The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


4. Helpless

"Harry probably saw something in the future and knew he couldn't harm you.... I don't know what he saw, but it had to be something big." Liam informs me. "Or not, this could just easily be him feeling guilty. Ugh, this is so complicated."

I look at him with a confused look "Why are you helping me, why aren't you eating me alive like Louis was going too?" 

"Because I'm not like them," Liam sighs

"You see, I don't like to harm humans.  I survive off animal blood. We all did, but Louis..he convinced them to hunt humans and I couldn't stop him. I tried, after all they are my brothers. Louis is the oldest and he was bitten when he was just a little boy, he saved all of us from death by giving us the bite. We all had horrible accidents, almost died. One day he went on a human blood frenzy, wanted the rest of us to join him. He didn't like seeing me defying him and he turned all the boys on me and they continued to take lives of innocent people. They went wild. They are a vampire pack and Louis is the leader. Normally they can control themselves but its been months since anyone of them has hunted a human, and they just went crazy." Liam pauses a moment and takes a deep breath.

"Brielle, once vampires hunt a human, they don't stop until your theirs. Louis will do anything and everything to find you now. So will the rest of the pack." 

His words shock threw me and I don't know what to say. Vampires are hunting me down........Vampires. They wont stop till, I'm theirs? The words echo in my mind. My heart beat races loudly.

"Liam, please don't let them kill me. You have to stop them." I whisper shaking.

"Iv already tried to stop them. Ill protect you, Ill try-" Liam's head shoots up and his eyes widen. I look around but see nothing.

"What is it?" I say scared.

"They're coming. I hear them..I hear their thoughts." Liam says quickly and stands up fast. "

They're close..Brielle we have to go now!" He orders.

I get off the couch and my heart races even faster. "Where do we go?!" I ask. Liam grabs my arm and throws me over his shoulders.

"They found us, they tracked your scent." Liam continued.

I hear the wooden door begin to bang and crack. I cover my mouth so I don't scream. The door collapses and there stands Niall and Zayn fangs out eyes piercing red. "GO GO GO!" I scream through my hand. Liam runs into a different room and out another passage way out into the woods.

"Cant believe they found us. Whatever you do, do not look into Zayn's eyes." Liam warns me running super fast. "Ok I wont." I say. Its pitch black and I have no idea how Liam can see where he is going but I trust him. 

  I grip onto Liam as he runs faster and faster. I keep my head down and try not to look up afraid of seeing Zayn and Niall catching up to us. Liam trips on a tree root and we fall to the floor. "SHOT!" I hear him mumble.

I look behind me and see Zayn and Niall standing looking down at me. "Liam.." I say shaking.

Liam gets up and his fangs show.

"Look who we found." Niall says with a Irish accent.

"Back off boys." Liam growls. Niall shows his fangs and pounces on Liam and they fight viciously. Zayn remains still staring into my eyes.

I shake and close my eyes remembering what Liam told me about him. I can hear the pounding of Liam and Niall fighting, then I hear Zayn Whispering to me.

"Brielle, open your eyes, I want to see your, pretty eyes Brielle."

I don't move and try to stay still. Zayn bends down and is now right next to me. I can hear Liam yelling at him to stay away.

"Brielle, look at me."  Zayn whispers, hot breath blowing on my ear making me shiver.

I feel cold hands lift me up on my feet and I scream and open my eyes. Zayn's eyes are red and he has a seductive grin on his face.

"You have very pretty eyes. Do you like my eyes Brielle?" Zayn asks. I stare into his eyes unable to look away and nod.

"Yes, Zayn."

"Zayn! Don't freaking touch her!" Liam shouts punching Niall and throws him far onto a tree.

As I'm unable to move, Zayn strokes my face and whispers "Come with me Brielle. You want to come with me." I stare into his eyes and nod. Zayn puts his hand out for me to hold, I raise my hand slowly and right as I'm about to touch his hand Liam pounds Zayn onto the floor bringing me back to reality. Liam starts to punch Zayn multiple times, they both scratch at each other and punch and bite.  

"Niall get her!" Zayn shouts before Liam knocks him out.

I look over to see Niall slowly getting up onto his feet and dusting himself off.

