The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


24. Lair!! ( Part One )

**** Part One Just for you guise! You guise did it <3 I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!   ..... please fan (;  ****    

*Zayn's POV*

We have been walking in the woods for a while now, still no sign of the torture room where Liam is held. Louis says we are close, but I haven't caught Liam's scent yet.

Louis is leading the way, Harry is beside me, and Niall and Brielle are behind us.

"Stop!" Louis whispers and everyone immediately stands still.

"There it is!" He points to this wooden building slightly hidden by the lanky trees.

I close my eyes and inhale the air around me, the familiar scent fills my lungs and my eyes dart open.

"He's in there." I whisper.

I also catch a few other scents, the three vampires.

Louis turns to me and Harry "Get ready, they are going to come out."

I nod and me and Harry get in position beside Louis, while Niall and Brielle go into their hiding place behind the trees.

We stand there, examining our surroundings, waiting for them to catch our scent and come outside.

An ear piercing scream comes from the wooden building and my body stiffens. Then comes another, and another, and another. I look at Harry and he’s tense, his hands tightly formed into a fist.

They are harming Liam, the screams are coming from his mouth. The anger builds up inside me, they know we are here, they are doing this on purpose.

I'm going to rip their fucking heads off.

*Harry's POV*

A few moments later the wooden door flings open and out come the three vampires; Ron, Andy, and Rae.

"Look who decided to show up boys." The woman Rae hissed, a smirk spread across her pale face.

I look at Louis, his fangs out and eyes blood red.

"You have something of ours." Louis began.

The woman raised her eyebrows "Do we? Hmm.. I don't think so."

Zayn took a step forward,

"Listen you little bitch, Liam's scent is all over this place. We know you have him in there and we know what kind of sick shit you've been doing to him. Hand him over if you want to stay alive because I swear if you don't I'll rip you to shreds."

"Rip me to shreds?" she repeated,

"You mean like the way you ripped Eric to shreds?"

Her eyes were so dark they looked black, her breathing was picking up and you could tell she was getting ready to pounce on Zayn at any moment.

"Zayn didn't kill Eric, I did." Louis spoke out, trying to remove her attention from Zayn.

She cocked her head to the side "Must of felt good to kill him, after all of the years of torturing you. Right? I still remember the days, goooood times." she smirked.

I kept my eyes on my target Andy and wait for Louis to give the signal to attack.

"You're gonna pay for what you did to me, It will definitely feel good to kill you." Louis growled.

He opened his mouth and let his fangs appear, he zoomed after her and her body hit the ground.

"Now!" Louis shouted.

I ran towards Andy and punched him across his face, he grunted and lost his balance, hitting the ground. "Get up!" I shouted at him. I griped his shirt and pulled his body up, pounding him back on the dirt floor. I started colliding my fist to his face repeatedly, showing no mercy.

He grabbed my arm and twisted it causing me to shout in pain. He twisted it further and I had to chance but to drop to my knees. He stood up and grabbed my neck, his eyes burning into mine. Instantly my sight was taken away, I began to panic and tried to pry his hands off my neck. I punched forward and hit his stomach, he gasped and let go. My sight was back and he was getting up off the ground.

I looked over to Zayn and he was pelting fire balls in every direction, trying to find out where Ron was.

A quick blow to the face brought my focus back to Andy. I growled at him and kicked him in the throat, causing his back to hit the ground once again.

*Zayn's POV*

"Show yourself!" I shouted, my hands filling with fire.

I felt his breath against the back of my neck and I turned around quickly, a fist collided with my face and I grunted. "Fuck."

He began to punch me over and over again I blocked one of his punches with my arm and looked at him. I grabbed his hand and began to singe it with my fire. He yelped in pain and I kicked his leg making him get on his knees.

"This is for Liam." I whispered as I grabbed Ron's throat. His eyes widened and he began to gasp.

His fingers dug against my hands trying to remove them, I squeezed tighter.


