Daae Prodigy: The Beginning

Linda Daae[a.k.a. Belle] was a regular 14 year living in Dorburgh, PA. Or is she? Belle didn't have anything close to a close childhood living in her mansion full of wizards, benders, and the overall odd people. She must face her whole family to have a normal life. Will she succeed at her goal or fail driving her to the worst possible nightmare a teenage wizard could have?


15. Preparation Disaster

May 16th

I woke up extra early that day to get myself all dressed up for the big day.

In my house there is a little room made specially to get ready for a big day or evening. We called it the Extra Powder Room. Why it was called that, because if you went in there: get ready for the ultimate makeover. Not a speck of makeup was to lay around.

The Extra Powder Room was on the other side of the house in the West Wing. It isn't that far of a walk but imagine at least 30 flights of stairs and laying it flat. That's how far it was. But I was in the mood for a good walk. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and there was only a 40% chance of rain.

As I walked through the hallways, I watched the hundreds of workers making last minute preparations. The gardeners were putting up extra tear-drop lights on the old oak trees. Florists were placing roses in every nook and cranny. Chefs were running in and out of the kitchen figuring how much more food they need, who will sit where, and god knows what else.

Our ancient mansion went from decay to decorated for a princess wedding in three days. Walking further, I made it to the private kitchen where Pierre worked. He was standing over the stew pot letting sweat drip into the concoction of the rarest foods on the planet earth.

I didn't know whether I should talk to him or not but he noticed me before I knew it. He scarred me so bad with his jolly 'hello' and sweaty, raccoon-like face. It looked like he still didn't get that much sleep.

"Mademoiselle Belle! Happy Birthday my sweet croissant!"

"Thank you Pierre. You're the only one today. So what's on the menu anyways?"

"Well, we have hamburgers, French fries, and plenty of chips for your age group but a little more advanced food for the elders."

"Aw. Pierre you are the best chef that ever lived. I totally owe you for this!"

"No mademoiselle. You better get moving to get yourself ready!"

I walked out yelling 'thanks' and made my way to the Extra Powder Room.

The hair and makeup artist came into my room at exactly 8:00 AM sharp. They came in with a team of people carrying giant boxes of what I presumed was makeup and hairspray. When the final box entered the room the ladies finally introduced themselves.

The makeup artist was Charlene. The hair artist was Arlene. No they were not related in any way, shape, or form. Shocking, right?

Arlene came up to me first with a brush in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other. With the lighting, I thought I was going to be Sweeny Todded or be Edward Scissor Hands' next model. But with a snip here, and a snip there I looked like a princess with flowing hair down my back. My bangs curled over my eyebrows perfectly. My long, brown hair was like beach waves down the center of my back. I can't even mention how much gold hairspray was sprayed on my head.

I thanked her and Charlene made her way up. I warned her what she was in for and she just laughed. She lied and said I was the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. When you compare me to other girls I'm pretty average but I like to think I'm pretty.

Charlene pulled out layer and layer of eye shadows, lip sticks, and every kind of makeup there ever was. She pulled out brushes and sprays, placing them here and there. Turning around she had a mirror in her left hand and twenty different brushes.

"Hold very still. I don't usually have two tries with this kind of makeup you mother gave me."

"Why? Is there something special in it?"

"No. Not at all, sweetie! Little on edge are we? Don't worry about anything! You do know it is your birthday?"

I laughed at myself. I guess I was a little on edge. My aunt got into my head a few days ago saying that there was going to be a special guest coming. My first thought was one of the boys from One Direction but my hopes were a little too high.

But after daydreaming about Louis, it hit me like a ton of bricks. She must mean my cousin and her new husband. From when I last saw Christine she was about four months along and getting pretty big as far as her stomach.

"Belle, you good? You zoned out for a little."

Suddenly I was pulled from deep thought and my eyes were blinded from light. When you first open your curtains up after a long night's sleep and the light blinds you, that's what it seem liked. It was Charlene holding flashlight to my eye.

"What the heck. What is with the little flashlight?"

"Oh, this thing? Helps me see better and get more precise results. Makeup is my life, you know."

After sitting in the chair for over an hour but what felt like an eternity, Charlene was done. My eye lids was an ombré of blues and purples. My lips were a perfect, sparkly rose. I didn't look like I had just woken up and so early.

I thanked Charlene and she was on her way with a very large paycheck in hand. To the next room I went to get my dress on. Annabelle was there to help me in my dress.

I thought the day was going pretty well. My makeup, hair, and dress all went on without a single flaw. I started walking to the ballroom when I heard a loud bang come from the kitchen.

The first thing I saw was food all over the floor. All my burgers and chicken was crushed and kicked. Although the fancy spaghetti and caviar was not touched. I keep walking when I hear a little kid crying. Walking further, I see Pierre on the floor holding himself and crying. No offense that was sad: a grown man crying like a little kid.

"Pierre, what happened here?"

He shot his head up and stop crying instantly but you could hear it in his voice. "Mademoiselle belle, it was your mother! She saw the fast food and knocked it all down. Then she threatened to fire me and tell no business to ever hire me."

I got up and put my back to Pierre, "you make that food as fast as you can. You only have a few hours."

"But your mother!"

" I know about my mother. Just do as I say and you will never have to worry about your job."

Just then another bang came from the main hall. This time I ran there. The hall was a mess. Garbage was thrown all over my sports memorabilia and the walls. The carpenters were cursing under their breath but why? It wasn't because of the memorabilia. They weren't responsible for any of that. I pushed my way through a crowd and saw that the smaller chandelier had crashed to the ground. Obviously cut by something.

I just couldn't put my finger on how she was able to cut the iron chain 40 feet above the ground. It had to be something or someone else.

I asked the men to please leave while I worked my magic, literally! The chandelier was back up in under ten seconds flat. Still as beautiful as before.

By then I had heard a few more bangs and crashes. Each time someone said it was my mother trashing the place. Normally I would be worried but I wasn't for some reason. It was my birthday and I wasn't going to take it.

After searching the house seven times over, I caught a glimpse of my mother's auburn red dress. Even in heels, I caught up to her. Any woman who runs in heels should be feared.

"What the hell do you think you are doing to my birthday party?"

She replied with an evil grin, "I'm fixing your mistakes, again."

My mistakes? What mistakes? My mother must have gone crazy in the past month.

"Just stop! Please."

"Why should I? You disobeyed my orders to have a regular birthday party, not a sports theme one!"

"Because I am your daughter! Don't you ever think about how I feel! If you do anything else, I'll burn everything you own."

She shrugged, "I don't own that many things. Go ahead."

"Stubborn goat. Fine, I won't go to the party you are spending thousands for."

Shrugging again, "Our family can pay for it every day of the year for the rest if your life."

Then I figured out what would do it, "I won't take Merlin's powers and I will give Prodigy to Christine."

That hit her hard. "Fine. You want to play that game? I'll stop but you have to take the powers and stay Prodigy. I worked too hard to get you that title."

I was opening my mouth to respond with many unladylike terms but I decided that I shouldn't. I walked off. Somehow making it to the ballroom without crying was an amazing feat.

This day went from fun to a preparation disaster!

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