The'll know my name

Rachel a girl who was abused, a cancer survivor, Always needed extra help, finally realized there was nothing for her no future no anything but when the new boy moves across the street...


1. back to the past

I'm Rachel I was a cancer survivor I was abused until second grade by my dad when my mom found out she took me away from him he went to jail for 3 years in 5th grade I got cancer skin cancer form tanning to much I guess but I became real thin witch was good I was always over weight anyways I only ate one meal a day and it was very tiny, I lost all my light blonde hair after the cure worked. But I never thought I had a bad life. My like had so much ups and downs mostly downs, I was afraid of talking about my past because I worried it would one day come back and bite me there was too much. I had a friend Emily she would be the sweetest girl you would meet and was amazingly talented she could sing amazing or anything she did she was perfect at she had hair as red as ketchup with dark brown eyes she was real thin but ended up dying from starving herself to death I remember everything that day when her mom called me I got the chills and threw up, Emily what would I do without her I thought but that was only the beginning of my pain. I saw her in her in her favorite blue dress laying down that was only the beginning of my of my pain. I'm Rachel and this is my story.

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