The Cold Blooded ( A One Direction Fanfic )

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Their irrational fear of the sun. The nocturnal habits of locking themselves in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing their sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.


18. Belonging

*Zayn's POV* 

I look out the window of the plane, bright white clouds surrounding the air. Green patches of land down below. 

"Is she awake yet?" I ask turning to around in my seat to look back at Harry.

I look at the seat next to him and Brielle is passed out still. "Guess not." 

"I should be sitting next to her." Liam huffs beside me. 

Louis and Niall turn around looking through the space where the arm rests go.

"Jus' beh happy we made it on de' plane!" Niall hisses at Liam. 

I smile at Niall. "Yeah, thanks to me! The ticket agent was putty in my hands."  

Niall rolls his eyes and turns back around in his seat. Louis chuckles a little and turns around as well.  Liam sighs and and puts on the headphones attached to the back of Louis seat, clicks on a few buttons and closes his eyes.  I observe the people sitting in the rows ahead of us. Most are Families, a few men with ties and brief cases. The sound of high heels echo on the plane floor and my ears perk. A very, very attractive flight attendant stands beside Liam's chair looking at me. 

"Would you like some snacks sir?" she asks, her red lipstick covered lips curving in a seductive grin.

She holds a tray full of crackers, cookies, and chips. 

"Oh uh, no thanks." I reply. 

She nods. "Anything to drink?" 

I gulp, feeling my throat burn. The scent of blood fills the whole plane, so many people, pulses. I hear Harry cough harshly and my seat bounces a bit from his kick. 

"No thank you." I say quickly. 

She raises her brow, and leans down close to me. Her tight white uniform boosting up her breasts. I clear my throat and scoot farther in my chair. Liam is clueless, she's piratically bending over his lap for Christ's sake! 

"Are you sure sir? Hows some water? Maybe some soda?" she asks again. 

I grip onto the arm rest tightly. 

"I'm sure." I say though my teeth. 

She stands back up straight, "Okay. Call me if you change your mind." 

I watch her walk down the plane isle and disappear in the curtains into the first class section. Liam opens his eyes and looks over at me "Who was that? Her smell almost had me go insane!"

I take a deep breath and get up quickly, speeding into the small bathroom and locking the door. I grip the sides of the sink and try and control my thirst. My eyes burn and I squeeze them shut. 

"C'mon Zayn, calm down." I whisper to myself. 

I slowly open my eyes and look into the mirror in front of me. The red shade of my iris turns into a darker red, easily mistaken for a dark brown shade to humans. My grip on the sink loosens and I sigh. I turn on the sink and let the warm water splash down on my cold hands. Knocking sounds echo on the bathroom door.

"Just a moment!" I yell.

The knocking stops and I pat some of the warm water on my face. Moments later the door bangs more harshly and muffled sounds come from behind the door. I growl and grab the paper towels and dry my hands. 

"Almost done!" 

The door begins to bang violently making me jump a bit. Sounds like a hammer banging down on the door its so hard! Frustrated, I quickly unlock the door and swing it open. 

"What?!" I shout feeling my temperature raise.

No one is there. I look down the isle and some of the people stare at me with concern. I look to my right and there's just the door where the flight attendants come in and out of to bring snacks. I clear my throat and close the bathroom door and take slow steps down the walkway. I know I wasn't hearing things, someone was banging on that fucking door. Probably an annoying child trying to have some fun. I finally make my way back to the boy's seats and look at Brielle. She’s now awake, being quiet, no screaming or yelling. Harry is showing her the small screen and all the TV shows you can watch.

"We are landing in Ohio in a few minutes! Everyone please sit down and buckle up." the pilot says through the speakers. 

As I turn to take my seat I notice Liam is no longer in his. 

"Harry, where is Liam?" 

"He said he was going to check up on you, I thought you were with him.." Harry answers. 

"No, Liam never came to che-" I trail off as I remember the harsh knocking. 


"Um, excuse me." I say and quickly get up out of my seat and rush down the walk way. 

A black hair'd flight attendant comes from the corner near the bathroom and walks towards me. 

"Please sit down sir, we are landing."

"I-I need to go to the bathroom, I left my wedding ring in there." I lie. 

"Oh dear! Be quick about it sir." she says and lets me pass. 

I run towards the bathroom door, its cracked open a bit, I open it and no ones there, no Liam. I look down the walkway, the attendant is busy giving drinks. I grab the knob to the service room and walk in. 