Then his body disappeared, but my grip remained tight. I lit my hands up with the flames and let them spread around his body.

His scream's ecod in my ear, I looked away as the fire spread his body. He stopped trying to fight my grip, and I let go of him, his body limply falling onto the ground. I watched the flames cool down and his burnt body appeared.

I quickly grabbed his neck and twisted, ripping it right off. I threw more flames to his body and watched as it turned into ashes.


I regained my breath and looked over at Louis, he was fighting two Rae's at the moment, doing well.

I turned and looked over at Harry, hes wandering around swinging his arms around in the air, sight gone. Andy punching him repeatedly.

I run over to Andy and jump on his back, digging my feet in his groin and my arms around his neck.

Harry gets his sight back and looks over at me "Punch at his throat! Its a weak spot!"

I begin to punch repeatedly at his adams apple and his eyes squeeze shut with pain. Harry runs towards him and kicks him straight in the stomach, making him fall backwards , his back on top of me.

Andy turns around and pins my arms down, staring into my eyes taking my sight away.

"I can't see! Harry!"

*Brielle's POV*

"Okay Zayn just killed Ron, that's our signal to get inside the torture room." Niall whispered.

I nodded and we quickly scurried to the building, Niall kicked the door and it broke open.

"Alright, get Liam unchained, once you've done that call my name so I can heal him up. I'll wait here incase Rae or Andy come back.

I nod give him a tight hug,

"You'll be okay, go get him." Niall tells me sending me inside the small building.


I run down the long hall, my feet making patting sounds with every step.

"Liam!?" I shout down the hall, I hear nothing. The lights flicker on and off and I spot a door, the only door.

I quickly run to it and hold my hand to the metal knob, take one last deep breath, and push the door wide open.

a squeal escapes my lips as my eyes look at the huge wall covered in horrid tools, there's metal and wooden bats, tons of sharp knifes.. some of them twist at the tip for more pain. All kinds of guns stacked up at one table, and many chains.

I turn my head and another screech escaped me, I quickly cover my mouth with both my hands.

"Liam!" I gasp through my palm.

Both of his arms are pinned up over his head by metal chains, he’s shirtless and his body is covered in slashes and bullet wounds oozing black blood.

"Liam!" I shout again, his head slowly raises up and his eyes meet mine. He’s so weak.

I run to him and hold his head in my hands "What have they done to you?" I whisper noticing his cut lip and black eye.

A low grunt is the only thing he’s able to say.

"I'm going to get these chains off you Liam, don't worry." I stroke the side of his face and look at the chains around his wrists. They have no key hole. I'm going to have to break them off.

I quickly run to the wall covered in tools, i grab a hammer and a sharp knife-like tool. I go back to him and raise the hammer up, he immediately starts breathing heavy and tries to scream.

"No Liam, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm trying to get you out of here." I say trying to calm him down. The poor boy must be so used to being hurt at this point, he even thought I would harm him.

I start bashing the hammer down on the chains around his wrist and he starts to calm down. I take the knife and start trying to cut the chains apart. The knife isn't working at all, I put it down and hysterically start to hammer the chains. I keep hammering them over and over again, then I hear a cracking sound.

The chain collapses and falls to the ground beside my foot. I look up at Liam’s face, his eyes wide.

"Give, me, the hammer." he barley lets out. I do as he says and he grabs the hammer from my hands. He starts to bang the chains on his other wrist repeatedly. It only takes a couple more bangs until it cracks and hits the floor.

I smile up at him and he takes a step forward, he looses his balance and begins to fall down,

"Woah woah." I say as I hold him up. "You're still very weak Liam, I'm going to get Niall."

I place him down on the floor and run out the room down the halls.

"Niall!" I shout down the halls. The building door opens and he runs to me.

"Did ya get the chains off him?" Niall asks.

"Yes! Now c'mon you need to heal him, he’s weak! He cant even stand up!" I shout as I pull him down the halls.

