The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


5. Change of Mind

Zayn smirks at me as he backs my body against the wall, staring at me with those dark red eyes. He strokes the side of my jaw with the back of his hand.

"I like to be in control Brielle. I'm always in control." I close my eyes and try to relax even though that's basically impossible considering the circumstances. 

 "Open your eyes when I'm talking to you!" Zayn snarls pushing me against the wall even more causing the chains to rattle.

I don't listen and continue to keep my eyes shut. I could feel him getting angrier with me, his breath blowing against me, the anger in his voice. He chuckles and I hear his feet scuff on the floor.

"Oh Brielle. When will you learn to never disobey a vampire?" I hear him mumble and then a sharp pain stings the side of my face causing me to scream through the cloth opening my eyes wide.

He stands in front of me blankly then starts to step closer. He un does the cloth around my mouth and carelessly throws it on the floor. He crooks his head and leans in pressing his lips on my neck.

 "If you disobey me one more time you won't have a throat to scream with." he whispers blowing hot air on the side of my neck making me shiver. "Your lucky I'm not aloud to do much to you. Because if I was, I would wreck you." 

I tighten my fists letting the chains rattle. "Because I'm suppose to be Louis's dinner, right?" I let out feeling my throat burn from the screaming.

Zayn grins showing off his sharp fangs "That's what he originally planned for you, but he had a change his mind." Zayn turns away from me walking around a corner and disappears from my view.

Changed his mind!? Changed his mind ?! What is he going to do to me now? What could possibly be worse than getting killed by a vampire? Where is Liam when I need him, this is all going down hill for me. I need someone to save me, I can't do this anymore I can't stand here and let myself die.

I look at my wrists chained to the wall, I can't possibly pull these off me without breaking an arm. I sigh and look down at my feet. The door bangs and my head shoots up. I look to the side of me expecting Liam to burst in and rescue me, but no.The blonde one bursts in, his clothes covered in dirt and spots of blood. I back myself on the wall and look at the ceiling. 

He grins showing his fangs and then is instantly at my side. I jump a little and look at him. He observes the giant hole in the wall that Zayn caused, sliding his fist in it and pulling it back out. "Hah Zayn. Yah crazy butt face!" he chuckles as Zayn instantly stands behind him making me jump once more. I don't think ill ever get used to the whole super fast speed thing. Zayn laughs a bit, eyes never leaving mine.

"What did you guys do with Liam?" Zayn asks.

Niall turns around and faces him. "Lets just say he wont be ruining our plans any time soon." 

"And hows harry?"

"We straightened him up, hes fine now, back on track." 

Zayn nods and Niall turns back around facing me. "So what er' we goin' to do with her?" 

Zayn pushes up the sleeves to his shirt "I was just thinking the same thing." he says with a grin

I pull on the chains "How about let me go?" I say shaking them more.

Zayn chuckles and leans in close to me "You so wish."  

Niall laughs and disappears, he reappears in a blink of an eye with rope. Great. Zayn rips the chains off me and before I can run my hands are behind my back, Niall wraps the rope around my wrists and I squirm trying to free myself, I kinda feel like a toothpick compared to the strength of vampires, no matter how hard you try and free yourself, there's no use. Zayn grabs different cuffs and clings them around my ankles the chains spread apart enough to take steps. Niall grips the remainder of the rope and pushes me to start walking.

"Where are we going?" I ask. Zayn opens the door and grins.

"To see your mate."

[ A/N  For this chapter, I know it would be short, I posted it. I'll post another chapter if I can get 12 fans (: Would be awesome.... (: mKaY bYe xx ] 
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