Elemental (a working title)

Long long ago there was a legend about a wolf who started life, she was chased by the humans until finally she was desperate enough to send her talents out to four children.

Now teens the four of them must work together to defeat evil and bring back the wolf who started it all.


4. Chapter 1.3 (Rana)

I didn't mean to blow up the bar. Ok, I take that back but what do you expect! Sera should have know better than to put dynamite in my hands. I didn't even realize I'd lit it. There was a tug, the air tried to hold me back but instinctively I pulled a match from my back pocket and suddenly I was holding live dynamite. The air blew my naturally blue tipped brownish blond hair around me angrily but I ignored it. I had life in my hands and the familiar tug within me forced me to calmly place it on the ground next to the outside wall of the bar. That's when I noticed a man walking from the bar. I wasn't supposed to let anyone leave the bar. I gather the water in the air and and freeze his sticky fingers that hang from his coat pocket. He stops, confused and I take that second to find out what he was holding on to. I pull a necklace from his pocket that has a topaz gem on the end. Sera will want that. I shove the necklace in my pocket and wave the man on. He starts to protest but I freeze his mouth shut. Then I get an idea. I walk back toward the bar and pick up the dynamite. Walking back to the man I place the dynamite in his hands. He panics and starts to do a little jig, not sure where to throw it. I back up as he throws it at the bar and watch the place burst into flames. The satisfaction of watching it disintegrate burned through my veins giving my a rush of exhilaration. Nothing else was this amazing. I love blowing things up. Some people might say I have an addiction to it but I don't believe them. Maybe that's why my parents disowned me after I exploded our 15th house. On top of that I wasn't exactly a normal child. I loved the water. At a young age I'd go out into the ocean into depths that'd crush regular humans. I'd sit at the bottom of the ocean for hours just watching the water, letting it pull me and becoming one with it. My parents would worry that I was drowning but sure enough I'd come out perfectly fine. I was also put on meds that practically killed me. See, my body is made up of more water than normal so the doctors all thought that I needed meds to dry some of the water out. Unfortunately for me I already get dehydrated in weather warmer than 75 degrees so when the meds dried my body out I was immobile. Not fun. The rush of blowing up the bar begins to fade and I crumple to the ground. The heat of the explosion has left me severely dehydrated and I scramble to pull water vapor out of the air. Once I'm well enough to stand I begin to run back to the tree where Aspen and Ryland are waiting. As I run I feel Sera burning the water from the air so I have to reach further to grab water. I can sense her anger. I wasn't supposed to blow up the bar.


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