I quickly open the door and go beside Liam. Niall stands looking down at him, his eyes wide with shock and horror.

"Heal him!"

He drops down besides Liam and examines his face. "Liam, buddy, wake up." he says as he lightly slaps the boys cheek twice. Liam's eyes open slowly "uuggghh" is all he says.

"My god they really tortured him." Niall sighs as he places his hand on Liam's chest. A few grunts escape Liam's mouth as his wounds slowly begin to heal.

I stroke Liam's arm to try and sooth him, to take his focus away from the pain.

Niall continues to heal the wounds on his chest,

"Holy shit! They even shot him a good three times!" Niall says shocked.

My eyes begin to water, I cant imagine the horrible things they did to him.

"Brielle I need tweezers." Niall tells me.

"Um okay, I'll see if there's any on the tables."

I move around the tools frantically " I don't see any Niall!" I shout, my hands shaking as I continue to move things around.

"Find something I can use to take these bullets out! Hurry hes bleeding too much!"

I scan the tables of tools with tears filling my eyes. I finally spot a tool that looks like scissors, put instead of two sharp points at the end, it has these tweezers like things. Its called a forceps.

I go back to Niall and hand him the forceps "Will this w-work?" I stuttered

"Yes its perfect!." Niall says as he grabs the forceps.

"This isn't going to be fun. Liam I need you to take deep breaths okay?"

Liam begins to take deep breaths as he stares at the tool in Niall's hand. He starts panicking and squealing as he notices the amount of blood surrounding his body.

"Liam look at me! Look at me Liam!" I shout. His wild red eyes dart over to mine, his breath deepening and going faster. I hold his hand and place my hand on the side of his face.

"Breathe." I tell him.

Niall begins to insert the forceps in one of Liam's bullet wounds. Liam bites down on his lip and squeezes my hand agonizingly tightly. I hold back the screams and let the tears fall.

"Stay with me Liam." I tremble.

His head falls back and his back arches, sharp yelps echo form his mouth.

"Almost done!" Niall says wiping the sweat from his forehead.

"Hang in there." I cry as the black blood stains my knees.

A few more cries come out of his mouth, his hand still tightly gripped to mine.

"You're doing great Liam." I tell him as he shouts out in agony.

"Done!" Niall exclaimed.

Liam exhales deeply and lets go of my hand. I whimper a bit as the bones in my hand relax.

There's blood everywhere. All over my clothes, all over Niall's hands, all over Liam.

Niall quickly heals the bullet wounds in a matter of seconds, and then heals Liam's cut lip and black eye.

Liam's sick purplish skin returns to its original healthy tone.

I smile and sigh, letting myself lay down on the cold floor.

Liam quickly gets up, looking better than ever.

"Look whose all strong an healthy!" Niall chimes.

Liam looks down at me and lifts me up off the floor, he embraces me tightly breathing my scent in. "I missed you so fucking much. You have no idea how scared I was for you, thinking of what Eric would be doing to you, if he got you. I had no idea what was going on, the last I knew was Eric had me trapped here, the last thing he told me was that he was going to torture you and the boys. Then he left and in came these other vampires. They tortured me endlessly."

I was shocked that he was worrying about my health when he was the one being tortured and hurt.

"Liam I-"

"Shh, you don't have to say anything Brielle."

"Liam I was worried about you, you were the one being tortured in here, all alone. I wanted to save you so badly but we didn't know where you were."

"Well you found me, and you saved me." He mumbled against my shoulder.

"Erm I don't mean that ruined the moment or anythin’ but we gotta get out of here." Niall says behind me.

I loosen out of Liam's embrace and look up at his face, he has a confused expression. 

**** Part one (;  heeheeee     you guys, you just gonna have to wait for part 2.... if i get 80 favuorties and 70 likes i'll post part 2 the last chapter? (; (; (; xoxo*******

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