The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


16. "Daddy"

16. *Authors Note: Hey guys I'm so sorry its taking me forever to update, my mom took my laptop so Its 4 in the morning and im sneeking on im trying to write this for you guys! I really hope your not mad or anything, I have alot of plot twists coming up so beware! mkay thats it, love youuu!* Authors note in a A/N  lol........  This was week ago sorry for the miss understanding.*

16. *Brielles POV*

"They're here aren't they?" I ask Harry, taking slow steps away from him. 

"I have no idea what your talking about Brielle, please sit down." 

"Bull shit!" I yell, jumping up to the door handle attached to the ceiling. I grab it and the door hangs down, I start to pull myself up and Harry grips onto my shoe tightly. 

"Let me go!" I squeal, kicking him in the face. He grunts and his grip loosens. I pull my self out on the house and roll onto the dirt floor, get up on my feet and start running. 

"Mom! Dad! I shout, pushing past tree branches. "I'm alive!" 

I know Harry will be chasing me down in a matter of seconds but I don't care. I need to leave this place, find my family and never come back. 

"Brielle? Is that you?" I hear a familiar voice call out in the distance. 

"Daddy? I'm here!" I shout, running as quickly as I can.

I look around for him frantically, my icy breath surrounding me in the air. 

"Honey I'm over here, hurry!" I hear him again.

I look around, I spot him in the distance, just him, no search party. I turn around quickly to see Harry catching up, I turn back around and start to run towards my father's direction. 

*Louis' POV*

I look at the other boys, Liam's head shoots up, his ears perked. 

"Brielle escaped, shes running to her...her father." he says, his voice husky. 

The boys look at Liam with a puzzled expression.

"That's impossible, my powers don't fail Liam, I told them all shes dead, and not to look for her." Zayn snaps. 

Hes right, his powers don't fail.

"Shhh!" Niall hisses. 

We all immediately quiet down and try to listen. 

"Daddy I'm coming!" we hear Brielle shout. 

"Stop Brielle!" Harry's voice demands a few moments later. 

They are close. 

I dart my eyes to the right and see Brielle running forward, not even turning her head to see us. Harry  spots us and slows down, running towards our direction. 

"I thought you guys got rid of the search party!" he squeals. 

"We did, they are all gone." Zayn replies. 

I keep my eyes on Brielle, shes getting tired, so we could easily grab her at any moment. No need to hunt her down.

"Who is she running towards?" Niall asks. 

"She thinks her dad is calling her. Poor girl must be paranoid." Harry answers. 

I feel an unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach. 

"Somethings wrong." I say, watching Brielle run. 

I slowly look around the area where shes running towards, my eyes stop at the last couple of trees before the lake. That's when I spot him, Brielle's father. 

"Its the dad, he is calling her. Shes not hearing things Harry!" I shout. 

"How did he...Impossible!" Zayn snarls. 

I grab Zayn's cheeks and turn his face to the direction where the Dad stands. 

"Look Zayn! Its him!" 

His eyes widen, his body temperature heating up with anger. 

"Zayn get the father and re-do the mind control. The rest of us will get Brielle." I order. He nods and we all dart off to our directions. 

*Zayn's POV*

I examine the father carefully behind a tree. How could my powers not have worked on him? I looked directly into his eyes! Hes just a human, my powers don't fail on humans. I watch him call out for Brielle once more and I pounce on him, but I struggle to pin him down. Once I finally manage to pin his hands down and hover over him, I look into his eyes. He grunts and tries to push me off him.

"How!? How did it not work on you?" I shout.

The pale man begins to chuckle. The human is laughing, laughing at me! I must of been frozen with shock because he was able to slap me across the face, hard. 

I flinch from the sting, before I let my anger take control I make sure Brielle is being taken away. I turn my head and see Liam carrying her over his shoulders, disappearing in the forest. I smirk and cock my head back at the man. I gasp as I stare at him, he... his face..completely different from when I looked straight at him just a few seconds ago. His dark brown hair now darkish red orange, small freckles surrounding his pale cheeks. He looks about my age, maybe even older. His lips form a grin, them he pounces on me, pinning me down on the ground. His hands clasp around my wrists. I struggle to free myself, hes strong. Much too strong. 



"Shut up." his dark voice growls. 

My eyes widen with shock. I examine him, his features, his eyes. They aren't brown, blue, or green. They're red. 

Hes a vampire. 

"W-what are you doing in my woods?" I spit.

He chuckles showing off his sharp fangs. 

"Just visiting an old friend." 



**DunDun Dun...Sorry it was kinda short, but hey, its 4 in the morning give me a break here xD. I'm going to try and update soon, I already have the next chapter writen on some paper (I think i lost it.-. ), so I just need to type it :). Please Comment on what you think about this chapter, it means alot to me :) ~Again.  old.   but. HEY!   It’s only 10:40. ;D  close enough. **

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