Daae Prodigy: The Beginning

Linda Daae[a.k.a. Belle] was a regular 14 year living in Dorburgh, PA. Or is she? Belle didn't have anything close to a close childhood living in her mansion full of wizards, benders, and the overall odd people. She must face her whole family to have a normal life. Will she succeed at her goal or fail driving her to the worst possible nightmare a teenage wizard could have?


12. Never

She stared me down. Her breath was hot and even visible. The eyes were coming out of her head. Her cheeks made Red wish it was redder. She kept wringing her left hand in her right until I thought I heard her bones crushing. Steam was coming out of her ears. Her hair stood on end until it looked like it was all going to fall out. To put in a few words: she looked terrible.

Now who is she? Was it my mother, my aunt, or the housemaid? No it was my cousin Christine. I was shocked. She looked twice as big when she was mad. But why was she mad? I don't remember saying anything to her before I left our room. Heck, she even let me have the Daae Prodigy dress to wear to my ceremony.

"Christine? What's going on? Are you alright?"

She grabbed me and pushed me in another part of the hallway. She must have thought that no one could hear her screaming at the top of her lungs. My cousin was stupid!

"What the Hell are you doing? You know I was supposed to be the Prodigy!"

"What? No, you were never predicted to become Prodigy. My whole life, I was the main choice to be the winner."

She must have taken lessons from my mother because she gave me a pretty hard slap to the face. A few people came over to watch what was going on in the corner. I stood with my hand on my cheek in shock. I have never been hit by anyone other than my mother and occasionally my aunt. Christine made me feel the pain that I have blocked out from my mother and my aunt for years. I began to cry with her hands around my neck.

"Aw, little baby gonna cry?"

I shook my head no but kept on crying. It was impossible to stop. Years of pain and suffering suddenly hit me like a bullet. But not any old bullet, a bullet shot by one of your best friends. My cousin, even though she saw I was not okay, kept on screaming in my face.

"Its 'cause of you that I'm pregnant! If you weren't so smart and shit I would be the Prodigy and... uh, unpregnant! Its 'cause of you that the Head Judge has to make me old!"

"What? The Head Judge has to make you old?"

"Because I'm pregnant at fourteen, he finds it a disgrace to the family. So he'll make me older so it doesn't look as bad."

I couldn't believe a lot of things at the moment. The Head Judge was to make my cousin old so when she has her kid it won't look as bad as it is. Then Christine was blaming me for her pregnancy. I'm sorry, but I wasn't the one who got knocked up!

"Well when he does make you older, make sure you know how to knit because your baby will need a blanket. Then Michael might want one when you two cuddle. Maybe you'll have another kid. You are stupid enough."

She took her hands off of my neck. Turning around she faced the crowd of people who now contained my mother and aunt. I heard her crying. I felt kind of bad. The comment wasn't meant to make her cry but just to provoke her more. There was something I wanted her to admit.

I wanted her to admit that she never took the pills I gave her. She thought I was too stupid to look around for the pills. She said she might have taken the pills but she couldn't remember. Anyone could tell she was lying. The day after the little affair, I checked around the whole room for the pills. I never did find them but I did find two pills in the shower that looked similar to the ones I gave her. For the longest time she said she took the pills and everyone believed her. I was angry!

I began to get up and walk over to Christine when her mother came out and continued the argument. She pushed me back into the wall which caused me to hit my head. I yelped out in pain as my aunt yelled in my face. Christine didn't "notice".

"If you don't give my daughter the powers you stole from her, I'll make your life a living Hell!"

My aunt's eyes were fierce. Luckily my patience was losing itself. I regained my confidence to face my enemies.

"A living Hell? Too late."

"Now you take those words back and give the powers to my daughter you little skank!"

BAM! Another slap to the face. The crowd gasped in unison. They never saw the [former] Prodigy get out of hand like that. I didn't feel it other than a little sting. A verbal sting.

"Your daughter never told you?"

My aunt was a little thrown off guard, "Told me what?"

"She's pregnant."

My aunt fell back on her butt. My cousin turned around so fast. Her eyes were as wide as her mother's. Christine went to pick up her mother but she shook her off. Her mother was shocked!

"You never told me. Why? I would have given you my morning-after pills. Who's the father?"

I gagged a little thinking what she does. I got a few dirty looks but what should I care? Christine started to explain she did take the pills but they didn't work but I told what really happened.

"She did take them but spit them out in the shower the next day. I even kept them in a bottle, waiting for this day."

I pulled them out of thin air [hey, might as well practice my magic whenever I could] and showed them to my aunt. She got up whacked Christine across the face. My aunt walked out crying. I watched Christine fall on the floor and she too was crying. I walked over to make sure this fight would never happen again.

"Ladies and Gentlemen what was suppose to be the Prodigy," I bent down to face my cousin, "Listen, I have a better future. I'm not going to be changing diapers when I'm fifteen. So if your pea brain hasn't figured it out yet, I'm not scared of you!"

I got up and walked out working it fierce. No one could touch me and did I know it! I spent the rest of my day in library.


                                                     FOUR MONTHS LATER


I continued my training with my now best friend, Merlin. He taught me things I never knew were possible. I learned to make my voice sound like all the other celebrities' voices and I could make new ones. Merlin started a record company which brought all the celebrities knocking on my door. They continued to be famous while I was still unknown. It didn't bother me because Merlin promised to give me most of his powers. Since I made him so much money he didn't want to be a wizard anymore. Why? I don't know but I don't care!

For awhile the family was calm. I was still beaten but not as often since I was never home. It finally turned to Spring and it was birthday time! I was planning my birthday party for months even though it would just be a few family friends.

Although, when I planned it I didn't know something this bad would happen.

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