Elemental (a working title)

Long long ago there was a legend about a wolf who started life, she was chased by the humans until finally she was desperate enough to send her talents out to four children.

Now teens the four of them must work together to defeat evil and bring back the wolf who started it all.


5. Chapter 1.4 (Ryland)

I woke up at the sound of an explosion. The bar was engulfed in flames and it made me think of Sera and if that she lost her temper again. Yet then I see her all fired up storming over to Rana.    "You blew up the bar! Full of people might I add!"Her face had gone from rose red to magma red. Hands on  hips she awaited an explanation. Sera's eyes turned to a very dark red.   

"Hey they were bad people," Rana protested. Her expression was cool and calm as ever and totally ignoring the huge black cloud to their right. This not only made me angry but also Aspen.   "Rana you should really think things through. I can't believe that you would just go blowing it up." Aspen crossed his arms and turned his back on Rana. 

  "Sera," I said as calmly as possible, "Did you get any information on to where the amulets might be?" She looked down to the ground trying to hold in her frustrating tears. Sighing I turned back to Aspen.

  "We will be right back." I said pulling my fiery one away to talk. Her arm burned me a little but being symbol of rock it was dull pain. "Hey don't give me that face." Cupping her face with one hand I raised her head and she rammed herself into me.

  "I know your mad that we couldn't work together but I just don't understand why, she can't go one minute without putting our lives in danger!" She squeezed tighter and the sizzling of my clothes made her pull away.   

"Hey it's ok we are just back to square one but you need to be a little controlling of your emotions, ok?"  She nodded and we headed back. Rana was attempting to have a different attitude while packing up our camp site. "Aspen, any luck with Rana?" I shrugged over to her direction.   "No not really but she did say that some man had the amulet as the explosion went off, but he was gone by the time the smoke passed," Aspen was reasonable an very trustworthy so I trusted his word even though he seemed to  be holding something back.   "We could head up the mountain and settle there, because any boats that were here are gone now. I have a feeling this guy will be up there just you wait." Walking to my tree gathering my things I watched as Sera helped Aspen find a trail and Rana collected water "Well lets see how well this will go,"  I was mumbling to myself and we were on our way.  

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