The'll know my name

Rachel a girl who was abused, a cancer survivor, Always needed extra help, finally realized there was nothing for her no future no anything but when the new boy moves across the street...



I blink twice as I lock myself in my room and lay down about 13 minutes my dream was I feel to my death in cold unforgiving water when I feel I could not feel anything but I bet it felt like a thousand needles I guess. I wake up the next morning, I make eggs and think TGIF. I eat a little eggs but it was too hot. So I went upstairs and brushed my hair did my makeup and put on a blue top, with jean shorts. I wait for the bus the bus picks me up I sit by Cathy. I nice girl who had dark brown hair and green eyes she was nice to everyone that's why I liked her. Hey Cathy I said smiling. She waved with the biggest smile in the world. with her perfect white teeth but  I had braces. I sat by Cathy but we where both quite pretty much the whole way, till Cathy said...

I hear someone new in moving across the street from you Cathy whispered. Like it was some secret yeah I whispered I don't know who they our yet all I know its a family, I whispered. You never know once some guy moved right next to me and always look scary and one day he was being chased by the cops and never saw him again or the cops she whispered. But before I could say anything my phone rings. I said wait one second it was an anonymous number so I get nervous after I started watching dateline. Hello I say. I hear breathing but no answer I freak a little out and hang up as the bus just stops

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