Elemental (a working title)

Long long ago there was a legend about a wolf who started life, she was chased by the humans until finally she was desperate enough to send her talents out to four children.

Now teens the four of them must work together to defeat evil and bring back the wolf who started it all.


3. Chapter 1.2 (Aspen)

"Hey, the girls are in there a long time. Ryland, something just doesn't feel right," I pondered aloud listening to the whispers carried on the wind. The only answer I got from Ryland who was leaning against the base of the tree I was in, was snoring. I rolled my eyes, he can be so oblivious sometimes. Then again not everyone can read the wind. I take a deep breath in and the recognize the scents of Sera's fire and the sweet scent of Rana. I can imagine Rana's beautiful icy ocean blue eyes that sparkle. My thoughts drift to my past briefly. As a child my parents worried about me because I'd sit motionless for hours just listening to the breeze and taking in all it had to say. My father was strict because he could have his son be different. He didn't want me to stand out. So I ran away at a young age. I look down at Ryland sleeping standing up as I sit on a branch over 50 feet in the air. I jumped to get up. That's another thing, I can jump really high and run really fast because I can control the wind. My  shaggy white-blond hair gets ruffled by the air carrying news of fire speeding toward me. Sera. I search the air for news of Rana and I feel her pulling water from the air coming from the opposite direction as Sera. I realize what happened even before I see the mushroom cloud of smoke and dust. I jump down from the branch and brace myself for the fight that's going to happen.

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