"Liam?" I whisper passing by boxes of snacks. 

I hear the same muffled sound I heard in the bathroom and I start to look around more quickly. 

As I turn a corner something gets in my way, I make eye contact with her, the flight attendant with the red lipstick.  

"What are you doing in here sir?" she asks. 

I feel my face turn white as her scent surrounds me, making my throat burn and my mouth water.

"I umm.."

There it is again, the muffled sounds and pounding. I watch her as she stands up straighter and coughs a few times, trying to distract me.

"What was that?" I ask.

She looks up at me with her dark green eyes with a confused expression.

"I'm sorry sir I don't know what you're talking about, please exit and sit down in your seat, we are landing."

I furrow my eyebrow and watch her fidget with her thumbs, sweat perched near her hair line, her heart racing quickly and loudly,

She’s hiding something.  

"Enough bs, where is my friend Liam?" I ask sternly. 

She raises her eyebrows and gives me this innocent look "Oh thats why you're here! Well your friend, Liam, came in here thinking you were here with me.. he looked pretty flustered so I told him he could go in the back where we keep the ice water. He should be out soon, I'l go fetch him for you." she said, quickly turning around and disappearing into another door. 

I couldn't tell if she was telling the truth, after all I'm no Louis. But her story sounds decent, Liam probably came in here thinking I was sucking the life out of the sexy flight attendant, once he saw she was fine he probably caught her scent and once she suggested to get water he agreed before his instincts got the best of him. 

A few moments later the door opened and there was Liam, with two bottles of ice cold water in his hands.   I smiled with relief as he handed me a bottle. 

"You had me worried there for a moment!" I chuckled. 

"I should say the same." he replies. 

We walk out of the supply room and down the isle into our seats. 

"All right everyone! We have landed in Ohio, you may unbuckle your seat belt and exit the plane to the right." the pilot said through the speakers. 

Wow that was quick. 


"Turn up the radio!" Niall shouts in the back seat. 

Louis removes one hand from the wheel and turns up the radio as requested. 

Harry is in the passenger seat, Brielle in the middle of me and Liam, Niall is in the backseat row, there aren't even seats its just the empty trunk, but he is enjoying it back there. 

"So where is the new house? The middle of no where?" Brielle asks looking out the window on my side. 

She is sooo freaking annoying. 

"This is for your damn protection so It shouldn't matter where the house is located, okay?" I say in an irritated tone. 

Louis turns down the radio and Niall whines. "No need to snap on her Zayn, she has the right to be curious. We are almost there Brielle." Louis says.


*Brielles POV*

Zayn holds the car door open and I un-buckle my seat-belt and get out. I look around and everything is so beautiful, bright green grass for miles and miles, and the rays of sun warm up my skin. Its nothing like cold London. I look ahead and there is a giant house placed in the middle of the field, I shouldn't even describe it as a house because its so big, but its not a mansion. 

"Wow its beautiful out here, I think I could get used to Ohio." I smile. 

Harry smiles back at me and observes the land. "Well done Louis!" 

"Lets get the luggage in the house, there are only five bedrooms so someones sharing a ro-" 



"HAH LATER LOSERS!" Niall shouts and speeds off into the house already claiming his room. 

"oom." Louis finished. 

Harry looks over at me and I already know what he’s thinking. 

"I'm not sharing a room with a blood thirsty vampire." I declare. 

Harry sighs and pouts. 

"Now now Harry, remember who she belongs too." Louis cut in.

 Belongs too? 

Zayn chuckles and speeds off into the house. Liam stands awkwardly next to Harry like he has no idea what is going on.

"Hold up! I don't belong to anyone! What are you talking about Louis?" 

He sighs and drops his head back. "Darn." 

"Tell me what is going on!" I demanded. 

Harry places his hand on Louis' shoulder and Louis nods. He removes his hand and looks at me. 

"The challenges, you remember those don't you?" Harry asks. 

"Kinda hard to forget." I reply.

"Well, they were tests, to see how you could handle us, each of us separately, to see who you are more compatible with, who's power you are more weakened by, and who's power you can easily overcome. The main result is who... well...who is your destined mate." 

"And who will turn you." Louis adds.


****Wow it has been a while since I've updated! I just needed a break and I was having some issues with school but everything is fine now and I have finally UPDATEDD!!! WOO! So yay, you finally know what the challenges were for ;). What do you think will happen next? Remember to VOTE, Become a Fan, And Comment!!! Thanks for being so patient with me, ily guys <3****

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