The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


3. Hidden For Now


 3. Louis is being attacked by another boy. This one has buzzed hair and looks bigger and stronger than any of the other ones. The boy begins hissing and pounding Louis' face many times. Harry charges toward him and lifts him off Louis and attacks. Louis and Harry are attacking the boy, then he pushes them off him and throws Louis far away, And starts to punch Harry in the stomach and lifts him up and throws him back down knocking him out. Louis comes back in a flash and jumps on the guys back. They begin to fight throwing punches and kicks.

He throws Louis on the ground and shows his fangs and hisses at him. I watch in shock as the bigger one knocks Louis out. Both Harry and Louis are passed out on the ground. The boy glares over at me, his shirt ripped and body bruised. I start to run as fast as I could. I pass tons of trees and begin to pant. I look behind me to see the small fire and body's on the floor but no other boy. I stop and turn back around to see him standing right in front of me. I scream but he covers my mouth.

"Shhh! The others will hear you! I'm here to protect you, not hurt you. Trust me." He whispers, eyes looking frantic.

I try to contain my squeals and he lets go of my mouth. "Trust me." He repeats.

I nod and try to catch my breath. "I have to get you out of here. Now." He says and lifts me up over his shoulder.

"Hang on." He says and all of a sudden he is going super fast. I grip onto him as I feel the air blow against me.

About a minute later he stops running and puts me down. I look around to see nothing but more trees. He pulls my arm and walks. He lets go and gets on his knees and starts to brush away leaves and dirt, then a wooden platform appears.

  He opens it and there are stairs leading down to pitch black. "Come." He says pulling me down. I step into the hidden place and walk down the steps, he follows after me and shuts the patch of wood and locks it.

"No one will find us here, this is my hidden home." He says walking down the steps.

I find my self walking into a spacious living room. A brown comfy looking couch, a fire place, and tons and tons of books.

The boy looks over at me with a smile "I'm sorry, I haven't properly introduced myself, my name is Liam."

I give a weak smile and nod "my name is Brielle."

He gestures for me to sit down and I do. I stare at the fire place and try to get my thoughts together, vampires. Liam stands in front of me and lifts my chin up and I look into his brown eyes.

"You have to tell me everything."

 I pushed his hand away lightly and looked down. "Where is she?" I ask.

"Who?" he replies. "My best friend Daisy, a blonde boy and dark haired boy took her away when Harry and Louis had me restrained." I say sounding a bit chocked up.

"Niall and Zayn. When I got to them there was no girl. But their mouths were covered in blood, they were wild, out of control. They told me something about how Harry and Louis were probably enjoying the new hunt and then they started to attack me, I fought them off and then followed Harry's thoughts and I found you guys. Luckily I was just in time or you would be dead." 

I slide my fingers threw my hair stressed and my breath starts to hitch. "Daisy is d-dead? No. This cant be happening!" I cried.

Liam looks at me with a sad look "I'm sorry love, they are out of control. There was nothing I could do."

Tears stream down my face uncontrollably. I look up at Liam and wipe away my tears "You heard Harry's thoughts?" I ask. He nods.

"Yes, when you become a vampire you get a certain power. Mine is the ability to read my kind's thoughts, I cant read humans thoughts. Harry's thoughts are normally empty but this time I could hear them from miles away, he was panicked," he stated. "Brielle, you have to tell me everything that happened." he sits down next to me. 

  "We were just going camping, we found a nice spot in the woods and started having fun and blasted music and we were dancing and Daisy took a photo of me and in the photo a boy was behind a tree looking at me and then I pulled out my pocket knife but there were too many of them and they surrounded us, Harry and Louis locked on me, and the other two..Niall and Zayn? Locked on her. They took her away and Harry drugged me and the next thing I know I woke up tied to a tree." I tell him eyes watering up a bit.  He furrows his brow "Well the first thing you did wrong was play music too loud, they must of heard it and knew you were out there. Then the knife, bad bad idea. Louis doesn't take competition well." Liam explains.

I nod and continue telling him the rest "So then I cursed at Harry and he told me if I talk again I'm dead, I started to cry and he changed completely. He had this sorry look in his eyes and he wiped my tears away and said sorry. Then he told Louis "I cant do it." and Louis told him he would do it then and he began to beat me up and attack me and that's when you came."

Liam's face looks stunned and he shoots up off the couch and immediately goes to the book shelf. "Harry told Louis he cant hurt you?" he asks flinging books onto the floor opening and closing them. "Yes.." I answer. He opens another book and reads flipping pages.

"And Louis accepted that? This isnt good." Liam mumbles as he stops on one page. "Harry is the youngest and he can see into the future, if Harry couldn't hurt you, then he must know something else would? This is not normal, normally Harry would of riped you apart in a matter of seconds.." Liam hesitates.

"What do you mean Harry can see into the fucking future Liam?!" I shout.

"Its his power, he can only see small clues about the future." Liam explains eyes not leaving the book. "Every vampire has a special power, Louis' has super sense he can detect when someone is dishonest or telling the truth, Niall can heal wounds, Zayn has the power of seduction he can make you do anything he tells you to do, and Harry can see into the future and I can read the minds of vampires." Liam explains. 

   Great vampires with great powers.

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