The'll know my name

Rachel a girl who was abused, a cancer survivor, Always needed extra help, finally realized there was nothing for her no future no anything but when the new boy moves across the street...


5. Kyle!

Kyle he said with a real big smile, I hate to admit it but he was real Cute! I stared deep in his brown eyes he seemed 100% sweet 100% cute. Love at first sight I asked him out for some pizza I said I will be ready in 1 hour so I had time to get ready. I cleaned up my eyes. And brushed my hair. I got in purple shorts and my white sweater. And I walk to Kyle's new house I hate to admit but he was a cutie! Kyle said, Hey. I had most likely the biggest smile on my face. He looked dead serious so I started laughing and punched him in the friendly way. He yelled at me in a deep voice it really scared me. But I still liked him. So you know how to drive? I said. He said sure. We got in the car I had a bad feeling. But I still smiled. He pulled up right by a beach it started to get dark. He went up to the bar and got real drunk. I did not feel safe so I started to run he got me and cover my mouth.

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