"RUN! NOW!"  Liam demands.

Without hesitation I start running Liam close after and I get lifted up into his arms. I scream thinking its Niall. "Its ok! Its me! be as quiet as possible!" Liam whispers. He runs and runs and I look to see if Niall is catching up but he is gone.

  "Niall is gone." I tell Liam.

"I know, he is bringing Zayn back to Harry and Louis. They are going to be planning more ways on getting to you." Liam informs me. After a few minuets of running he sets me down.

"We have to build a trap, we have to do something, to protect you." .

"Liam we have nothing, we are in the middle of the god damn woods!" I yell. I slide my fingers threw my hair and look up at the sky. "I'm dead, I'm so dead, they are going to kill me." I whisper.

Liam takes my hand "Don't you ever say that again, Ill fight them off. At least we know Harry wont hurt you. Your biggest fear is Louis." he says calmly.

"Can you hear their thoughts?" I ask.

His eyes widen and he looks around. "Louis is near...I know where he is! I have to get to him before he gets to you, stay here don't move." Liam tells me and is gone in a flash.

I cant believe he just left me here unprotected. Yea he can easily get to me in a blink of an eye but still. I crunch the leaves on the ground, for some odd reason the sound relaxes me. I stop but continue to hear leaves crunching from behind me. I turn around and there I see Harry in the darkness. My eyes widen and as I open my mouth to scream he darts over to me  covering my mouth with his ice cold hands.

"Shhh, don't you dare make a sound." he whispers in my ear.

My heart thumps in my chest as his hand slides down to my own. He grips my wrist and looks deeply in my eyes.

"You shouldn't be wondering around in the woods alone, Brielle. Someone might find you." He growls griping my wrist tighter, eyes growing redder. Now my heart is beating so loud to where I wouldn't be surprised if it popped out my chest.  "Please Harry, don't hurt m-" Harry places his finger on my lips cutting me off.

"I don't know if I can control my self Brielle," his eyes wonder to my neck "Your mouth watering." his mouth parts and his fangs become visible.

Harry is like a completely different person from what I saw before. He moves his finger and looks back into my eyes. His eyes look like they are trying to hold something back. He hesitates and starts to move closer to my neck. I feel his hot breath. "Stop. Zayn." he says through his teeth "Run..Brielle." His eyes are burning red and I know what is happening, the wind blows hard and all of a sudden Zayn is by Harry's side.

Zayn was controlling him.

Harry's eyes go back to the dark red color and he exhales relaxing his tense body. Zayn grabs me and I scream at the top of my lungs as he lifts me up and starts running threw the forest at top speed. Harry soon following after him is yelling for Zayn to stop.

"No! I don't care about what you saw or feel anymore Harry! She is for Louis now!" Zayn Yells dodging trees. I continue to scream and shout for Liam and hit my fists on Zayn as hard as possible, even tho I know it doesn't effect him.

"Shut the hell up! Liam can’t help you anymore!" Zayn shouts.

My throat burns but I don't stop screaming, everything happens so quickly and all of a sudden I am being thrown on a wood floor. I gasp and look around, I'm in a old house, walls chipped and furniture dusty and old. To the right I see a stare case and to the left a table covered in chains and other restrains. I look up at Zayn watching him lock the 3 locks on the door. He turns around and mutters something I didn't catch. He walks over to the table and grabs the chains and walks over to me.

"I said get the heck up!" he hisses.

I immediately get on my feet and try and control my breathing.

"Raise your arms." he demands.

I raise my arms and he clasps two metal cuffs around each of my wrists  and pulls the chain attached to it up to the wall and nails it in the wall strongly. My arms wide apart chained up to the wall, I struggle to free myself "Let me go you monster!" I scream. Zayn stares at me tensely before running toward me and slamming his hand threw the wall next to my face.

"I'm not a freaking monster!" he shouts breath hitching as he removes his hand from the wall flexing it. He clenches his jaw looking at his hand and walks away and grabs a black rag and ties it around my mouth. I don't even bother on trying to scream threw it, I'm helpless.

 [ Hey!  This chapter is my longest one yet (: i love this story as much as you guys do xoxo] 

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