The'll know my name

Rachel a girl who was abused, a cancer survivor, Always needed extra help, finally realized there was nothing for her no future no anything but when the new boy moves across the street...


7. Am I really?

She was older still prettier then me I can't be leave I saw her again she ran up and hugged me. She smiled and said I would not go to haven without you. I looked down and said, I'm dead am I really. Emily was tearing you don't no how much I missed you. Do we have to got to heaven now? I said. Nope, Emily said, want revenge don't you? I do. I said with a smile Lets go to Kyle's house. We started having fun like old times but it was never the same. How long have I been dead. It seemed like only seemed like a little while. Emily said a year and looked down but came back smiling and said he's going to die. I shut my eye lids then I said Can I kill him? We got into his room he was on the computer. There was a photo that came up of me the lights started flickered. The power went out but the picture of me was still on the computer. I was holding a knife blood was around me. Hey Kyle its me Rachel your time is up I said. Kyle started to cry. No one can hear you scream I said in a evil laugh. They will All know my name I scream lighting comes right behind me. Kyle was scared at the time I was so mad at him I did not care. Not only you broke my heart you killed me. I screamed you better hope this is all a nightmare. I threw my knife at him but it missed. You where lucky this time, I started laughing. I called Emily in she was not into the killing thing like I was. She handed me a sword but before she cover her eyes fire steamed she said Satin will be happy to see his cousin. One thing in my mind Am I really dead?

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