Daae Prodigy: The Beginning

Linda Daae[a.k.a. Belle] was a regular 14 year living in Dorburgh, PA. Or is she? Belle didn't have anything close to a close childhood living in her mansion full of wizards, benders, and the overall odd people. She must face her whole family to have a normal life. Will she succeed at her goal or fail driving her to the worst possible nightmare a teenage wizard could have?


14. Too Much Chaos Even for the Devil

May 16th came around so fast even I wasn't ready.

The weeks before were so blurry, I barely remember anything. All I remember is chaos. Chaos in the dining room, in the kitchen, and in the library. Decorations went missing and some were behind delivery dates. Cleaning ladies worked until their hands hurt. What was the main course going to be? The appetizer? The dessert? Pierre worked long nights on end and I love him for that. Then who was going to come? 

My idea of a sports themed party was shot down by my mother but I liked the new one even better. The new party was a Masquerade! Everyone invited was required to wear a gown or suit and BYOM. Bring Your Own Mask! My dress was pink, purple, blue, and decorated with gold. I made a head piece shaped like a half moon. My mask was shaped like a Ferris Wheel and a light shade of Royal Blue. My dressmaker was shocked to see I made this with the fabric she gave me.


"Belle! Whose dress is this on the mannequin?"


"Annabelle, that's my dress. Remember the fabric you gave me? Well I made my dress out of it! Do you like it?" 

"Like it? I love it! But... How did you do it? It's absolutely amazing!"

"Lots and lots of hours of sewing! Hours I could have spent in the library!"

The dress was the first thing my mother actually let me wear that I made. It felt so good to hear a word other than "no" out of her mouth. If only I could hear it more often. But I bet Pierre wishes he never heard my mother say it. 

Poor Pierre cooked and baked and baked and cooked without any thanks from my mother. He spent hours writing out recipes and even more perfecting him. Some days he went hysterical and almost hurt one of his apprentices. After calming down I had to talk to him.

"Pierre, you don't have to make the dinner for my party if it gets you this stressed out."

He was breathing heavy and leaning over the sink counter. I could tell he was irritated by my presence but I was going to get through to him. 

"Pierre? Please listen to me. If cooking makes you this stressed..." He snapped.

"You don't understand! Cooking is my life! If it wasn't for your grandmother, I would be out on the streets right now!" 

He screamed and screamed that over and over again. Food and utensils flew across the room like flocks of birds. He ran in circles and rocked himself on the floor. Instead of a regular middle-aged man, he looked like psychotic teen. I was scared but put on a brave face and walked over to him. He held his knees up to his chest and continued to rock himself. I put my arm around him and he elbowed me, hard. 

"Look the food you have already made is delicious. Just look!"

Suddenly he shook and his eyes widened like a spell on him was just lifted. I sat back and starred as he breathed even harder. For a few minutes he was having a heart attack but he turned around and saw me. I was holding my side which was bleeding slightly and his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

"Did I do this? You're bleeding, my kitchen is a mess, my head hurts. What happened?"

You were a little stressed over about the dinner and how my mom didn't like the food. You kind of threw a fight or went psychotic."

"I what... I hurt you! Oh my god! Let me help you onto the counter. Let me fix that up. The devil doesn't even like this amount of chaos." 

My side wasn't bleeding that bad it was a bit messy, "Don't worry you'll make yourself sick, again. I'm use to it. My..."

I stopped. I never told anyone of my mother beating me. Not even my best friend in the entire house, Pierre. I was always too scared to speak up. If I spoke up and my mother found out, she'd beat me even more. Pierre looked at me hard. His eyes scorched theirselves into mine. He was making me feel guilty for not telling him what I was about to say.

"Linda Marie Daae, does someone in this house hurt you in anyway? Tell me the truth or you don't get any dinner tonight. And it's just a coincidence I'm making meatloaf and mash potatoes."

The Fiend! Meatloaf and mash potatoes was my favorite dinner! So I suckered up and told him a lie, "No. No one beats me. I'm just very clumsy." 

He saw right throught it, "You should work on your lying. It's so obvious. So is it your mother?" 

I couldn't take it no more. I ran into his arms crying. He stroked my hair and soothed like my father use to do. My mother did too but that was even longer ago. 

My feelings and thoughts poured out of my mouth like a waterfall. Pierre listened to every little word I had to say and hugged me every second of it. By the time I was done he was furious to hear pretty much my whole family either verbally or physically beat me.

I tried to play innocent and get out of this without Pierre telling someone in the house, "So, do I still get to eat. I did tell the truth."

He chuckled, "Yes, whatever you want."

I sat on the counter the rest if the day and listened to Pierre talk about how his mother wanted him to be a doctor or a lawyer but he disobeyed her and went to culinary school. She was furious and refused accept him as her son. He was out on the street cooking for restaurants if they provided a roof over his head. Then he met my grandmother at a fancy restaurant when she wanted to give him her thanks. He was pretty much hired on spot. Thanks to my grandmother I have the greatest friend a person could have.

Finally I had to figure out who was coming and who wasn't. Who was invited and who was hated by my family. Should I invite all relatives or maybe some celebrity friends. My mother had a list and I had mine. She had all family and I had mostly friends. To make sure we weren't going to fight again I stole her list. It took careful and precise work but I got it.

I noticed she wrote:

Make sure she has no friends over!

No fighting= No friends. I say whatever it takes. I'm already stressed from the other stuff and I don't need my mother on my ass. All family was invited except for one, Merlin. He was to give me my powers as a present.

Maybe this birthday won't be so bad!

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