The'll know my name

Rachel a girl who was abused, a cancer survivor, Always needed extra help, finally realized there was nothing for her no future no anything but when the new boy moves across the street...


4. New guy

In front of the school I did not see it at first so I freaked out but again I'm an idiot. I get off the bus and get to my SEC ( special education classes ) I was embarrassed at first but I'm use to it. People learn at different levels. And people learned that too. When they got bad grades :P But there are only 2 other people in my classes I walk into my first class and I guess a new boy is there my eyes open wide my first thought is he is new and most likely lost. I say, I'm Rachel and give a little smile. And sit down on the other side of the room. But I can't stop looking at him maybe he is my new neighbor maybe not but I bet he is, I think. As school starts I doze off, I wake up in the nurse's office. I don't really know what happened. But I see the nurse smiling. She said. Rachel your mom well be here soon. I close my eyes and I wake up in my own bed. I come down for dinner. My mom's said someone is here to see you. My mom's worried face made me really worry. That kid in my classes was here to see me. He said are you okay? Some guy threw a rock at your face, oh yeah My name is...

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