The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


21. I Don't Need You


Authors Note: Hey lovelies! Here you’re second one I promised!.* 


*Eric's POV* 

I take a look at the clock, its 2 in the morning. Nothing but quietness surrounds the whole house. All of the boys should be fast asleep by now, and Brielle. I get up from the bed and look into the mirror above my dresser. I'm taken back a bit by my reflection, then a sinister grin spreads across my face. I take a look at my dagger like fangs. ** They can see themselves in mirrors (; **

"My my Liam, you're fangs are sharp. Perfect for tearing Brielle apart." 

I take one last look at myself, and then leave the dark room. I walk down the empty halls till I reach the staircase. I take a deep breath, inhaling her delicious scent. I can feel my throat burning with need. I continue to walk up the stairs making sure to not make a single sound. I reach the top of the stair case and look down the hall with three doors, first two belonging to Niall and Zayn, the last Brielle's. 

I quickly sneak past the two boys doors without making a peep. I stand in front of Brielle's door, throat burning and eyes boiling. My hand grips the door knob, and it slowly turns with a click. I push open the door and enter the room. My eyes sparkle as I see the lump under the white fluffed blanked on the bed, silly little human sleeps completely covered in the thick blankets. 

I immediately pounce on top of the bed, her warm body squirming underneath the covers. I rip the blankets right off her chuckling. Suddenly my body jolts still, I groan in pain as tons and tons of light blue volts surround my body. I look down at the person underneath me, Harry.

My body shaking in pain from the electricity taking over my body. Suddenly a light turns on, from the corner of my eye I look at Louis sitting down in a chair with a smirk on his face. 

*Louis' POV*

"Well will you take a look at this. Silly Eric thought he could out smart us." I boasted. 

I watch Eric's body switch on and off from Liam to himself as the electricity shocked through his body. Harry chuckles and pushes Eric off of him flipping his helpless body on the floor. His body spasms from the volts still crawling around on his skin. Harry stands over him watching him shout profanities in pain.

I get up from my seat and dodge over to Eric, kicking him straight in the gut.

"Where is Liam!?" I shout angrily.

The volts disappear slowly and Eric gasps for air. He rolls over onto his stomach and spits out black blood.

"Dead." Eric spits.

He jolts up and reaches out for my neck. Harry quickly grabs him by the shoulders and pushes him on his knees, giving him shocks on his throat.  


Eric begins to chuckle madly, and then his body transforms into Liam's. 

"I'm right here Louis." He dares to say. 

Harry looks at him with complete disgust, his hands push down on Eric's shoulders harder, making him cry out in agony. 

"You're weak." I stated. 

His eyes shot open and looked up at me. "Liam was weaker, pathetic excuse for a vampire." 

Rage floods within me and I punch him in he jaw.  "YOU BETTER TELL ME WHERE HE IS OR I WILL KILL YOU RIGHT  HERE AND RIGHT NOW!" I shout. 

He enjoys watching how I react to him, with a stupid smirk on his face. "If you kill me you'll never know where Liam is, and if I tell you where he is you'll just kill me after." 

"Tell me Eric, you know you aren't getting out of this." 

"Hmmm. How about we make a trade? I'll tell you where Liam is if you give me Brielle. A brother for a blood bag."  

"You. wish." I growl. "I don't need you to tell me where he is, we will find him by scent. Retrace our tracks. We don't need you. Harry, snap his neck." 

I look at Harry, his face stressed. He’s seeing something, something bad. 

"Harry what do you see?" 

"Liam, I-I see Liam." he stutters out. 

"Where is he Harry? Focus." 

Eric chuckles, his gaze on me unbroken. "Yeah Harry, tell him what you see." 

I watch Harry, his eyes getting glass like. "He's laying on a white polished floor, there-there's black blood everywhere. On him, on the floor, on the walls. Its his blood. He's beaten and bruised Louis, I can't tell if he's alive. Louis! I think he’s dead Louis!" Harry starts to panic. 

"Snap out of it Harry! Look at me!" I shout. His red eyes stare into mine, his breathing heavy. Then he looks down at Eric, his jaw tightens and he lets out a horrid growl squeezing Eric's neck tightly. 

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO LIAM YOU SICK TWISTED MORON!?!" He shouts throwing punches over and over again at the ginger's face. 

Eric begins to transform into Liam as Harry punches him. Harry's eyes begin to water as he looks at the blooded Liam under him. "STOP IT!" he squeals. 

"He's dead, gone. Nothing but a corpse now." Eric says as Harry continues to punch him. 

"Harry he is lying. Liam is not dead, my senses don't fail me. He just want's you to think he is dead so you get weaker." I tell him. 

Harry sniffles and bangs Eric against the wooden floor, sending more volts through his body. Harry lets go of Eric and comes to me. "Get rid of him." he says. 

"Wait wait!" Eric stutters through his chattering teeth. "Don't kill me, you-you need me. Please." he begs.  

I walk over to his helpless body, step one leg over him so I"m standing over his shaking body. 

"Sorry Eric, I don't need you."  

An ear piercing screech escapes his mouth as my hand rips through his throat splatting the ink like blood all over the room. I look over at Harry with with wild eyes, my chest raising and lowering quickly. 

"Its over Harry, he’s gone, forever." 

Harry lets out a sigh of relief and sinks down onto his knees. I go over to him and place my hand on his shoulder, 

"Now lets find Liam." 


  ***Boooomm!!!!  DEAD!! How do you like this chapter guys? And What do you think will happen next :o ? Its summer vacation for me now and that means no homework, no school stress. I'm going to try and update more often because I know how much it means for you all! Remember to Comment, Vote, and Become a Fan! ( I WILL FANGIRL )  Love you all! xxx*****


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