Elemental (a working title)

Long long ago there was a legend about a wolf who started life, she was chased by the humans until finally she was desperate enough to send her talents out to four children.

Now teens the four of them must work together to defeat evil and bring back the wolf who started it all.


1. Prologue

Zoa Pro Tempus lived long before time itself, in the form of a wolf she controlled the world using the four elements of life. She represented power, change, substance and freedom, ruling the world with her love and pride. As time passed she noticed the world began to get lonely so she gave humans to nature to live in peace with the animals and to work the land. More time passed and the humans began to forget that Zoa had given them their life. They began to guard their homes at night and warding her away with sharp sticks and fire pellets. They chased her around the base of an ancient tree with the name Proprotoeo until finally Zoa Pro Tempus gave in and let her spirit get trapped inside the tree. Slowly as the tree grew it split into four branches. The power branch's leaves were always on fire and the branches smoked from within leaving that branch hot to touch. The change branch's leaves were always dripping with water and the branch was soaked to the core always filled and dripping. The substance branch's stems and leaves were as hard as a rock never moving in even the hardest of winds. And the freedom branch's leaves and branches moved freely in the slightest breeze. Together they were one but Zoa Pro Tempus wasn't finished yet. She split her spirit and sent it to four different woman each expecting a child. When each child was born they possessed skills and abnormalities that no other human in history conceived. As toddlers she sent them each a necklace. The fire child got a topaz gem. The water child got a sapphire gem. The earth child got a granite gem and the air child got a diamond. Each necklace helped the child control their newfound abilities. The parents, however, either hid or sold the necklaces, forbidding their child to be unusual and to powerful. As more harm came to the tree Zoa Pro Tempus became more desperate and she began to gravitate the four close until they were forced to work together.  


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