there motionless.

Foot steps come my direction and I look up, Liam! Hes shirtless but healed, no wounds in sight. And is that a-

My thoughts get interrupted by the popping sound, Andy's body jolt's on the floor. I watch Liam repeatedly aim his gun at him and fire at his body.

"Holy shit Liam! You shot him off me!" I gasp.

"He would've killed you if I didn't."

I smile at him thankfully.

A ear piercing scream comes from afar, each of us look over to see Louis and Zayn ripping the throats off of one of the Rae's.

"Go help them! I'll finish off this prick." Liam orders. Me and Niall run to Zayn and Louis' help.

I look back and see Liam ripping Andy's head off, then coming our way to help us fight the remaining four Rae's.

*Louis POV*


I hear Liam's voice call my name and My face perks up with joy, hes alive!

"Louis take this!" he shouts and tosses me a black object. I catch it carefully and look at it, its a gun.

I grin and aim at one of the Rae's

"Bye bye bitch." I chuckle and shoot her leg, the clone falls to the dirt ground and disappears in a white mist.

I growl and aim at another one's leg, she falls to the floor and also disappears.

I look over at the remaining two Rae's. They are both stiff, eyes glaring over at me.

"Don't move or ill shoot!" I shout at the both of them.

I take slow steps over to them, till I'm about 5 feet away.

"Shoot us. You have your chance. Do it." They both say in unison.

"Not until I get what I've been waiting for." I growl.

"You have your Liam back." They hiss.

"Not that, You and the others tortured me for days, you never stopped, I almost died from it all. Now its your turn to get what you deserve. Eric got it, then Ron, and Andy just got his. Now its your turn Rae." I stated, feeling my heart race as I remember all of the horrible things.

"But before I kill you, I want you to do something for me."

Their eyes look up at mine. "Never."

"Say you're sorry. That's all I want." I tell them.

They both give me a sinister grin "I'm not sorry! I loved every minute of torturing you! You little brat!" they hissed at me.

My heart dropped at the words. I aimed my gun at one of them and shot, the white mist filled the air slowly and then faded away.

The last Rae, the real Rae, stood there, eyes wide, her body shaking.

"Wait! Don't kill me!" she pleaded. "I-I'm Sorry. I'm sorry Louis!" she shouted.


The sound of the bullet echos around the forest and her body collapses on the ground.

I look around at the boys, they are dragging the bodies up in a pile. I put the gun down and slowly walk over to Rae's lifeless body. I grab her arm and drag her body to the pile.

"Burn them down." I order.

Zayn nods and fire spreads around the three bodies. We all watch the fire grow as it engulfs them whole. The fire begins to die out and it fades up into the sky as grey smoke. I look at the pile of ashes, I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

"They're gone. Finally gone." I whisper to myself.

Harry places his hand on my shoulder, the other boys gather around. We all join in together in a big group hug.

"Well done boys, we won the battle and the war." I smile.

All of the boys faces light up.

"Thanks for disobeying my orders Niall, if you guys would've left.. we would've had no chance against them."

"And I'd be dead." Harry laughs.

"It was Liam's idea." Niall replies.

I look over at Liam and he has a humble smile perched on his face.

"Thank you Liam."

"No, thank you. Thanks for coming to save me." Liam responded.

We all stand there for a few moments, then Zayn speaks up.

"Wheres Brielle?"

"She’s in the torture room, I told her to wait there until I got her out." Liam tells him.

"Go get her! We have to get out of here, I'm positive the police will show up because of the gun sounds."

*Liams POV*

I open the door to the torture room and Brielle turns her head to me, her face lightens up and she runs to me. I laugh and lift her up in my arms.

"I'm so glad you're safe." she smiled. "Are the others safe too? Did anyone get hurt?" she quickly asked.

"Well Harry got stabbed in the stomach.."


"But he’s fine now! Everyone is a'okay!" I tell her before she starts panicking.

She sighs and smiles again "Thank god."

"And we killed Rae, Andy, and Ron. No one is going to hurt you anymore, no one is going to hurt us either." I say proudly.

I put her back on her feet and kiss her cheek.

"C'mon, the boys are waiting outside for us."

We walk out of the room and down the hall, I open the door leading outside for her and she smiles at me, as shes about to walk out of the door, she turns around facing me.

"Oh and Liam,"


"I love you too." She says and blushes. Small amount of tears roll down her filthy cheeks. She hugs me for a moment and then she quickly scurries out the door, running down to see the boys. Turning back and waving. I smile and wave back. She slows down and turns, then disappears “This is the end, Nothing will happen to you every again Brielle. I will protect you.” I say under my breath


*WOW......... That was........ AWESOME HUH?  Made it real long too, just for you!....  lol    Comment for Sequel! :D  If you liked the ending, vote, favourite, and fan me while your at it!  I love all you guise.  THE SWEARING WAS INTENSE IN THE END xD   lol..... i would never swear but i think you guys would enjoy aggression... I LOVE ALL OF YOU ONCE AGAIN!  HAVE A NICE DAY!  xxoo  -Ash  **


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