The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


8. Decisions, Decisions....

8. -Louis POV-

Her body is soft and warm unlike mine, her eyes wide, shes so darn hot when shes scared. Shes all mine. 

"Get the hell off of me!" she screams. I roll my eyes and pin her to the wall in a flash, her feet dangling in the air. 

"Better?" I say seductively. No way am I letting her go, Liam cant help her, Harry cant take her away from me.  I slide one of my hands to her waist biting my lip. She grabs my arm with her free  hand and pushes it off. 

"A bit feisty aren't we?" 

She has such hatred for me in her eyes, turns me on to be honest. "Let me go!" she shouts.  Alright, if she wants me to let her go...I drop her onto the floor and she gasps. I bend down to her height and lick my lips,

"Your not going anywhere Brielle." I whisper. The cold air from outside blows around the room causing her to shiver, her scent filling the room. My eyes go dark red, the thirst is so hard to control. I growl and lift her to her feet and into my arms, I run downstairs in a blink of an eye and throw her on the living room couch. darn she smells so good...stop Louis, control yourself. 

"Harry!!!! Liam!! Help me!" she screams as I sit down and force her on my lap facing me. 

"Oh my god do you ever shut up!?" I shout in annoyance. I cant tame this chick by myself.

"Zayn! Get in here!" I shout and Zayn in in front of us in less than 2 seconds. "Yea bro?" he says with a grin as he looks at Brielle. 

"What do you think? Is she worth being a new member in this house?" I ask raising my eyebrows.

His grin fades and he looks serious. "Louis, your not going to transform her right? Just make her your mate or whatever." he suggests in a dark tone. 

Hmm, she would make a hot vampire, but she would just rip me to pieces. New bitten vampires are always the strongest so we don't need that. I'm much too strong for her to be my mate, She would be wrecked, but I can try to control myself. I cant let her go or she will tell everyone there's vampires in the woods. Decisions decisions... 

"Brielle you have a choice. You can either die, or be our new guest. If you choose guest, you'll just help me when I need your assistance." I say. And I think she knows what I mean by assistance. 

"Id rather die!" she shouts trying to free herself from my grip.

My eyes widen, I did not expect her to choose that option. And what hurts the most is I know she wasn't lying. I'm not evil enough to kill a creature like her, now that I find her attractive. Otherwise she would of been dead hours ago. Shes too much to handle though. Maybe I should give her to Harry? A little sorry gift for getting him angry? 

"Zayn throw her in the room Harry and Liam are. I need time to think." I order and push her off me. 

Zayn grins and his eyes glow bright red looking into hers. He knows what will await her and it makes the both of us grin. 

"Oh hell no." she says as she gets up uncontrollably. 

She walks by Zayn's side and they disappear out of the room. 


-Brielles POV-

I continue to walk by Zayn's side, the house is so big, seems like we have been walking for so long. He tells me to turn a corner and we end up in front of this giant door. He smiles sweetly and pulls the knob opening one side of the door, its pitch black in there, I cant see a thing.

"Enjoy." He says and pushes me into the darkness closing the door behind me.

I take slow steps around the pitch black room, not wanting to stub my toe again. I keep my hands in front of me incase I bump into a wall or something. Its very quiet, but you can still hear Niall and Zayn talking from many rooms away. How fucking big is the damn room? Iv been stepping around for a while in the same direction. I hear a noise coming from a few feet in front of me and I jump. Sounded like something dragging on the floor...

"Anyone in here?" my words eco in the spacious room causing me to rotate around at my voice.

"Liam? Is that you?" I whisper squinting my eyes, still cant see crap. 

A groan comes from the distance and I back up a bit. It could be Harry? Then again who knows what awaits in this dark room. Loui's did tell Zayn to bring me in the room they were in, but Zayn is a trouble maker. I could be anywhere in the house. 



Stop being a little stupid head and face your fears. You are in a house of vampires for gosh sake!

"Who is there?" I say confidently, another movement comes from the side of me and I throw my hands in the air rapidly, not hitting anything. 

"Answer me!" I shout, the eco coming from all directions of the large room. A thump fills the room and then I hear something glass shatter on the floor. I scream and start to run where the door was,

"ZAYN! GET ME OUT OF HERE!" I scream banging on the door as hard as I can. I can hear laughter eco around me coming from all directions, what the hell is in this room! 

