Elemental (a working title)

Long long ago there was a legend about a wolf who started life, she was chased by the humans until finally she was desperate enough to send her talents out to four children.

Now teens the four of them must work together to defeat evil and bring back the wolf who started it all.


2. Chapter 1.1 (Sera)

The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.  And lets just say my attitude toward the problem isn't so great. The tips of my hair start to sizzle and dried leaves brushing my feet catch fire.
"I could burn you right now. It'd be so easy," I tell the man. He's stolen something from me. Something important. I won't let him go so easy. Heat swirls around me becoming part of me and I welcome it, enjoy it even. I love the heat. I burns me, forces me to use it but yet it's fulfilling and powerful. I love it. As a child I was put on thousands of different tests medications because I always had a temp of 200 degrees which technically isn't even possible by human standards. That means my blood is always boiling. That and the fact that I always manage to set things on fire. My red hair and roasted amber eyes prove my talent. Even my name Sera means burning one.
"Sarah, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it," the man pleads for his life. I growl, I hate it when people call me Sarah.
"It's Sera. Seer a. Short a sound. Get it right or I'll sear you face off," I threaten him. The color drained from his face as I pulled the heat from his body and his eyes show with fear. Something else flickers into his eyes, like he's not telling me something. Suddenly I begin to get the sensation that my heat is being pulled out from underneath me. Frantically I grasp for it trying to collect the heat. I search the man with my fiery touch and he screams in pain. Heat escapes my grasp entirely and I know what's going to happen.
"Where is it? Where's the necklace!" I screech in panic. If I don't get out of here soon I'll be dead.
"The topaz necklace? The fire gem? I sold it!" He screeches back. Snorting frustratedly I turn my back on the run-down bar and begin to sprint away. My black biker boots are caked with mud. I could feel the pressure of a single flame on a trail for destruction. Running as faster as I could through the dense trees without burning them was difficult. This was not supposed to happen. Once again I felt back stabbed by Rana. She just couldn't listen to anything I said. She should know if you play with fire you get burned. I paused a second and all was silent. Then a spark caught and the entire bar burst into flames.

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