Daae Prodigy: The Beginning

Linda Daae[a.k.a. Belle] was a regular 14 year living in Dorburgh, PA. Or is she? Belle didn't have anything close to a close childhood living in her mansion full of wizards, benders, and the overall odd people. She must face her whole family to have a normal life. Will she succeed at her goal or fail driving her to the worst possible nightmare a teenage wizard could have?


11. Officially

The big oak doors swung open slowly. Eventually they opened all the way showing me to the library. The room that I spent hours in everyday in, my second room, my hideout from the world looked unfamiliar. Everything was the same except the atmosphere. Not everyone knows that just a little change in the atmosphere makes you feel strange and alone in a familiar room.

The eyes of all the judges were on me. I wished I put on makeup or cared about my appearance the past few days. The head judge motioned for me to sit in the redwood chair in the middle of the room, right in front of him. I swirled around in my dress and plopped down as elegantly as I could. Who am I kidding? I wasn't that girlie, I plopped down like I do when I'm put on the bench in a basketball game. I could see that they weren't that impressed but I was so nervous I didn't care what others thought about me at the moment. The head judge spoke first.

"Linda Marie Daae. Do you know why you have been brought to this very special meeting for?"

"Y-yes, I believe so sir."

"Good. Then I don't have to go over the speech about why this room is special and other crap that isn't that necessary."

He said all of that in the most formal and polite way he could. I was shocked to see a judge not do his job. Like I should of cared, really. Although he didn't do a speech on why the library was important to some people, he did say talk about something I was already lectured on: Daae Prodigy Expectations and Responsibilities.

"Linda, the Daae Prodigy is a very important person not just to this family but to the whole world. Most perform in politics like your aunt did or become a big part of history in some way or another. Your great great aunt saved many lives on the Titanic and became a name in history. What'll the next Prodigy do? We don't know but you might."

"I will?"

"Yes because of you're the Daae Prodigy officially as of your next birthday in May."

I was so happy but all I did was smile very little. The head judge opened his mouth to speak again but was cut short after a scream seared into the library. I heard my aunt screaming "no" over and over again. She was holding her head and rocking back and forth in her chair in the front row. My mother was trying to help but got disgusted and rolled her eyes and quit. I went to go soothe my aunt but one of the lower Judges stopped me.

"No. You will only make things worse between you two. She had visions of her child being the Prodigy, not you. At once she even had the Night Treaders make up plan to execute you. Those visions are going through her head again. It be best if you don't approach her."

My aunt wanted me dead? I nodded my head and kept the small tears of sadness inside and quiet. The Judge went on with the speech that I already memorized. All I was thinking about was the fact my aunt wanted me dead and so did Michael, Christine, and my own mother. It was hard keeping the tears back. I even let a few out. After an hour the Vote took place. The Vote was when the Judges vote whether the person before them was Prodigy worthy.

Out of the 13 Judges, I received 12 yes's and one no. Whoever said no, I will never know sadly.

The head Judge stood and walked over to me. A few lower Judges followed with boxes. What was in the boxes? They were too big for something like a dress I was wearing. My aunt continued to shake but she wasn't screaming. I muted her voice for awhile.

"Miss Linda Marie Daae, please stand."

I stood cautiously. I didn't want anything to go wrong. My brain wanted to remember this forever. The sweet feeling of victory after years of hard work!

"Please move your hair so may I put Christine Daae's locket on."

Christine Daae's locket was her father's. When she asked for powers from the wizard he cursed it with stronger powers than his own. With that locket my powers would be protected. The same also goes with her ring. The ring she got from the Phantom.

When the head judge went to put the ring on my finger, I realized that I still have the engagement ring from Michael on. I thought I gave that to Christine. I tore it off and walked over to my mother.

"Make sure Aunt Christine gets it."

I gave it to her and I got smacked for no reason. With a giant red hand mark on my face, I walked back over to the head Judge. He pretended nothing happened, although I don't blame him. I pretend too. I am the greatest actress and the best liar and it's terrible. Every time my mother or the Night Treaders beat me, I no longer cry. I feel no pain.

The rest of the symbolic jewelry was placed all over me. In all I had multiple necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. I had everything except the crown. The crown was brought in on a pillow like wedding rings. I felt better than a bride on her wedding day! The crown was given to the head Judge.

He placed the crown on my head as he spoke, "Ladies and Gentlemen. I present to you, Linda Marie Daae, the new Daae Prodigy."

The small crowd, well most of it, jumped up and yelled for joy. This was the best time of my life. After the cheering calmed down, the head Judge congratulated me and vanished in thin air. So did the lower Judges, one by one. The doors of the library opened without warning. The crowd and I all filed out.

After being congratulated a few times I ran into her.

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