"LIAM WHERE ARE YOU? IS THAT YOU? SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF HERE!" I continue to bang on the door. I stop banging and turn around letting my back hit the door.

Everything gets quiet. The only thing I can hear is my heart thumping and my breath hitching. 

Then the room fills with light blinding me. I scream and cover my eyes from the light, I keep my head down and look at the floor, I blink rapidly and get my eyes to adjust to the lighting. I slowly bring my head up and lower my arm. 

Liam stands in front of me, I sigh out of relief. "What the heck, Liam! You almost gave me a heart attack!" I say laughing a bit. 

He doesn't move, he just...stares at me. I crease my eyebrows in confusion. "Liam?" 

He opens his mouth slowly letting his fangs show, his eyes become a dark red unlike his usual golden brown color, his breathing his heavy and his chest raises and lowers quickly, he looks so different. What is going on?

"Liam its me, Brielle." I say and his eyes widen more. What the heck is wrong with him?

I look around the room and I see Harry still passed out on the floor. Then I look around at the windows, They are sealed shut of corse, but something else catches my attention..

The full moon.

Daisy told me about this... vampires go crazy when its a full moon, they cant control themselves. Oh god..

He growls and starts to run towards me. I scream and run to my left, he crashes into the door almost breaking it. I don't stop running and look for places to hide. Why in the world would Zayn leave me in a freaking room with blood thirsty Liam!?!? Does he want me to die! I look over at Liam, he is brushing the dirt off of him from the floor. I look around the room and spot a couple of vases. Yesss.

I run over to the vases and grab two with each hand. He glares at me, his eyes looking wild. 

He runs toward me in full speed and I smash the two glass vases on his head, and he drops. Did not expect him to drop, but I'm very glad he did. I let out a big sigh and I back up to the wall. 

I see Harry groan and try to get up, hell freaking no. I grab another vase and run throw it at him, he catches it not even looking. "Saw that coming." he groans and gets up. Oh no..

He turns to me, eyes glowing. "Harry, control yourself!" I say placing a hand in front of me. He raises his eyebrow and looks over at Liam. Then he smiles..

"Don't worry love, Louis has trained me better. I can control myself on a full moon."

I’m shocked a bit, but defiantly relived that I don't have to throw more vases at vampires. He is in front of me in a flash and I gasp, ugh I hate super speed. 

He smiles and his fangs catch my attention. "Glad Louis let you see me." he says.

I nod awkwardly and look away from him. He places his hand on the side of my face and turns me back to him. "He didn't hurt you did he?" He asks looking concerned. 

"Um, not really but I defiantly have some bruises." I reply and he removes his hand from my face.

"That can be fixed. Niall!" he shouts echoing around the room. The large door opens and Niall is next to Harry. "Yeah?" he says quickly. Why is he even acknowledging Harry, they were just fighting a while ago. 

"Heal up Brie." he says, Niall nods and turns to me. Umm. 

"Hey babe." he says lifting his eyebrows up and down. "Where’s yah cuts at?" 

I point at my arm and back. He wraps his his around my arm and it heals. Then he backs up and looks at me. 

"What?" I say. He smirks and directs his eyes to my shirt. Oh hell nooo. 

"You've got to be kidding me." I say. 

"Do yah wanna be healed or not?" he says. I squint my eyes at him and turn around and lift up my shirt exposing my back.   


"Thats my girl." he says and rubs around my back healing me up. He pulls on my bra making it slap back down and I gasp. He chuckles and I put down my shirt and turn back around. 

"Thanks Niall." Harry says and they hug. "No problem." Niall grins and throws Liam over his shoulder and disappears out the room.

"Okay why are you guys being nice to each other?" I ask. 

Harry smiles "Brielle, we fight all the time. Its nothing unusual for us. We are a family, a distorted family, but a family." 

I smile, its nice to hear that. "How sweet, I have a family too! I'm sure they are freaking out right now about how I haven't been home! And Louis is trying to make me is mate, not have me as a guest!" I shout. 

Harry shakes his head. "You wont be his mate. Liam read his mind, that's not his decision anymore." he informs me. 

"Then what is his decision!?" I shout still anoyed. 

"You'll find out tomorrow. Get some rest Brielle, its going to be a long day." he says with a wink and the lights go off and the door shuts. 

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